Chapter 39

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A small park in front of the Adventurer’s Guild was illuminated red by the setting sun.
Sitting on a bench in a corner of the park, I was gazing at the familiar small playground equipment and the children playing on it as I leisurely waited for Klaus, who called me here.

Two years have passed in the blink of an eye since I arrived here.
Looking back, however, many things have happened.
My father began to study magic, and before I knew it, he had become a researcher, earning more money than I ever did as the royal magician, the pet cat Klaus’ family was keeping was actually a Nekomata

As I was idly reminiscing, I noticed that the time for our meeting was about to pass, so I looked towards the park entrance.
As expected, Klaus appeared just before the promised time, waving lightly at me, which caused me to wonder why he always appears barely in time.

“I kept you waiting.”

“You are the worst for making a girl wait~”

“You are more like a man anyway.”

When I blurted out the familiar rude reply, Klaus laughed happily and sat down beside me.
The bench that was supposed to be wide became suddenly small because of his size, but this is also usual.
Klaus looked at the children as they began to leave with their parents in tow.

“Hey, do you remember what day today was two years ago?”

“… Hm?”

“Do you not remember?”

“E, ermm… was it the day the former minister came looking for me?”

“That was last year. I thought women were good at remembering anniversaries?”

I can only remember my birthday, does that mean I am not a woman?
Klaus muttered in a troubled tone.

“It’s the day we formed the party. At my house.”

“Ah! That was today, wasn’t it?”

Right, right, it’s the day I felt defeated by Klaus’s house’s stylish decor.

“I called you up with the intention of forming a party, but you were expecting something else, remember? That’s what I thought I’d do today.”

“Expecting something else?”

I can’t remember what I was expecting… ah.

“Oh, you get it?”

“I, isn’t it too sudden? My heart is not ready yet.”

As he was taking out a small box from his pocket, he muttered, “Really?” and slowly put it back——

“… You are not honest, are you?”


I reached out to stop his hand and turned my face away in embarrassment.
Then, Klaus embraced me.

“Sorry, sorry. I only wanted to surprise you.”

“… You are definitely holding a grudge against me.”

Klaus who laughed like a woodpecker made a serious expression and opened the box above my knees.

“Let’s get married.”

I turn to face Klaus, feeling the gush of emotions for the short words I’ve been waiting so long to hear.


I said the words I had always wanted to say in return.

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