Chapter 66.2

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Future Policies
“Ha-ha-ha. Alice, I’m not so perverted that I would force you sit on the throne if you didn’t want to. What, nobles are just things that kick up dust when you hit them.”

“Well, I will leave that to you and others, then. By the way, what about the airships?”

Anyway, let’s end the troublesome talk over there. The problem is that all of Arland’s large airships were broken.

“I’ll leave that to you to deal with, Alicetia. If they are useless now that they are broken, discard them. You can reuse the materials as you like… Most of them are worn out, though. Also, we checked the contents of your Treasury, but… It was beyond expectations.”

“Well then, I’ll take what I can use, and fix what I can… Wait, did you just enter without permission?!”

How did they get in?! There’s no secret passage there… Huh? I was awake… but I have no memory… Seriously?!

“That’s right, Alice. Honestly, there was nothing I could understand just by looking, but the golem that was guarding your sweets was dangerous, so Father destroyed it. Got it? ‘Father’ destroyed it. I had nothing to do with it. No, I feel like I tried stopping him.”


“Father, you’re the worst~”

“Damn it!! It’s because it was dangerous! Papa can’t bear to see his daughter in danger, and it’s unacceptable to direct such dangerous traps at yourself. That was the most surprising thing.”

Father was trying to explain anxiously, but I was a little shocked that the guardian golem was destroyed. At that moment, my Big brother gently embraced me, and I whined against his chest.

“That was your fault, dear Alice. You are absolutely not allowed to point a gun at yourself.”

“It’s different!! It’s just that Mr. Coote is often tempted by his appetite, so I left it there… and it just so happen to shoot at me too.”

“Guilty as charged, then. At least, at least don’t do dangerous things like that. I won’t prohibit snacks anymore.”

“… I understand, but Coote will snack on it… and there are times when I want to eat too… But I can’t eat when I’m always working late at night… Hmm~”

By the way, the first shot is always a rubber bullet. I explained that the blood on the floor was from when it just happened to hit my nose, but I got scolded by the three of them. The reason it carries a gun is because, initially, it was a two-pronged spear to catch thugs, like the ones you find in government offices, but it was destroyed by Mr. Coote due to the Golem’s shortage of power.

Also, the gun was adjusted to hurt just enough, not to be very effective. (According to Coote’s senses.)

“Take care of yourself. And if you can’t train your pet, we will dispose of it. It seems to have started acting on its own too much.”

“Understood. I’ll train him right away to stop stealing. Also, he’s not my pet; Mr. Coote is my subordinate.”

I have to train him right away… He has been eating too much lately and is a bit chubby. There’s no value in a chubby wolf.

“Also, at least let Alicia in. You don’t seem to have enough emotions to take care of yourself. I’ll also tell you not to clean or dispose of things, but if you are putting yourself in danger, I will be the first one to stop you. Also, make that sword shut up. It’s annoying.”


“I understand… but Gladius is impossible… because it’s always laughing.”

That sword is annoying. It gets along well with me, but somehow it’s become friends with the dragon wand, and they scream at each other.

Well, as long as it doesn’t interfere… I think it’s about time to let it go. It might cause discord with the family if I keep hiding it, and they’ve generally taken it positively… despite the fact that the Treasury was quite problematic, things should be fine now.

“I’m heading to repair the airships, then.”

It turned out to be a simpler job than I thought, so I was a bit disappointed.

The structure of the existing airships was, simply put, pathetic. It’s just a flying sailboat, I was trying to understand why can’t they make them on their own for at least an hour.
If it’s repairing, I just needed to put in new magic crystals and recast the spells.

“They are having troubles because exactly because they are unable to do that, you know. And it seems the academy will be closed for 1 or 2 years. We’ll be returning to Arland for a while… You can invite your friends to Arland when you want to play. Also, you have been appointed as the head of the Technological Development Bureau starting today.”


“I’m still a minor.”

“Alice, it would be good for you to understand your importance through holding a position. Compared to your life, Ostland is just a roadside pebble. I understand that friends are important, but if something happens to you, there will be nothing left. Can’t you understand our feelings a little?”

My Big brother’s words were a bit harsh. But I could understand that those words came from concern for me. So, I nodded.

But the idea that my value was higher than an entire country… well, I guess they do consider it just a foreign land.

“Understood. I’m also progressing with that matter. Look forward to the present I’ll give to Father at the Founding Festival. I’ll be busy for a while, so I won’t be able to participate in social circles, but that can’t be helped.”

“I want you to consider that. Your absence from parties has become quite a problem. I’m not good at dealing with Madame too, but… When are you going to appear in public? She always complains about wanting me to grow up and leave you alone. I don’t intend to leave you for a lifetime, though.”

Father shouldn’t be of Royal blood, but it seems that the previous generations of the Royal family generally loved their daughters. Before Father could marry Mother, he was apparently laughed at and told, “You can’t marry my daughter unless you can defeat a Divine Dragon.” He was acknowledged by defeating it… Divine Dragons are not exactly weak, in fact, they can easily bring down a country.
I wonder how he managed to defeat it. Rather, was it even in Arland?

“Father, you should firmly refuse with a resolute attitude here!! It’s unthinkable to turn Alice into a noble’s plaything. There shouldn’t be any problems as long as I participate in the social circle.”

First of all, as long as my Big brother is participating in the social circle, there shouldn’t be any significant problems. I’m not going to inherit the Royal family, and there are quite a few eccentrics among the nobles who don’t participate in the social circle, too… Elves, for example, are famous for not leaving their territories, and their leaders rarely come out. It seems to be a rule for them to maintain a certain distance from people, even if they’re acquaintances.

For now, let’s focus on matters related to the airships. Since I have some free time now and there are still two months until the Founding Festival, I’ll start construction right away. If I can make lots of airships, it will improve domestic flow of goods, and if we can lower operating costs, the circulation will be even better. I think having around 300 airships should be sufficient.

“I won’t be able to participate because I’ll be busy. Also, I’ll borrow the Dwarven Engineer Squad. I want to make progress over there… By the way, who are those kids?”

There were three people who have been standing against the wall like statues for a while now… Japanese? They looked like they were from Asia. They seemed to be slightly older than me. When I directed my gaze at them, they averted their eyes. Why?

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