Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I Have Obtained the Appraisal Skill

Although I have raised my voice in surprise, I’m reflecting.
It seems that I’m trapped in a small place.

Where am I?
I don’t see anything, but darkness when I open my eyes.
Nothing changes even if I close them.


Ah, ouch!
Ouch ouch ouch.
I hit my head when I attempted to stretch.
What is happening?
Where the hell am I right now?

Umm, certainly yesterday…
Huh? Huh?
I can’t remember anything.
I really can’t remember a thing.

What’s up with me?
Was I perhaps abducted?
Are they demanding a ransom?
Is it begging for my life in front of a video camera?

Wait wait wait.
A little timeout.
Don’t panic, don’t panic.
Let’s calm down first.

My body doesn’t hurt and the criminal isn’t here.
All right, I’m safe for now.
Settle down, me.
Nonono, I’m calm.

Anyway, I must restore my visibility first of all.
I want to stretch my legs because it’s so narrow I must be curled up.
My body is so rounded that I almost hear it creaking.
I’m not really fond of narrow places.
Living in a closet is impossible.

Boshu boshu boshu boshu
I break through something like a husk which is wrapping me up.
I was able to get out my limbs somehow.
Outside air feels nice~
Refreshing coolness.
It’s good I am able to feel at ease.

Boshu boshu
I take the opportunity and break through the husk around my face.

Whoa! I can see the light somehow.
Although the light is weak, my eyes are clapping.
I feel dizzy.
But, I’m able to see the surroundings.
I can see plant thingies around, but there’s no sky.
I may be in a cave.
It’s humid after all.

Anyway, I’m glad that I’m not in a car or a suspicious office.

The line of kidnapping may be thin.
Then what?
What is it?

I should confirm my surroundings.

“Kyan kyan.”

Kuchakucha kuchiyu kuchiyu

I heard some dangerous sound, but…
That… a shriek and angry roar?

It was like a cry of a wild beast.
A feeble voice of dying.
Kuchiyu kuchiyu, a sound of eating.

Boshu boshu boshu
I break the shell in front of me in order to expand the field of vision.

O, ooooi…
What the hell are you showing me!
A huge wild dog is eating huge eggs!
I can’t see the puppy-ish? creature inside the egg.

“Kyan kyan.”

Ah, it ate one of them.
Rather, that dog is way too big!
It’s super huge!

It’s not a dog anymore.
Because its size is that of a rhinoceros.
You wouldn’t be able to keep such a thing at home, you wouldn’t be even able to attach a collar.
Absolute store entry refusal.
If someone took that into the shopping center, it would leave with corpses behind.
It’s already a monster that appears in games.
Because it has a man-eating size.


The huge stray dog’s? eyes and mine meet.
It will be okay.
I’m glared at, though.
But, what are those creatures?
What are they, what are they?

(Current skill points: 50)
(Consume 50 points to acquire the Appraisal Skill?)

What’s going on?
What, what?
I heard a voice in my head.
Was it my imagination?
It probably was.

(Consume 50 points to acquire the Appraisal Skill?)

No way!
It seems that I wasn’t wrong.
I heard it again.
This is serious.

Appraisal Skill is that thing, right?
The thing that often appears in games that allow you to see the monster’s identity and status and level.
The ability I would like the most if I was in a different world.


In that case, the answer was already decided.
Want it, want it~
I must acquire it.

“I want to acquire that skill.”

I answer in my heart.

(Appraisal Lv1 acquired.)

Clap clap.
It seems that I have acquired the skill.
Well then, let’s use it on that stray dog? creature.

But, how do I use it?
Let’s try praying silently first.


Race: Biological

A screen appears in front of my face.
It looks like a character screen in games.
I see it, but… all I can see is…『Biological』.
As expected, even I understand that the stray dog in front of me is a living creature.

I will do it once again.


Race: Biological

Once again.

Race: Biological

Once more.

Race: Biological

And another one.

Race: Biological

Eei, another one.

Race: Biological

It’s no use.
The appraisal is useless.
Biological is too vague.
It seems that Appraisal-san is completely worthless.

Nono, wait a second.
That dog may be special.
There’s a possibility that its race is really called『Biological』.
Then, something else…
Let’s try these!

I look at the egg close to me.


Race: Biological

Kwu~, oi!
Nothing changed after all.
The unchangeable “Biological” notation.
Although I already knew it well, but you know?
I had to confirm anyway.

“Kyan kyan.”

Ah, it ate another one.
That’s right.
It was so.
I should have judged the situation calmly.
I’m the target, am I not?
Wild woofwoof’s.
I will be eaten by the wild senpai.

I must quickly escape!
I must leave here immediately.
There seem to be several eggs left.
It will be most likely alright.
If they are sacrificed, I may be able to escape the beast.


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