Chapter 5

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I walk sneakily along the labyrinth’s wall, I going to the direction the adventurers hopefully went.
I don’t know yet if all monsters here in the “Labyrinth of Everlasting Darkness” are fundamentally cold, but it seems that my body is considerably susceptible to heat for some reason.
Before meeting the adventures yesterday, I felt discomfort on my skin, but because the impact of meeting a person with a torch was so high, I forgot about it.
Perhaps all of my senses have been switched to heat perception. The bone-piercing coldness may seem too much as a side effect, but for now, I’m grateful.
I know. I know the whereabouts of the adventurers. It seems that because they chased me for quite a while, they decided to stay overnight in the labyrinth.
If I remember correctly, at the end of this passage there is an open wide hall. If a monster warding magic is set up, that place becomes a perfect campsite. It’s cold, though.
I’m following the tracks, getting near. From what I saw yesterday, it didn’t look like they bring enough water and food with them. They are surely heading towards the exit.
If I can reach the exit, I could finally leave this labyrinth. I want to quickly get out and sunbathe on a hot beach.
With the hope of breaking out, I suppress my emotions of wanting to skip from happiness and stealthily walk along the wall.
According to the information in my brain, the girl with the bow is “Bow Hunter” (Archer).
I as an undead doesn’t have a presence, but it would be troublesome if they notice me by sound.
This matter decided my fate, you can never be too careful.
Because the stone flooring amplifies the sound, I was thankful for being barefooted.

As time passes, I slowly approach the heat from the adventurers.
But my efforts ended in a vain.
…… Because when I arrived at the hall, only a sea of blood was left there.

――This is bad, is what I thought.
A terrible sight appeared before my eyes.
I somehow survived here――It’s funny that those words come from an undead――but, this is an environment where one step wrong and I end up in another monster’s belly

The only reason I’m still uninjured is that I’m an undead who doesn’t tire out, doesn’t need food and water to survive.
I look at the bloody scenery several times, there are no problems.
The problem is――stupidly large and sharp claw marks on the walls.
Certainly, the adventurers from yesterday were torn to pieces.
I can’t recognize who is who anymore. Being undead has one downfall, I don’t have a sense of smell, but I can smell the scent of blood in this whole area.
I’ve seen such terrible sight only once before.
I have seen a similar hall to this one before, in that hall, there was a flock of Low-Grade Demons slaughtered in the same way.
Although they are Low Grade, they are still demons. Monsters here are located according to their ability and determines if you are the hunter or being hunted.

And something that can very easily hunt a colony of demons is in this labyrinth.
The blood flowing from the remains is still warm. Perhaps it’s still near.
Pardon me, but I don’t want to come across such a thing. In addition, monsters will gather here immediately because of the scent of blood.
To think that blood is the first warm thing I can get my hands on. While thinking such, I turn around in order to get away from this labyrinth’s apex predator.

From the three adventurers, only the girl “Bow Hunter” (Archer) is left without a big wound.
I noticed that she just fainted.

I walk cautiously in the passage while carrying a brown-haired girl on my back.
It looks like there are no monsters nearby. If I search for the heat, aside from the dead like me, I can see the signs of life in the vicinity.
Of course, I’m still not able to detect monsters from the same kind, like “Skeleton Soldier” (Skeleton) or “Rotting Corpse” (Zombie), but there is no place to hide from them in the first place.
By the way, a zombie is a parasite that infests a corpse, it’s a fake version of me.
There are only a few in this labyrinth. They are grotesque, not a pretty sight to see.

Oh well, such a thing doesn’t matter, though. Now, I must leave as fast as possible.
…… Still, why from the three only this child has survived?
The other two were torn to pieces. Is the predator’s intelligence low, or is there any other reason, I can think of many things, but there is too little information.
I don’t even know the form of the predator. Judging from the walls and the wounds of the victims, it was a monster with “Sharp Claws” without a doubt.
No, could it also be done with magic? Either way, it’s extremely troubling.
Undead’s body is certainly suitable for battle, but I don’t want to be wounded, moreover, I don’t feel like winning against something that could slaughter a colony of demons.
Above all, getting information takes priority. For that sole reason, I carry a girl who I have no obligation to help.
She will have some information about the predator, if it turns out well, she may also know where the exit is.
As there is a chance of being attacked after she wakes up, I left her weapon back in the hall. I won’t lose in a hand to hand combat with a human girl.
Truthfully, bringing a weapon may have been a good thing, but I can use neither a bow nor magic, I could have somehow managed the sword from the male adventurer, but it was broken at the base, rendering it useless.
Particularly the clothes were a big disappointment. I want to graduate from rags.
Though the shoes were in a wearable condition, the size didn’t fit at all.
It seems nothing will change for a while. Sadly.
But asking for too much is irresponsible, there’s no other choice but to endure.
For the time being, I decided to take refuge in a relatively safe zone of this labyrinth.
After thinking it through, I quicken my walking pace and go towards a place with a few creatures.

…… Oh.
To think that the human body is so warm.
I’m glad I saved you.

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