Chapter 11

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Although Heinz’s barrage was terrifying, it all flew in a straight line, which made it surprisingly easy to block.
But… running and activating magic in a haphazard manner consumes a lot of magical power. If I don’t shake him off soon, I will end up collapsing due to the lack of magical power.
While such impatient thoughts began to appear in my mind, I suddenly heard a high-pitched sound from above. Turning around, I saw a huge fireball——

I hurriedly stretched a barrier over my head.
However, the fireball hit a house in the direction of my travel, and with a thundering sound, the crumbling debris blocked the road.
When I looked around the perimeter of the building that had been hit, I saw that the fire begin to spread and the occupants of the house were trying to flee, so I had begun to put out the fire with my magic before I could think.

I don’t know if it was my fault or not, but I definitely did not want to get innocent people involved in this kind of thing.
Besides, there’s no way I’m going to make it through this kind of burning debris. I have to do something about the fire before he catches up to me…

A moment later, I felt a chill running through my body, and when I turned around, I saw that Heinz was making countless spears of ice appear, so I activated several layers of barriers with one hand while spraying water with the other.
The spears flew at me with unstoppable speed, cracking the barriers one after the other, and just when I thought it was getting bad——


One of the unblocked spears hit my shoulder and I got knocked to the ground by the impact.
I stood up, feeling nauseated by the impact, as if I was about to lose my consciousness, but I forced myself to activate the water discharge spell with my shaky head.
When I could no longer see the fire in my blurred vision, I remembered Heinz, and in a state where I could barely walk, I slipped through the gap between the debris and moved to the other side.

I perceived something that felt like bloodthirst from behind, and when I turned around, I saw the face of Heinz who was rushing towards me with a murderous-looking expression, and Klaus chasing after him with a sword in his hand.

It wasn’t long before the bloodthirst and heat that loomed just behind me were drowned out by Heinz’s screams.

I sat on the ground, staring absentmindedly at Heinz, who was being dragged away while screaming in pain because of his chopped off arm.
Klaus, who had finished talking about something with the vigilante corps, looked relieved and hugged me.

“Damn it, fight back, will you? You could have easily killed that small fry by yourself, no?”

“… Y, yeah.”

The sudden embrace seemed to clear my head from the haze, but I didn’t know what to do, as my happiness and embarrassment intersected with each other.
Klaus smiled in amusement and stood up.

“Come on, I will send you home… can you stand up?”


I grabbed the rugged hand that was offered to me and forced myself to stand up, but immediately my body grew weak due to something like anemia.
Immediately, Klaus supports my body and lifts me up in a princess carry with the utmost ease.

“Would a hospital be better than your house?”

“I, I’m fine. I will treat myself with recovery magic when I get home.”

“That so?”

I turned away my face that must have gotten red because of Klaus, who was anxiously looking down at me, and took deep breaths to calm my noisy heart.
First being hugged than a princess carry on top, that’s quite a ridiculous combo…

“Thank you.”


“… I might have died if you didn’t help me.”

“It’s only natural to help someone you love.”

That was so direct.
My childhood friend, who was so frail back then, and who seemed like someone who will be bullied even by women, has become one hell of a good man.
Suppressing the joy that made my heart tighten in my chest, I looked firmly at Klaus’ face as he looked down at me.

“I also like you, Klaus.”

I was honest about my feelings, which I had been trying to avoid admitting for a long time.

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