Chapter 18

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“Mountain Range of Dusk”.
And “Red Rouge Plains”.

This neighborhood is mainly divided into mountains and plains, and monsters are distributed accordingly.
Especially the Mountain Range of Dusk which turns red in the night is a mountain full of ominous magic power and demons.
Even that Corpse-Eating Dragon Hannibal was chased from his territory, its a very dangerous place.
To be honest, entering that place as I’m right now would be suicide.
But fortunately, the mountain monsters descend the mountain only rarely.

The monsters of the Red Rouge Plains are certainly strong too.
But after evolving into the Freezing Undead, it’s not like I can’t compete with them.
I heard from Nee-san that they are monsters of a similar level to Black Salamander.
The monsters inside the labyrinth are weaker compared to those outside. Probably because of the bad visibility and limited space. If I can defeat the Black Salamander I should be able to handle the monsters of the plains.

Well, anyway. I can’t settle on the magic power from the monsters inside the labyrinth anymore.
That place will be my hunting grounds from now on.
I will take a look around, Nee-san should return first.
When I told Nee-san about my plans, she nodded in agreement.

After parting ways with Nee-san, I close my eyes and concentrate on heat detection.
I can feel the heat in the surroundings. Maybe that’s why I can tell that my body is cold.

The coldness is the difference in temperature.
That’s the reason I feel cold from head to the tip of my toes.
Because I understand the temperature around me, my cold body feels even colder.
But no matter how far I expand my sense, my body is still here.
The heat in other places does not reach me.
After becoming the Freezing Undead, the surface of my body got covered by a thin layer of ice further blocking the heat from me.
…… I want a body that generates heat next time.

While thinking such, my senses kept expanding.
A radius of about 200 meters around me. That is my current range limit.
Aside from the air and inanimate objects, I find a few heat-releasing beings.
For some reason, one was in the sky.
…… I see. This is outside, naturally, there would be flying monsters around.
I completely forgot because I was living in the labyrinth for so long.
From now on, I must also pay attention above me.

I roam not too far from the labyrinth and extend my heat detection.
…… Apparently, in the plains, there are many devil beast type monsters.
The movement of the heat is fast and their temperature is generally high.
How enviable. From the Immortal Undead’s view(mine) having a warm body is more than great.
Ah, I want to become devil beast type too. For instance, the top of immortality class Vampire. Even Nee-san’s temperature is very low.
However, am I asking for impossible……?
What if continue hunting devil beast monsters and collect their magic power?
I may become something closely relative.
Nee-san said that sometimes during evolution, you inherit the characteristics of the strongest monster you consume.
…… Huh? Is that why I gained ice attribute?
If that’s the case, I blame you Black Salamander. To cause me to feel cold even after death.
I won’t forgive you. Someday, I will annihilate you.

After walking for about an hour, I’ve detected a heat source coming my way from above.
I have thought about hiding at first, but it’s difficult to hide from someone watching from the skies.
But well, it’s just right…… I have thought that I need to experience fighting against an airborne opponent.
I open my eyes and lie in wait for my enemy.
Perhaps because my opponent is a bird type, it’s very fast.
But it’s not at the level where I can’t react.
I prepare my handsword and take an aggressive stance.
The heat suddenly accelerated.
It surprised me a little bit, but it’s natural that the speed increases while swooping.
I correct the timing of my attack and send it flying with a kick to the side.
The reason I didn’t use my handsword, is because it may not have enough force to cut down the monster.
The monster rolled in the grass.
I saw the figure of my opponent for the first time.


The foot that moved to deal the fatal blow stopped in a moment.
The monsters couldn’t move because of the shock from the kick, and tried to get up while wobbling.
Magic Profess sent information about the monster before my eyes into my head.

…… Raven Harpy.

Its name escaped unconsciously from my mouth.
Probably because of the evolution, the knowledge of Magic Profess increased and more than ever information about the species appeared inside my head.

Slender body. Legs identical to bird’s, arms unified with black wings.
Since coming to this world, I knew I would come across it eventually, just like Nee-san.
I decided to fight for evolution, so we had to face one day or another. But, there’s one problem.
…… That is――

――While observing the body that is very similar to human’s, our eyes met.

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