Chapter 2

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I Have Reincarnated
“Okaasama! Okaasama!”

N? Ah, did I fell asleep?
I was hungry, but it seems that I got defeated by the drowsiness.

“Okaasama, are you all right?”

Looking closely, a little boy is peeking at me with desperation from the edge of the bed.

No, this child is… Wirbel… he’s my son.

I… am not Tanaka Yuri?
No, I certainly have the memories.
I live in a house in Sapporo and attend a nearby high school.
I have a father, mother, and older sister.

But, I noticed that there are other memories.

I’m Amalie Ena von Flaksburb.
Right, Duke Flaksburb’s second wife.

Memories fill my head like a surging wave.
Well, it’s hard saying it myself, but I’m an unpleasant woman.
My parents’ house is a Duke’s family with royal blood, and I was brought up with endless pampering.
If I don’t like something I shout, a supreme arrogant noble.
I take pride in looking down on people and commanding others.

The worst…


Wirbel stretches out his tiny hand.

What did I do to this adorable son?
I hysterically found a fault in everything he did, telling him to not lose to the eldest son the first wife gave birth to without showing him a smile once.
I haven’t said a single gentle word to this adorable child.
Stupid. Incredibly stupid.

“Wirbel, I am all right. I am sorry for making you worry.”

I stretch my hand and stroke his silky chestnut-colored hair.
Ah, tears are going to come out.
The tears of love are overflowing just by touching him.
For what reason did I not hug him, kiss him and showered him with gentle love before?

Really stupid!
The lost time can’t be returned.
No, in that case, let’s change from now.
I’m going to ultra spoil him!!
Ah, no good, I will be troubled if he became like me.
Alright, let’s raise this child carefully, with love, to let him live a happy life with a smile.

“Wirbel, is it all right for me to hug you?”

“Okaasama… y, yes!”

Wirbel accepts the help of a maid and climbs the bed.
When I raise my body and open my arms, Wirbel jumps in.

Ah, my treasure. I love you.

While we hugged and enjoyed our first skinship, ku~, a lovely sound resounded.

“Wirbel, are you hungry?”

“Yes, I am sorry.”

“Do not apologize. To tell you the truth, Okaasama is also very hungry. I am already starving!”

The next moment, gu~ sound escapes from my stomach.


It was quite embarrassing, but I sweetly smile at my son.

“I will go and warm Okusama’s soup again. Wirbel-sama’s food is prepared in the dining room. Please move there for a meal.”

“Yes, thank you. Let’s talk later, Wirbel.”

When I smile towards the maid and say my thanks, sure enough, the maid stared at me in surprise.
Yep, a natural response.
My former conduct! In addition to smiling, I can now speak calmly.
Moreover, to say words of gratitude, how crazy!? She must be quite surprised.

… What kind of human was I?
It’s in vain saying it myself, though.
As for giving thanks, it’s only natural to smile on the occasion, right?
Amalie… what a hopeless child.

“Okaasama is not going anywhere?”

Wirbel with teary eyes looks up at me within my arms.

“Eh? Yes, I will be here?”

“… Okaasama.”

Wirbel embraces me tightly, enough to almost hurt me.

?? What happened?

“Don’t go anywhere.”
He repeats in a small muffled voice.

I patted Wirbel’s back in a startle.
Ah, I see… this child is speaking about the present me.

The selfish mother who never hugged him nor smiled at him, that mother now became an entirely different person.
He’s afraid that I will return to original if he takes his eyes off me.
Just how much burden did I force on this small child until now…

“Wirbel, Okaasama will always be by your side. Let’s see, I will make delicious sweets when I get well. Shall we eat it together?”

I put my hand on Wirbel soft cheeks and ask with a smile.

“Yes, yes! Okaasama, I… am looking forward to it.”

Wirbel looks up with eyes filled with tears of joy.

So cute!!
He already transcended cute!!
I unintentionally ended up kissing him and rubbing our cheeks together.

I’m reluctant, but I borrow a handkerchief from the maid, gently wipe Wirbel’s face and release my hands.

“Then, Wirbel, eat your meal while properly chewing. That way, your stomach will also stay healthy.”

“Yes, Okaasama. Okaasama, get quickly well. I can’t wait for a tea party with Okaasama.”

Wirble bashfully smiles and leaves the bedroom together with the maid.

Haa, my son is too adorable.
I’m happy… no, it’s different, not different, but different.

Yes, did I perhaps reincarnated?
Reborn into a noblewoman named Amalie, and remembered my past life because of the high fever that almost killed me.
No, rather than remembering my previous existence, it might be more accurate to say that Amalie has died and the previous existence, Tanaka Yuri took over.

This is the Duke Flaksburb’s house.
The head of the family is Christhard von Flaksburb.
He serves the Morgenrot royal family and currently works as the Captain of Imperial Guards.

I’m that person’s second wife.
The daughter of a Duke with royal blood is a second wife.
Normally, it would be a matter of course to be the first wife.
However, what to say, my reputation was too bad.
Domineering, selfish and hysteric.
A woman like that, no matter how good the standing of her parents is, no matter how much dowry he would receive, everyone will find her unpleasant.
Of course, I also absolute dislike it.
Such a woman was forced upon the poor Duke Flaksburb.
Well, he was definitely pressured into the marriage by the king.

But, Duke Flaksburb already had a fiance.
Pushing that person aside was indeed impossible, so it was settled that I become the second wife.
Thus, while the first wife was bearing a son, I was blessed with Wirbel.

While I have only Wirbel, the first wife, Bianca-sama has one boy and one girl, she has two children.
The boy is Arthur, the girl is Anneliese. They are four and two years old respectively.
Wirbel is three years old, although the mother is different he has older and younger siblings.

“Okusama, I have brought you the soup.”

The maid, Berta put a stand on the bed and set the soup.
This child is not someone I have brought from my parent’s home, but someone who was originally serving the Flaksburb house.
As the condition of the marriage, I wasn’t allowed to bring people from my parent’s home along.

“Thank you, Berta.”


Although bewildered, Berta quietly replied.

It’s only the sound of me slurping the soup, but it echoes around the room.

This is awkward… but, I don’t have anything to talk about.
What should I talk about? Sorry for everything I have done until now, or something?
No, she will become even more suspicious of me.
Well, I think we will get used to each other soon.

“Thank you for the meal. I will rest for a little bit more.”

“Yes, excuse me please.”

Berta tidies up the tableware and quietly leaves the room.

The moment I put my head on the pillow, my eyelids together with my consciousness sunk.

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