Chapter 82.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sovereign of Spirits (2)
In the prison, the worn-out contractors were sprawled on the ground. If left alone, they would likely call upon spirits and escape, so they must have been severely beaten to the point of being unable to move naturally. For a moment, I considered treating them, but it was impossible. They committed crimes.

They possess the ability to survive anywhere. If you’ve made a contract with a spirit, any country will hire you with decent treatment, and there are various jobs available in the private sector as well. Yet, they committed crimes. Maybe they were forced by someone… but, I won’t dwell on it further. The outcome was an attempt to harm the Royal family. There can be no leniency. It’s beyond what I could conceal on my own, far exceeding the scope of what the old man before me could hide. So, I will strip them of their spirits to ensure they can never misuse the power of the spirits again.

(Listen carefully. When contractees have their contracts stripped by the Sovereign of Spirits, they lose the protection of their spirits. The spirits will never lend them their power again. They will find it harder to live than other humans. That’s because humans in this world receive varying degrees of our protection. In their case, they likely won’t even be able to use magic properly, and they won’t be able to forget of their past contract. No matter what ritual they perform, they won’t be able to make a new contract again.)

“Understood. In the name of the Sovereign who rules over the spirits, I strip you of the spirits’ protection and nullify your contracts with the spirits.”

The contractors flinched and then, after a while, the spirits departed from them. The assaulters went berserk, flailing wildly as the spirits bid them farewell with grief.

“No, it’s a lie, this must be a lie! Why, why are you leaving me? Don’t go!! You chose me, didn’t you?! You needed me, didn’t you?!”

(Bye-bye… If only you were still the same as before, we could have stayed together forever.)

First, the darkness spirit left. It seemed to be quite friendly towards humans, chatting fluently as it parted ways with him. The spirit also seemed sad. Of course, it would be. Making a contract with a spirit is something done mostly in childhood. As adults, after going through the ritual, there’s a difficult test of low probability waiting for those who summoned the spirits during the ritual. Many spirits called during the ritual are not interested in adult humans.

The man continued to struggle while chanting magic, but the magic that was cast was extremely feeble. A tiny Fireball hit the wall, but the wall and iron bars were originally designed to withstand magic, so it wouldn’t even be scratched by something a hundred times larger. Of course, he couldn’t even cast magic through the gaps in the iron bars.

Therefore, the Fireball disappeared without even scorching the wall. He continued to struggle and then leapt towards me from outside the iron bars. Due to the special iron bars, he couldn’t even extend his arm through the gap. Nonetheless, he glared at me with hatred and spewed inarticulate insults. But I remained silent, waiting for the release of the other spirits.

It seems that all kinds of spirits were present. However, they were all said to be low-level, the lowest-ranking spirits. My spirits, both light and dark, were said to be top-class among the mid-level, with the rest having just reached the mid-level. They boasted about how they had rapidly grown by consuming my magic power… What are they doing?

Ignoring the attackers’ cries as they were abandoned by the spirits inside, I left the prison. However, here a problem arose.

By exerting my authority, I forcibly detached the spirits from them. Spirits who contract with humans love humans. Apparently, I needed to introduce them to new contractees.

“Why do I have to… Can’t they find someone on their own?”

(Please, if they are recommended by the Queen, they might be able to contract with a good person this time.)


It seems that the inability of the spirits to reform their humans has weighed heavily on them. They seemed dispirited.

I’ve forced them to make the choice of abandoning friends with whom they’ve spent quite a long time, through thick and thin. However, I can’t just recommend a contract to any random person. While asking friends could be an option, contracting too hastily could turn them into political tools. Well, His Majesty would probably put a stop to it, but it would cause a stir around, and it would be obvious who did it. Then, everyone would likely start coming to me next.

So, I’ll leave everything to my Big brother, who is the most trustworthy and has personality and abilities. Don’t the spirits secretly like him anyway? Rumors and nonsensical gossip as such has already been spreading around. It’s probably a petty retaliation from some threatened noble, but for now, I heard they already found who did it and they were now facing additional threats. If only they wouldn’t do anything weird.

“So, from now on, you too, Big brother, will be a contractor.”

“.. .Why should I become a contractor? Isn’t that something you do officially through a ritua—((((We will be in your care!))))… Understood. I’ll take care of them. However, I hardly know anything about spirit magic. So, I’d like you to teach me next time, of course, just the two of us, alone.”

“I’ll teach you thoroughly at the training grounds. In front of the Knights.”

Feeling something ominous, I immediately declined. Big brother wouldn’t commit atrocities in public. He seemed a bit sulky, but fortunately, the spirits acknowledged him safely. Contract emblems appeared on the backs of both his hands. Alright, now it’s not just me who’s contracted with spirits. Maybe I should try introducing my whole family to the spirits.

(The spirits wouldn’t probably even get anywhere close to your father, Alice. He’s so hot-tempered that only fire spirits would come near him. Besides, he doesn’t seek our help enough for us to find meaning in lending him our power. Is he really human?)

Father is treated as non-human even by teacher Dark spirit. Seriously, is he really a human…? I’m starting to worry a bit. One day, if he suddenly sprouts horns and says, “Mwahaha, I am the Demon King,” I wouldn’t be surprised. Normally, if you fall from the third floor without magic, you’d get hurt, or worse, die. It’s impossible to be unscathed. I’ll ask Mom about it next time.

(Alice’s mom is probably out of the question too, I guess~? Well, she’s known among the spirits for being scary.)

How do you know about my mom’s dark side? Even the Light spirit was trembling.

(We all have seen so much of your disciplining. We’re everywhere, and all spirits have known about you since birth. Many spirits only know of our existence, though. It’s normal to fear someone who wields such power against our Sovereign. Why don’t you ever learn, Alice?)

“I won’t… lose. Someday, I’ll definitely……… surpass my Mother…”

I say that, but I feel like my spirit was about to break. Punishments are indeed terrifying. Let’s stop thinking about it.

Also, because it’s troublesome, I left the explanations about myself to Big brother’s spirits. I’ll fully enjoy snack time, which I missed from this afternoon. After all, the place I’m staying in is the best room in the noble inn, and the entire fourth floor can accommodate as many people as you want. So, the frenzied feast of devouring Silver Moon’s new cakes to our hearts’ content with everyone begins there.

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