Chapter 7

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The Menacing Clan
‘Tasting agony even after death’

The noblemen’s expressions froze after hearing Emilia. What Emilia said was, in fact, already demonstrated on the audience at the execution grounds, but Emilia’s words reminded them the horror.

“Now then, one of the masterminds has already been dealt with, Your Majesty how long are you going to stay absentminded?”

Altonius stared at Emilia blankly.

“Why don’t you run and barricade yourself in the Imperial Palace already?”
“Why do you think we have not invaded the Imperial Palace yet?”

Altonius was silenced by Emilia’s words.

“Fuhaha, this fellow is stupid too indeed.”

Everyone was surprised by the contempt Ortho felt for Altonius. Altonius turned his glare towards Ortho, but that glare had no power left.

“We are telling you to sit tight and watch. You just have to tremble deep inside your palace and wait for your turn.”

Ortho then turned his gaze towards the nobles.

“You guys too. Do not worry. Not only you, but the people of your territories will be trampled upon just like our own. The people of your clans and your retainers, all will be massacred.”

The horror in Ortho’s words was indescribable. But, they were the words they once told the Salbuveir family.

“Father, let’s leave this place. I can’t stand the sight of these people anymore, and we won’t be able to act if we stay here.”
“Indeed. They are weaklings.”

The nobles trembled under the scorning sight of Ortho.

“Ah, right. Self-harm is of no use. You will turn undead the moment you die, just like the fool here.”

The color of despair which floated on the faces of the noblemen turned even darker with Ortho’s words. It’s easy to imagine that even the word despair wasn’t enough to describe the genuine hell the nobles were in.

“Well then, let us meet again, everyone.”
“Many of you have already lost your families, my condolences.”

Ortho and Kulm grinned at Elsapia and Emilia’s sarcastic remarks. The Salbuveir family then jumped out of the seats of honor.

The Salbuveir family was then seen walking through the corpses. Their departure was like that of the lords of death.
Once the Salbuveir family was completely out of sight, the noblemen let out a long sigh. They understood that their situation had not changed for the better. But, the nobles were thankful to God for saving their lives for now.
The nobles in the seats of honor then directed their gazes towards the Imperial Capital which was enveloped in flames that were steadily spreading.
The fire has already spread to two-thirds of the city, clearly showing the Salbuveir family’s violence.


“How did this happen…”
“This country is finished…”

The words of the noblemen were completely deprived of hope.

“Everything is this guy’s fault!!”

One of the nobles shouted. What he was looking at was Altos, who had already turned undead. He had begun accusing Altos, who was left behind by Emilia’s group.

“That’s right!! This all happened because of his infidelity!!”

The rest of the nobles immediately went along with it. The glares that gathered on Altos quickly increased.

“And this girl too!!”
“These guys as well!!”

The noblemen’s spears then turned towards Altos’ entourage and Linea. In fact, they were just venting their anger. The trigger was indeed the cancellation of Altos’ engagement to Emilia, but the nobles used it to destroy the Salbuveir family. Their sense of being victimized was ugly to witness.

“O, oi. That…”

As the nobles were about to explode, a certain someone appeared at the seats of honor. Each and every person present turned their gaze towards the place one of the nobles was pointing at.

“Sir Armes…”

When the appearances of the person appearing at the seats of honor was seen, the nobles leaked their voices in fear.
It was one of the noblemen who was thrown down the seats of honor by Kulm. His noble face was smashed, his skull was opened and the insides were spilling out. It was a dreadful-looking face that made you want to avert your sight.

(What are you still doing here? Hurry to the Imperial Palace.)

Kulm’s voice came out of Armes’ mouth.

(I will make it a bit easier for you to go.)

The corpse of Armes’ turned into a Death Knight right before the noblemen’s eyes. Their teeth started clattering the moment they realized that the corpse transformed into one of the undead who kicked about the Knights earlier.


When the Death Knight roared, some of the weaker noblemen fell on their backsides. However, some of those who felt danger for their lives rushed towards the exit. The seats of honor have once again fallen into chaos.

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