Chapter 10

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Heinz’s point of view.
“W, why.”

I spontaneously laughed at Emiel’s comical-looking frightened expression.
I secretly formed a fireball behind my back.

“You don’t know? You’ve made a mess for us over there. I will forgive you if you obediently follow me, but if you don’t obey… do you understand?”


When I threw the fireball at Emiel, who’s body was trembling, a transparent wall instantly appeared before her and my fireball disappeared with a shattering sound.
A simple barrier spell? That reminds me, we were taught something like that that during our induction course.

The pale face I saw beyond it was pleasant to look at, and it made me greedy to show her more pain.
I repressed that lust to say more threats.

“Now, all you have to do is rub your head against the grou——!?”

As I was about to say that, the mud that appeared from underneath Emiel’s feet flew at me and I avoided it in a hurry, but several drops stained my uniform.
I looked at Emiel and saw her running away at once.

“Oh, that’s how you want to play?”

I enhanced my body with strengthening magic and formed arm-length ice spears one after another.
I saw her looking back as if she noticed something and used that timing to shoot all the spears at her
Seeing Emiel activate barrier magic in panic, I started running at her with all my might——!

“Shit, don’t run away!”

Emiel also apparently used body-strengthening magic as she was running away swiftly, moreover, because she kept on activating barrier magic, everything I shot at her got blocked.
It can’t be helped, I didn’t want to do it because it seemed like a hassle, but I will have to block her path.

I got rid of all the ice spears I created and made something one size larger than the fireball I formed earlier, and shot it into the sky.
With a whizzing, cutting sound, it lit up the sky like a small sun, hitting a building in Emiel’s path, causing the debris to block her path just as I wanted.


It seems that she did not expect being attacked from the sky as Emiel fell on her buttocks unceremoniously, but she quickly got up and began to extinguish the fire with magic.
Seeing the opportunity, I formed another round of ice spears, but the barrier blocked them again when I shot them.
However, as one of the spears was about to make it through the barrier, it suddenly collapsed on the spot, and I broke into a run——

“Oi, stop right there.”

At that point, I felt like I was about to be grabbed by the shoulder, so when I looked back, I saw a muscular man glaring at me.
The man with a dreadful bloodthirst narrowed the distance between us little by little.

“What did you come here for, you bastard?”

“C, calm down, please. I’m a Royal Magician who came here to catch that criminal.”

This fellow is most likely a member of the vigilante corps of this town. He should be willing to cooperate with me when I explain things to him.
However, contrary to my expectations, a blue vein appeared on the man’s temple, and a clear, murderous intent was cast upon me.

“Do you think your lies will deceive me? Mr. Royal Magician.”

“I’m not telling you any lies! That woman is a scoundrel with a bounty on her hea——”

As soon as I said that, I noticed that the man’s sword was already placed against my neck before I knew it.
The chilly feeling gradually transmitted to my skin, and chills ran through my entire body.

“Was it you who treated my woman as a slave? I so wanted to meet you.”


With a grin floating on my face, I restrained the man with proper magic and used all my strength to rush at Emiel who was about to leave on unsteady legs.
I never thought she had a man, but if it comes to it, I will bring him with me as a hostage.

Emiel, who looked back seemed to notice the situation and turned around with a resigned expression.
With the fireball in my hand, I——

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