Chapter 82.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sovereign of Spirits (2)
Well, the suspicious individual has been captured. After Mr. Coote barked, a magic circle appeared, and Woofers Squad got sent back to Arland, while Helios, with tattered clothes, also returned.


I couldn’t see Mr. Coote’s complexion, but his face was probably pale. After all, he committed the rebellion of snatching the reward jerky from me.

On the other hand, Helios looked incredibly dissatisfied. Despite his carefree charge, he was only effective as a decoy. In a way, this proves that in his human form, he can only be used as a decoy.

“Mr. Coote, you did well, so I’ll forgive you a little, but I’ll punish you later. For now, Helios, you’re skipping dinner… and from now on, you’ll only be used as a decoy.”

“I’ve never taken a form of a human before! I don’t know how to fight as one.”

“Well, then I’ll have the sturdy Arland soldiers train you from scratch later. You have high defense, so it’s okay if it hurts a bit, right? Oh, and I’ll forgive the three maids. It’s impossible for them to act with me suddenly joining in.”

It’s inevitable to keep the group teleportation members in mind; otherwise, you’ll forget. Alicia probably won’t say anything, since she’s caused trouble much worse. Helios was full of motivation. As my pet, he can’t always be in dragon form. Perhaps he realized his immaturity from this incident.

Also, while Helios was classified as an Ancient Dragon, he seemed to be of a lower rank compared to other Ancient Dragons and falls into a weaker category. It appears that he’s categorized as a so-called youngling among the Ancient Dragons and has never met any other race stronger than himself.

Well, dragons themselves are among the strongest species, so they’re rarely defeated; it can’t be helped.

Mr. Coote was completely exhausted.


“I’m sorry, I can’t calm down right now, so please don’t talk to me today.”

We’ve created a bit of distance, but I think I can forgive eventually. However, I’m indirectly indicating that there won’t be another chance. This is something I can’t easily overlook.

Now, regarding the attackers being escorted, there’s something bothering me. Why didn’t the spirits leave them? Spirits fundamentally lack malice. In other words, there are no malicious spirits. While they might get angry with people, they’re not a species that assists in wrongdoing. So, I asked.

(That’s because contracts with spirits are primarily human-centric. Perhaps that guy from earlier was once a good person. However, contracts dominated by humans cannot be unilaterally terminated, even by spirits. So they reluctantly complied. Besides, spirits who contract with humans tend to be lenient. They can’t let go of their past emotions.)

I see. They didn’t mention why contracts are human-centric, but it seems to be the case. So, even if they felt bitter about his wrongdoing, there was nothing they could do.

(Only the Sovereign of Spirits can nullify a contract with a spirit. By the way, the Sovereign you’ll likely meet in the future is just an interim king. The true Sovereign is a human born once every few hundred years—meaning you.)


“… Huh?”

Wait, I didn’t ask for that. Also, didn’t they say I can’t learn the Sovereign’s name without meeting them!

(I mentioned that there’s an interim king, right? They dislike interacting with humans. Naturally, even we find it difficult to go against their wishes because of our lower status. We are prohibited from revealing their name to you. You’re still young, so we’ve kept much from you.)

“Either way, I can still learn the name, right? I’ve been looking forward to meeting the Sovereign of Spirits, and now this twist…”

(Not yet… It’s too soon. We still haven’t fully assessed you. If we reveal our name, we would be absolutely subservient to you. You understand the danger in that, right? Strong power requires strong will. Revealing our name to you without fully understanding your intentions would drown you in power, leading to destruction. I’m sorry, but please wait just a little longer.)

I don’t fully understand, but it’s probably not good to gain overwhelming power. I’m not interested in making the spirits’ power mine and ruling the world! Or becoming something like a Spirit Queen(?). I have no knowledge of any of this, so it’s beyond my control.

Well, I understand now why those spirits didn’t attack me. They certainly can’t attack their Sovereign.

Now, let’s release them. Whether those people face execution or get sent to the mines, it’s cruel to involve spirits to that extent. Let’s set them free.

(The method itself isn’t difficult. If you convey our words directly, they’ll be released. You have far more authority over the spirits than those humans did originally.)

I’ll consider that understood. I have no real awareness of any of this. I don’t really understand why things are this way, but instead of Alicia, I’ll rely on a nearby Knight to arrange a meeting with the spirits’ contract holders who are in custody. Of course, Father protested, so I asked my Big brother instead. I’m ignoring Father’s objections.

“It’s difficult to restrain wielders of spirit magic, as you well know, right? In fact, even their attempt to restrain you failed.”

“They can’t use spirit magic anymore, and the spirits won’t lend their power either. That’s what I heard from my spirits. I have to strip them of their spirits to set them free.”

Big brother looked puzzled. It’s difficult for a third party to annul a contract with spirits. It’s said that killing would be quicker. Besides, it would be just as strange for them, who are contracted, to obey me. Spirits also have a nature that prioritizes their contract holder. But it seems he understood that I was not joking, and he looked like he considered it possible if it were me.

“If that’s what you are saying, then it must be true. I also understand that you’re not the kind of girl to lie at a time like this. Do you need anything? Are you going to perform a ritual?”

“I don’t need anything. I just need to order the spirits to dissolve their contracts.”

“… Let’s talk about it in detail later in the room. It’s… inconvenient with Father around, right? I’ll convey the message.”

Ignoring the sobbing object beside us, I entered the room with Big brother where they were restrained. We’re technically borrowing a cell from Ostland, but this one was specifically for serious offenders, and apparently, no one else was here. Arland negotiated to borrow it temporarily.

Normally, they wouldn’t rent out this facility… but since we know its existence, they must have thought of selling a favor to us.

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