Chapter 65.2

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Waking Up is Heaven and Hell
“… Please don’t be angry at Alicia… I’ll behave… so please.”

“Well then, let’s leave it at 50. I knew from the beginning that Alicia wouldn’t be able to stop you, Alice.”

And so, I was taken to a separate room… My head was grabbed, and lifted up…

Two hours later. I was finally released. I laid face down on the bed in my dorm room. An ice pack on my buttocks. Healing with magic was prohibited. I was scolded not to forget this pain.

It was really scary, and more than painful, my buttocks felt hot. My consciousness was hazy at that point, so I didn’t really understand what she was saying, but I understood that I had worried them a lot. If I were stronger… If I were so strong that nobody could beat me, maybe they wouldn’t have to worry so much. I want to become so strong that they would have absolute trust that I was okay no matter what.

“Have you reflected on it? Honestly, what you did was unbelievable. I shouldn’t be saying this since I couldn’t stop you, but…”

“I’ve reflected a bit. But I won’t worry you next time. I’ll become stronger. If it’s that level of monsters, I will be able to handle them on my own.”

Alicia pressed her forehead as if to say, “This is bad.”

But I don’t want my buttocks to hurt forever, so I took out a healing potion (commercially available) from the Treasury and spread the ointment after taking off my panties. There were many strikes, but Mother took care to avoid leaving marks, so the swelling and pain quickly subsided. I haven’t been told not to use tools to heal. I’m not using magic, so it’s probably not a problem… If it’s a problem… I’ll think about it then. I’ve reflected properly, so I’ll be more careful about my actions in the future… probably.

“You are going to get scolded, you know?”

“I-It’s okay. More importantly, Alicia, your tail looks tattered again. Let me comb it through.”

“You still have the prototype?”

Why has it become so unruly in just a month… Is it my fault? Beastmen’s fur changes dramatically based on their mental state. Despite being a half, Alicia, also has the blood of Beastmen flowing in her, so it seems she shares that characteristic. Reflecting on the great worry I caused, I combed her fur. And… it’s complete!

Alicia’s fur surpassed that of Mrs. Lirin, one of the Beastmen among the Five Dukes. Mrs. Lirin is hailed as a treasure of the Beastmen, and even after getting married, she’s so popular that proposals don’t stop. In Beastmen culture, having good fur is considered beautiful.

Half-beastmen are often conscious of being disliked by other races, and generally, their fur isn’t as good as purebred Beastmen, too. Alicia is rare. Even so, Alicia’s mother boasted that she was even more amazing, but that’s not the point!!

Despite having the handicap of being a half, Alicia surpassed the Beastmen’s treasure. I found myself staring at the magic comb in my hands. What kind of creation have I made? If I use this on Mr. Coote, wouldn’t it produce splendid results?

A sparkling white tail that shines like a halo, softer than silk when touched. It’s hard to believe that it was a bit unruly just a while ago. Alicia was also staring at her own tail with her mouth open.

“I have created something incredible. This is truly one of the greatest inventions of the century.”


“T-t-t-this is not good at all. This could cause internal strife!! This thing could lead the Beastmen to rebellion!! They might start a bloody conflict to obtain it!! Moreover, being compared to Lady Lirin might get me killed~”

Hmm, certainly, Father also said he wanted one because the Beastmen nobles were annoying. Even though I refused because it was only a prototype, he was strangely persistent. I never thought that Beastmen were such a passionate race about fur… it’s a new discovery. Mr. Albert has a naturally good fur, so he doesn’t pay much attention to it… or rather, being one of the “pure breeds,” it seems his fur doesn’t fall out unless something significant happens.

“I’ll report to Father about it first. Alicia, please clean up the remains of that door. We are currently renting a room in this dorm, right?”

“All the students have returned home, so the dorm is entirely rented out by Arlandians. Since there are also Beast Warrior squads around, it’s not a problem for you to move around alone within the dorm grounds. Unlike the castle, there are no foolish nobles here.”

It seems we are able to rent out an empty room because no one is around. Since it’s a girls’ dorm, the rooms previously in use by the students were sealed, so the hallways were filled with barriers. Magic that won’t open from the inside or outside. Mother was involved or something, and 70% of the dorm was in a restricted state. The Knights were living in tents outside the dorm, and some were staying in the crashed airship. There were too many people, so some were either returning home on foot or by carriage in advance, or hunting monsters within Ostland for pocket money. This was a proof that people from Arland can survive anywhere.

However, I was surprised that the airship crashed. It seems it was dispatched too urgently, and also probably due to its lifespan. The magic sphere containing both the power source and important spells cracked, causing the ship to crash. The remaining ones gradually lowered their altitude, so there was no damage to the hull, but there were reports of power source being damaged in those as well.

By the way, there were no casualties in the crashed airship. A Sorcerer on board immediately used magic to mitigate the impact, so the person had only minor fractures and was apparently laughed at by everyone. They need to get a proper treatment. Anyway, I run… I somehow found myself in a dress-like casual outfit, probably in Alicia’s taste. It was difficult to move in this princess-like outfit, but I dashed to the location Alicia told me about, lifting the skirt a bit. I’ll boast about this wonderful invention of mine to my family. They’ll surely praise me.


Avoiding maids I encountered along the way, sliding through narrow gaps, and running on the ceiling, I made my way to the room. And there, I find two fully armed Knights standing outside the room where Father should be… Ugh, the door was in the way. I strengthened my legs with “Mighty Legs” and ask the Earth Spirit to enhance me. Then, I deliver a certain Rider-like kick.


“It seems someone wants to reflect again?”

With all my might, I kicked the door. Despite the force that even surprised the security Knights, the door opened before my foot touched it, and I flew into the room. As my body passed through the door, a hand came out from the side and grabbed my head, while the spirits around me escaped outside the room. Traitors!!

“W-why are you here…”

“I always tell you not to imitate Draco, right? Why won’t you ever listen to Mom?”

There, to my surprise and with a complicated expression, my Big brother and Father were present, along with three unknown individuals. Mother was smiling oddly, but I felt a demon standing behind her. I looked at Father and my Big brother, seeking salvation, but both of them avoided making eye contact with me. Immediately, they turn to the side or picked up nearby documents, pretending not to know me.

“Come over here for a moment.”


Once again, I was taken to a separate room.

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