Chapter 66.1

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Future Policies
“Have you reflected?”


Mother asked me if I reflected while I laid on the sofa. I’ve abandoned the meekness I had just a moment ago. Freedom is a struggle. I should probably strive to achieve my freedom.

However, the word “Fuck” doesn’t exist in this world, so Mother just tilted her head.

“N-now, now, Sylvia, calm down. Alicetia is acting like this, so it must be something significant. Besides, it’s good that she’s energetic now.”

“That’s right, Mother.”

With the support of Father and my Big brother, Mother’s anger subsided. I also use healing magic to treat my buttocks. Nothing has been said this time. It’s probably okay… surely okay, as I look at Mother who was just smiling… there’s no wrathful face behind her. Safe.

“I have finally made a great invention. With this, the world will be mine!!”

I raised the magic comb like a banner for everyone to see.

The reactions: Big brother tilted his head. Mother did the same… but Father seemed excited. Well, of course. He must want it.

“Is it complete?! Let’s start mass production!! This will silence those annoying guys. Even if it’s a bit pricey, no one will complain.”

“However, mass production is not possible.”

I handed Mother glasses that could see formulas (not so rare in themselves, but since I made them, they were high-precision) and the comb. Mother looked on for about ten minutes and then returned them to me, shaking her head at Father.

“Mass production of this is impossible. It’s something that couldn’t be made even in the era of ancient magic tools. The formulas are so layered that even I, as a Mage, lack the magic power and knowledge to properly analyze it. I can’t make head or tail of it. Regardless, it’s a great invention. By the way, the price… well, can Arland buy three of them? The formulas I saw were all your originals, right, Alice? Each one of those could be applied to other spells, causing a great upheaval in magic studies themselves. You’ve really done it, you foolish daughter!!”

Ahem. It takes about three months to make a magic furnace from scratch, but if I were to make this from scratch, it would take about six months. I can make it all at once because I’m preparing some things concurrently with others. In other words, it’s more complex than the magic furnace, the greatest invention of the magic tool era.

There’s a reason why it’s so complex. First of all, the development of the magic furnace is delayed because it’s just a hobby. I made this with determination. With this, even the nobles who insulted Alicia and the nobles Beastmen can be silenced. It can be an implicit threat that I won’t lend this to those who insult my maid. Hehe, I’ve become a bit wicked.

By the way, I was being spanked by Mother again. But I had a triumphant look on my face.

“Please, even if it’s a degraded version, release it to the market!! It’s impossible to suppress the Beastman nobles any further. They are even planning for your kidnapping.”

“Those people will be purged. I will lend it to only those who I acknowledge.”


Then, the sound of hitting flesh behind me sped up. But I don’t reflect. I had already blocked the pain with magic, so it’s not a problem.

“………… At least make me three. I’ll allow their use only in the Royal Castle. As for the funds… I’ll go to the Dragon Valley for a bit… Gill, you help out, too.”

“Father? I have my own duties. With this, the nobles will make a fuss again, so I must pur… cough, cough… I need to have a discussion with them. I’ll go with you if it’s okay for Alice to be taken by a fool.”

“Do as you wish. Just make sure not to leave anyone behind. Such people multiply if even one is left. Don’t forget to eradicate them completely.”

“I understand.”

Big brother nodded and went back to the paperwork. I don’t know what they’re talking about, but he’s a member of the Royal family, so he must be busy. If it’s about G, I’ll run away. I dislike bugs as much as goblins.

But the price… It’s surprising that the country wants to buy three, but I can make them quickly since it’s just three. Since I still have quite a few combs with engraved formulas I used as prototypes, I just need to add more.

“No need for payment this time. It’s fine as long as it’s thoroughly emphasized that they can only be used by those loyal to the Royal family. However!! If anyone disrespects Alicia, I will destroy it immediately. If Alicia is at fault, fine, but if someone falsely accuses her, destroy it immediately!!”

This is non-negotiable. What’s wrong with being a half-breed! Alicia is my maid and Knight. Don’t insult her just because she’s a half-breed!!

Moreover, I’m not in need of money, and it’s a hobby item… a passion item, so I really don’t care if there’s only one for Alicia. I’ll try to earn the gratitude of the Beastmen this time. We aren’t particularly close… maybe it’s because of the influence of disliking humans, but Beastmen living outside the Capital sometimes glare at me like, “Who cares about the Royal family?!”.

The Five Dukes are pretty easygoing, so there’s no problem. Besides, the Beastmen in the Capital treat me like a little sister and often give me candy and stuff. Actually, I receive them quite often, wondering why they have them.

By the way, the reason I can accept them without any problems is that I can use magic to analyze and detoxify. I’m strictly ordered to examine things before eating them.

“Well, I am thankful for that, but that’s the last resort. If I say there’s no remuneration for you, the nobles might try to influence you, saying things like: ‘You’re being used well by the Royal family. You should stand up with a firm attitude.’ I’m not worried that you will be influenced, but those kinds of people are persistent, so be careful.”

“I don’t need the throne because it’s troublesome. I just want to do research… If I become the Queen, Mr. Volken probably won’t give me any free time, and if the country splits in two, I’ll be forced to die under these circumstances. I have no reason to or desire for that. It would be better if my Big brother worked harder instead. Having said that, do your best.”

I really don’t need the throne. I love the country, but I wouldn’t be able to move freely. Besides, I wouldn’t have time to create my inventions, so I reject it. Also, I’d rather be imprisoned in the castle tower than engage in a deadly fight with my Big brother. Anyway, I would probably have some freedom even then. Given the nature of my family, as long as I’m not involved in politics, being confined will still be considered freedom.

“We, siblings, get along well. In the Empire, everything goes, including rebellion, betrayal, and coups among siblings. Besides, the current Emperor should be the fifth son of the previous Emperor. He assassinated all of his older siblings and plotted against the younger ones.”

That country is truly messed up. Surprisingly, it continues to exist.

Father must be overjoyed because he doesn’t have to worry about future grudges between siblings. I don’t think the family-oriented man would be able to stand it if his children tried to kill each other.

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