Chapter 40 (end)

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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While drinking Klaus’s homemade soup, I read through this morning’s newspaper.
The headline read “Teagel Kingdom—Fosch Territory” in huge letters, and I was a little relieved that the civil war was finally over.
However, I was troubled by the fact that there were a lot of incomprehensible things written about me, such as the fact that I was expelled from the country, and the fact that the Fosch government should hire me to work at their magic research institute because I was so talented.
It’s a good thing they were not giving away my name, because if they were, I would have a hard time saying no.
… I’m happy about being recognized as talented, though.

“What are you making that face for?”

Klaus, who showed up from the kitchen with two cups in his hands asked jokingly.

“The newspapers praised me.”

“Did you threaten the reporter?”

“Just what do you think of me?”

Klaus chuckled and set one of the cups down in front of me, and sat down in the seat facing me.
His muscular body and the floral apron I used to wear almost make me laugh even after a month.
I wish he would wear something a little more masculine.
Klaus sipped his tea and he looked at me.

“Is your belly okay?”

“Yep, it sure is. I have started feeling a lot of movements recently.”

“It should be the time soon, right… you better not go shopping alone, understand?”

When I averted my gaze from Klaus who was staring at me, he glared at me with even sharper gaze.

“I got it, I won’t go out on my own again!”


I wish I could go shopping alone, but I could understand Klaus’ feelings.
If I heard that my pregnant wife was being blackmailed by several thugs, I would definitely think twice about letting her out of the house again.
… Well, we all got along well when I electrocuted them.


There was a knock on the door, and Klaus scurried to the front door.
I wondered if it was my father who was coming at this hour, or my mother who was complaining about how bored she was every day.
As I was making my prediction, I heard a familiar male voice coming from the doorway. Realizing that my predictions were wrong, I took a sip of my tea.
Then, the one who came into the living room——

“I heard you are about to give birth. Well, since you haven’t eat this to build up your strength.”

“Yes, I will do that.”

“Strength is the only thing you have surplus of.”

Werner laughed at Klaus’ rude remark.
Werner then looked at his wristwatch, and after making a surprised expression, he said “I have something to take care of” and left.
He often comes for a visit, so he just can come another day if he’s so busy, but it will be my loss if I mind it.
When Klaus returned after sending him off, he came to my side and stroked my belly.

“I hope you are born safely.”


Klaus seemed worried, but I somehow felt that the child would be born safely.
There’s nothing better than being cautious, though.
Then, Klaus muttered “Alright.”

“Let’s go buy baby clothes and other various stuff we need.”

“Sheesh, your mood is too quick to change.”

However, it makes me happy that he seems to love this child so much despite not being born yet.
I’m sure he will dote on the child a lot after it gets born.

I was rushed by such Klaus and we prepared to go out.
We left the home to buy baby goods.

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