Chapter 1

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There are three things that I don’t understand.

The first being, how did I die?
I know that I’m a dead person. My face reflected in the puddle of water is lifeless, also, it is ice-cold when touched.
Yes, I’m a corpse. But when, why or where did I die?
It’s almost as there’s a mist in my head, I’m not able to remember anything.

The second is, my location.
Wall, floor, ceiling, all of those made those made a stone passage.
No matter where I go, the same scenery follows everywhere, it surely deserves to be called a “Labyrinth”.
The place where I stand, my body does not remember at all.
Why am I in such a place?

…… No. More than that.
Why have I died, why can’t I remember anything, questions like these are trivial.
The most important thing is, why.



Why――a dead person like me, can move around?
With a heart that does not move, a cold brain, the answer never appeared.

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