Chapter 67.1

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A Pervert Appeared, So I’m Returning to My Country (1)
Ostland’s King’s Point of View

My name is Rhodius Phill Nectar. I am the King of Ostland.

Recently, my work has been keeping me busy, and I’m concerned that my meager grassland was turning into a wasteland. It was unexpected that a catastrophe of the scale that could destroy a country would occur in my time, but fortunately, the fate of Ostland did not come to an end thanks to the Viceroy of Arland.

However, the Capital has been significantly damaged, and I myself have contributed to the destruction by repairing the walls. For a while, our country’s educational institutions may not be able to function. It’s a major blow to the nation, but there are bigger problems.

“It’s not good to rely on Arland too much. It may result in the scrutiny of the Empire and the Imperial State. We’ve received a notice that they will not be sending students from noble families from those countries anymore.””

“They are troublesome fellows~ They should be grateful that we accepted them before.”

The nobles of those two countries are completely corrupt, so our country, which accepted them, suffered a lot of damage. They do whatever they want, causing significant harm to my grasslands with scarce greenery. Well, it’s not a big deal specific to those who sit on the throne, but I’ve struggled a lot to minimize the damage to the citizens.

The noble children of Arland are much easier to deal with. Those who commit arbitrary acts against our citizens are judged by Arland’s laws. Just sending evidence is enough.

“However, if we continue to provoke those countries, Ostland will once again head towards the path of destruction. We need to clarify our future policies.”

It’s a hassle~ Well, the answer is already clear in my mind. It’s evident that the Alliance is now a puppet of the Empire and the Imperial State. Even if we stay, the Empire is willing to attack without hesitation. Leaving is the best option. The Magic Kingdom withdrew from the Alliance, probably because they couldn’t bother associating with them.

“Our country shall leave the Alliance. In the future, we will align ourselves with Arland.”

I’ve already discussed this with the King of Arland. It seems that even that country is getting fed up with staying isolated and is prepared to create an anti-Empire and Imperial State alliance.

Furthermore, that country’s technology and military strength cannot be ignored on the continent, and many nations will be interested in joining, as they are not keen on reckless aggression. The Empire and the Imperial State have earned too much resentment from the surrounding countries.

“There would be no meaning for our country then!! Have you forgotten why we chose culture over military force?! We’ve sacrificed everything to focus only on culture, eliminating anything that could provoke other nations and having no value in taking. Haven’t we done that?”


It’s no wonder that the ministers were in an uproar. Our country has continually demonstrated that we were not a threat to other nations. The Nation of Education was built that way, but times are always changing. The era of continental turmoil is already upon us. We must carefully choose our future allies. And Arland is more than satisfactory as a partner. They have no intention of invading other countries, and their people do not harbor such evil desires. By forming an alliance, we can significantly expand the trade routes we have quietly been developing.

Even now, nearly every country possesses Arland-made weaponry. While our trade was to the extent that it didn’t attract the Empire’s attention, the midpoint for the circulation of Arland-made goods in the future will likely to be Ostland, as Arland only borders the Empire besides us.

“The continent will soon enter an era of turmoil. As it is, we won’t be able to protect Ostland. With the help of Arland, we will not have to manage the Empire and the Imperial State on our own. Furthermore, pioneering trade routes will shape the new identity of Ostland. Please understand that the times have already changed.”

With that, the ministers fell silent. Arland’s strength and lack of greed are renowned across the continent. They can be trusted, and there’s no worry about Ostland being puppeteered. That country has no desire to invade others; they were formed by outcasts rejected by other nations. In a sense, they might be abandoning the continent, but if recognized as allies, they will treat you accordingly. As long as we don’t make the first move, there should be no problem.

The meeting has concluded. Overall, everyone seemed favorable to the new national structure. We’ve been ridiculed throughout the continent for having nothing but culture. There’s been pent-up frustration.

Moreover, by transforming into a country focused on culture and trade, our revenue, including taxes, will greatly increase in the future. If we use them wisely, we can accelerate domestic development all at once. The opinion of wanting to form alliances has been around for a long time.

I was sipping tea with satisfaction when I heard knocking on the door. Welcoming the visitor in, thinking perhaps someone was considering the well-being of my old body, I found my foolish son.

“Father, I have something to discuss.”

“No matter what you say, the seat of the Crown Prince is not for you.”

This person was my son, the fifth prince, named Almar Phill Nectar. He inherited his mother’s blue hair and sky-blue eyes. As for his face… well, let’s just say I may be a bit of a doting parent, but he’s good-looking. His face has quite the reputation even in the palace. He’s 16 years old. I am often impressed how well our children turned out looks-wise.

However, the content of his head is just too disappointing. I had hoped to provide him with proper education and envisioned him assisting me in the future, but now, I can’t think of anything other than how to disinherit him.

His mind is filled with nothing but power and women. He recklessly gets involved with young ladies, thinking he’s expanding his influence, but he’s quite disliked by their parents.

His relationship with his siblings is also strained. He often comes to express his discontent, claiming he’s more suitable for the Crown Prince’s seat, but in terms of ability and character, it’s just not possible. Considering the future trade with Arland, not dealing with him could jeopardize Ostland’s future. It would be a futile anger that might lead to retaliation in the end.

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