Chapter 9

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Klaus, who accepted a request from the Guild just said “Let’s go” and proceeded to lead the way.
The destination we are heading to now is in a forest a little away from the town.
I don’t know what kind of principle it’s based on, but because of the irregular occurrence of monsters there, adventurers and vigilante corps are thinning them out on a daily basis.

As for the reason I am accompanying Klaus, his party members weren’t able to go this time because of some circumstances, so they asked me to tag along because they were worried for him going all by himself.
I’m happy to kill time as I was just getting bored of having nothing to do, but Klaus doesn’t really like letting me work.

“Sorry you had to come along.”

“I told you it’s fine. I was free anyway, so don’t mind it.”

He apologized like this repeatedly.
… Even though I don’t dislike going with him.

And then, I saw what was at a glance expensive carriage coming our way, so I moved to the side of the road and watched it go.
I remember that this was a carriage that was freely available for use by the members of the higher-ranking occupations at the Royal Castle.
I wonder what in the world a high ranking person would want in a place like this.

When I took my eyes off the carriage that was passing by, I noticed that Klaus was looking at the carriage with wary eyes, and I called out to him.

“That’s a carriage from the Royal Capital, right? I was wondering whether someone like that bitch from yesterday came to bring you back.”

“I don’t think they would be coming here over and over again. You care too much about it.”

Seeing Klaus look forward with an unsettled look on his face, I couldn’t stop spontaneously gushing out with joy.
I have apparently become a ridiculously easy woman because I have been treated like a slave up until now.
… Let’s believe so.

After I exploded the monster we found with long-distance magic, Klaus laughed at me because I got scared by the bug that landed on my face, then I laughed at him who seemingly strained his back from laughing too much. We then returned back to the road after completing our job which was a thorough fun.
As I thought, rather than being stuck in a room tampering with documents, it seems that letting loose outside is more suitable for me.
And Klaus, who was walking beside me while wiping off the filth on his sword, seemed unhappy.

“I feel seriously unsatisfied. It feels like I have not fought today at all.”

“Didn’t you kill at least ten?”


“I usually do double that amount. I will take down more than you the next time.”

When did my childhood friend, who used to cry and run away when he saw a monster, become such a battle-crazed person?
Well, that’s okay too. It’s not a bad idea to continue supporting Klaus as a magician adventurer in this way.
… Huh, what the hell am I thinking about?

“Oi, your face got red, ya know? Did I say something that made you angry?”

“T, that’s not it, alright!”

I hurriedly turned my face away from Klaus, who was looking at me with a puzzled expression.
What has happened to me that I would blush at such idle thought?
Have I really become an easy woman?

“Do you feel sick? Don’t overdo it.”

“Y, yeah.”

I felt my heart throbbing by looking at Klaus’ worried gaze lingering at me, and when I look away, I saw the wall gate where several people have formed a line, and the bright red-burning sun that was about to hide behind it.
It’s a little sad to think that today is almost over, but the thought of not being buried in a pile of papers made me look forward to tomorrow.

With that in mind, I walked through the wall gate, and after getting my share of the reward at the Guild, I parted ways with Klaus and leisurely continued on my way to the house.
I really wanted to walk home with Klaus, but he had something to do, so I couldn’t complain.

“Just what am I thinking?”

Because I subconsciously thinking about it again, I patted myself on the cheeks to reset my mind, but I noticed a man standing in front of our house.
As I approached, I sensed something disgusting in the familiar silhouette, the man seemed to notice me as well and started to walk towards me.
When I realized who it was, I stiffened on the spot and couldn’t move.

“Yo, I came to bring you back, alright?”

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