Chapter 12

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Count Hamill, the ruler of Henschel, stood on a special stage and said his greetings.
Beside him, dressed in shabby linen, and kneeling on the floor was Heinz, who held the rank of the marquis who attacked me the day before yesterday.
While looking at the fresh scene that was legally speaking not possible to witness, Count Hamill got rid of his smiling expression as soon as he got onto the main subject.

“Well then, ladies and gentlemen. Are you aware of what this man did? He fired several magic spells at an innocent woman that lives in our town, and to top it all off, he blew up a building.”

Count Hamill seemed quite irritated, but as soon as he glanced at Heinz, he turned his attention back to the crowd.

“What do you think he said when he was apprehended? He said that Royal Capital’s business takes priority before our commoners’ town, and that we won’t get away by stopping him, who was working under the orders of the Sage… he said it so nonchalantly, too.”

The crowd booed loudly at those words, but somehow Heinz didn’t respond and just looked down.
I noticed Klaus looking somewhat dissatisfied, so I asked him what was wrong.

“Of course I’m dissatisfied. I should have taken both of his arms when I had the chance.”

“I think that paying with both of your arms for causing a few bruises is indeed too much, though.”

It hurt a little bit, but it healed quickly after a few uses of recovery magic, and I was able to move the next day as if nothing had happened.
But Klaus muttered ‘You don’t understand’ as he held my shoulders.

“Listen up, alright? You cannot complain even if he got killed for making you feel uncomfortable, okay? Leaving him with one of his arms is too of light punishment for him.”

“T, that so?”

I am not able to hide my blushing face anymore to Klaus who no longer hides his feelings.
I would love to get used to it soon, but I’ve never been treated this kindly before, so my body and mind aren’t used to it, so it seems impossible for me.
Klaus, who was chuckling, pointed to the front, and when I turned there, I saw Count Hamill receiving a collar-like thing from the butler standing next to him.

“Now then, when I asked the Royal Capital about how we should deal with the Marquis, who holds a higher position than me, I received an interesting response from the minister——he has been pushing all his work onto the Royal Magician of commoner origins, causing a great corruption within the castle. You can punish him any way you like… he said.”

After making such a shocking announcement and fitting a silver collar around Heinz’s neck, Count Hamill stepped down the stage.
Heinz, who became a slave, was taken somewhere by the vigilantes.
Then I suddenly felt my chest feel refreshed and light, as if I was finally freed from something, such feelings dominated my heart.

“How do you feel?”

Klaus grinned at me as he seemed to have noticed something, and I naturally smiled back at him.


I replied with a short but telling word to describe my mood.

After lunch and some free time, we came to the top of the hill to look at the city, as we had done a few days ago.
Klaus, apparently satisfied with the fact that Heinz was now a mining slave, leaned against a tree and yawned widely.
As I got infected by his yawn and yawned as well, a smile floated on Klaus’ face.

“Your complexion looks much better than when you just returned. Maybe it’s a good thing that you’ve gotten dismissed, yeah?”


“Well, yeah. If I hadn’t been dismissed, I would have died of overwork while single.”

I was still pissed off about forfeiting my entire paycheck, though.
Then I noticed the sound of footsteps approaching us, and when I looked back, I saw Elina, who was looking quite exhausted, soI stood up.

“… You are quite lucky.”

“I am. What did you come for? Did you come to tell me how many people died?”

“Unfortunately, there are no casualties. You really are lucky.”

Elina stared at me with eyes that I could sense a hint of resentment, but she looked down in frustration.

“… That country is already done for. No one among the Royal Magicians can do their job properly, the knights of the Knights Order who pushed their jobs onto you didn’t even know that you were dismissed so all of their work is delayed. Moreover, the commoners got to know that all this is happening because you were dismissed, and they are now demonstrating to overthrow the royal family.”

“This is?”

“Money for all the work you have done… I just don’t want to owe you, so don’t misunderstand.”

I looked at Elina, who looked away, and I had an inkling of what she was doing.
I’m sure she came all the way here to deliver the money because she understood how much hell I’ve been through.
I took the jute bag from Elina, who wasn’t acting honest, and she turned on her heels.

“That’s all from me. So long.”

“Yeah, thank you.”

When I nodded my head in confusion at Elina, she turned her eyes to me as if she were looking at something creepy and walked away. Klaus, who stood beside me before I noticed, seemed dumbfounded.

“There’s no need for you to thank her. That’s the money you were supposed to receive in the first place.”

“That might be true, but…”

“Alright, let’s go buy something for your parents with that money.”

“Yeah, let’s do that.”

Klaus smiled and said, “Let’s go,” and we started walking towards my parents’ house with a bag of gold in one of my hands.
I lined up next to my beloved childhood friend and grabbed his big hand resolutely.

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