Chapter 6

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Unrelenting Lady
The Salbuveir family turned their ruthless gazes at the kneeling nobles. There’s no doubt that their pleas did not leave the Salbuveir family with any impressions.

“Father, they are being like this, what do you say about it?”

The kneeling nobles felt a ray of hope from Emilia’s words. Emilia’s words were suggesting that they could possibly save their families.

“Well, there’s no meaning to it, though.”

Kulm’s next words felt like ice-cold water being poured on their backs.

“Dear, these people trampled upon our dignity, knowing very well of our innocence just for their own protection.”

Elsapia’s words were full of disgust.

“There’s no way we can forgive them. Emilia, don’t give them too much hope.”
“Fufufu, I am truly sorry. I just felt like being mean for a little.”
“What a troubling daughter you are.”

The Salbuveir family laughed all at once. When the nobles raised their heads to look at the laughing family with anger, they met the eyes seeping with hate, immediately making their anger disappear.

“Your Majesty, Your Highness, wouldn’t it be better for you to return to the Imperial Palace soon? The Imperial Palace is going to fall into unrest without your command.”

Ortho spoke to Altonius II and Altos.

“Is there no use in asking you to stop?”

Altonius II’s words no longer had the power left in them. The feelings of being dominated had already ruled his mind.

“Yes, it’s useless.”
“It would be comical if you thought we could forgive you at this stage.”

Ortho And Elsapia promptly replied.

“Father, wait a moment please.”

The family swapped their gazes to Emilia.

“Let’s kill Altos right here. I just can’t let this man go.”

Altos’ face turned ghastly pale after hearing Emilia.

“Indeed. Everything started with this fool, so it doesn’t make sense for him to not take the responsibility.”

Kulm’s relentless words made Altos’ face even paler. His complexion was already resembling a corpse.
Everyone around Altos turned their eyes at him, but there was no one to protect him. Even his father, Altonius II, did not move.

“Don’t be frightened. You have an important role to take. You cannot fulfill that role unless you die.”

Emilia’s words left Altos wondering about what would happen to him. He guessed that “unless you die” implied that he was going to get turned into an undead.


Altos turned away and tried to escape, but when he just took a second step, his neck was grabbed and lifted off of the ground by Emilia.

“S, stop, please!! I don’t want to be undead! Save me!!”

Emilia disregarded Altos pleading, took him by an ankle and slammed him into the ground. The face of Altos who couldn’t defend himself whatsoever, directly collided with the floor.

“Please don’t die just from something like this… Your Highness!!”


Emilia slammed Altos against the ground again. The nose and teeth of Altos who got his face slammed against the ground got broken.
With Emilia’s current strength, she could have definitely crushed Altos’ head in the first blow, but he was unlucky because Emilia controlled her strength perfectly.
That wasn’t a happy thing for Altos. On the contrary, the pain only prolonged his suffering.


Emilia dropped Altos on the ground and stomped on his chest. She gradually increased the pressure, bringing excruciating pain to Altos.



The sounds of Altos’ ribs cracking echoed and the stunned nobles watched on with their teeth clattering.

“Sh, save mee… Fa-fathe… uegh.”

Altos reached with his hand towards Altonius II, but he showed no movement.

“Now then, have you finished saying your farewells?”

As soon as Emilia spoke up, she crushed Altos’ chest under her feet, causing him to twitch for a moment before his movements ceased.
Despite the murder of the Crown Prince Altos happening before them, no one was moving. Their thoughts have already ceased from shock.

A black mist enveloped Altos’ body and the dead Altos soon opened his eyes.

“Welcome to the world of Undead.”

Emilia’s happy voice echoed, but the thought process of the nobles have yet to recover.

“Now, Altos. You have been forsaken by your Father, you know? How do you feel?”
“Father, why?”

Altos stood up and inquired from Altonius II.


Altonius’ face was warped in fear. Altos’ gaze was clearly overflowing with hatred.

“Now then, Altos… what are you going to do with the hatred you feel for this man?”
“I want to beat this hatred into him.”
“A, Altos… stop it!!”
“Shut up!”

The movements of Altos who tried to throw himself at Altonius II stopped. No, Altos himself was trying to attack, but his body wasn’t listening to him.

“W, why!”

Emilia laughed happily, seeing Altos so angry. No matter how you look, it was Emilia’s doing.

“Fufufu, your body is under my control, Altos.”
“Emilia!! Let me free!!”
“You are really noisy.”

When Emilia said that, Altos shouted out in pain.


Altos screamed in such pain that everyone’s throat gulped. Everyone understood that Altos was in extraordinary pain.
Emilia who saw that addressed the nobles.

“Do you understand now? You are going to taste agony even after you die.”

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