Chapter 83.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Tea Party
This was a room in an inn we rented in Ostland. This inn was classified as a luxury establishment favored by Royalty and high-ranking nobles. Therefore, security was usually strict, but now it was even tighter with Arland soldiers and Knights helping out due to the three Arland Royals staying here and the recent attack.

Well, it doesn’t matter much since security is also strict in our own country. The thing is that after stripping the attackers of their spirits and pushing everything onto Big brother, we were having a gathering today to eat the new cakes we couldn’t have the other day.

Among us, the only one who hasn’t eaten the cake was Anon, and she was incredibly excited. She arrived first.

This is because cakes are quite expensive. In this world with undeveloped logistics, luxury items are costly, especially things like chocolate. So, it’s a luxury item. Anon’s family, unlike most nobles, seemed to emphasize extreme frugality. They have wealth but prohibit spending extravagantly for future generations. Therefore, they rarely eat sweets.

“Nyahaha, cake, cake!”

“Alright, calm down already. Also, please stop doing that.”

“I like it too much.”

Anon seemed to really like the sword and gauntlet. According to Keena, she doesn’t take them off except when bathing or sleeping. And apparently, she sleeps while hugging them. It’s dangerous.

Also, Sharon brought the pie she couldn’t bring last time, made with fruits. Today was a sweets party. I was also planning to serve everyone my favorite mixed fruit juice and enjoy ourselves to the fullest, but…

“… Hey, Alice, is that okay?”

“Let it go already. We’re used to it, so we don’t mind anymore.”

“I absolutely hate it.”

In the corner of the room, a figure was kneeling and disturbing us. There was a pool of tears on the floor beneath the lowered face, and the aura of strength that surrounded that figure has dissipated, leaving an imminent sense of impending demise… it was my Father.

“It’s unsightly, so I’ll erase it. Camouflage it with shadows, Illusion.”

“Sob, sob, sob, sob, sob, sniff, sob, sob, sob.”

Father disappeared for a moment when I cast the illusion to hide him. However, we can still hear his sobbing. We’re eight in total here for the sweets party: the four of us and four maids, but it’s ruining the atmosphere. Doesn’t he realize he’s adding to my irritation?

“Err… Anon is used to it, so forgive him?”

“… U-ugh… If only you had told me… It wouldn’t have turned out like that… The Knights were caught by the Magic Eyes, too.”


From the adjacent room, there were sounds of someone vomiting, accompanied by faint sobbing. Someone was crying.


“Please forgive him?”


Sharon’s unusually firm tone overwhelmed me. When she speaks so strongly, I feel quite shaken. But it’s not that easy…

“Please forgive him, okay?”


I give in. It’s impossible. Sharon is too strong. I succumbed to her silent pressure.

“There won’t be a next time. If there is, I’ll call start calling you ‘Your Majesty’. And I will leave from the castle.”

“Got it!! I’ll definitely report in advance. Also, please don’t speak of leaving—I want you to live in the castle for the rest of your life.”

“I will live in my own fief in the future.”

“I absolutely refuse!! You’ll get engrossed in developing the territory and never come back to the Capital!! … Oh, you can live there after I abdicate. Fine, take your pick of the fief!!”

Father indulged in his own convenient fantasies. Well, I will be too busy to visit the Capital often in the future, won’t I? But I will probably come back, right? However, I really do like the idea of having my own territory. My funds are incredible, so I want to create a fief in unexplored areas with financial and technical resources and countless golems. Right now, my priority is to silence the Empire and the Imperial State, though.

“I wonder if all kings are all like this…”

“Anon, Dad said the Arland Royals are really different. And Alice doesn’t seem like a Royal if she doesn’t keep quiet.”

“How disrespectful.”

Anon and Keena looked at me and then at Father, who clung to me, with disappointed eyes. Sharon nodded slightly, looking a bit proud.

Now that he’s back in good spirits, Father must have something to discuss here. Of course, I ignored him, so I didn’t hear. I ignored everything he said, so while crying, he continued to apologize while kneeling.

“A while ago, a document was found in the archives that might contain what you wanted. It came out during document organization.”

“Tell me more.”

It seems that someone sorting through old records found a report from over 200 years ago about what appeared to be petroleum. The location was a small basin where there were no minerals, according to reports from people who investigated over 200 years ago. They dug into the ground and discovered something like oil gushing out. When they examined it, the shed they were investigating suddenly exploded in flames, and they all fled, calling it Devil’s liquid.

Well, it was a long time ago, during superstitious times, and they never investigated there again. Moreover, since there were no minerals and many monsters inhabited the area, it was deemed not worth investigating.

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