Chapter 47.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Requiem of the Nobility (4)
“Correct. We know that killing you now would be meaningless. But, we don’t want to see you fulfilling your natural lifespan. That’s why we will have you killed. I wonder why you can’t understand something so simple.”
“Ah… ah… mea… ningless?”

Altonius repeated blankly after Ortho called his death meaningless. Drops of tears started flowing down from Altonius’s eyes.

“It’s that face. We wanted to see you make that face. You dying a completely meaningless death. That despairing expression of yours gives us a dark joy.”

The expression of Ortho at that time was something Altonius had never seen. Even the word ‘hatred’ was too lukewarm to describe it. When he glanced at the other Salbuveir family members, he noticed that everyone had identical expressions on their faces.

It was at this point, Altonius understood the source of Salbuveir’s hatred.

Altonius understood that the “trunk” of the Salbuveir family hatred was him giving orders to his subjects to run amock in their territory and massacring their family, relatives, retainers and citizens. But the “root” of their hatred was him failing as the subject of their loyalty.

“You were a failure. To be honest, you were a disappointment.”

Ortho’s words confirmed that his understanding was correct.

“Everyone, hear me!!”

The people of Salbuveir listened silently.

“We will now execute the former Emperor of the Fildmerk Empire, Altonius, the main culprit in all of this. He sent us to our deaths without fulfilling any of his duties as the Emperor of The Fildmerk Empire. Not only that, but he is also a scumbag who has pushed his duty upon his own children and tried to escape by himself.”

Those around listened to Ortho’s impeachment in silence. Altonius himself was expressionless as he listened to Ortho’s words.

“Of course, burning at stake alone won’t be enough to atone this man’s sins. He will be turned Undead after his punishment and left tied up here. Everyone is free to vent their hatred on him.”

Ortho’s words caused all Salbuveir people to shout at once, causing the atmosphere itself to shake. No, the shouting was not only atmospheric, it even caused the ground to shake. It was a phenomenon that showed the enormity of Salbuveir’s hatred.


At that moment, a strange laugh emanated from Altonius’s mouth. He began to laugh incomprehensibly as if his heart had been broken by his immense hatred.

“He broke, huh. Well, let’s get on with it. Set him on fire.”

Orth said coldly and the executioner poured oil on Altonius. Despite being anointed, Altonius only gave a creepy laugh.

When the executioner with the torch shifted his gaze to Ortho after Altonius had been anointed and was ready to be burned, Ortho immediately nodded his head. It showed that he no longer was interested in the mentally broken Altonius.

The executioner placed the torch on Altonius’s body. In just a moment, the oil on his body ignited and flames engulfed his body.



Even though the flames have burned him, Alotnius didn’t stop his eerie laughter. After a while, his laughter faded away and he was completely silenced.

This was the end of the life of the Fildmerk Empire’s Emperor, Altonius II.

“Well then, let’s get him repaired.”

Ortho directed his gaze towards Kulm who released the dark miasma towards the lump of burnt flesh.

“Eh?… What happened to me?”

When Altonius’s consciousness returned, he looked around restlessly.

“Altonius, welcome to the world of the dead.”

When Ortho approached him, Altonius screamed in horror. Seeing that, Ortho made a satisfied expression. It seems that he was ‘repaired’ successfully.

“How do you feel now that you have become Undead?”
“Ah, ahh…”

An expression of fear formed on the face of Altonius who seemed to guess the situation.

“Your mind got broken. So we promptly burned you to death and turned you into Undead. Well then, you will now experience suffering for eternity. We don’t have to worry about your mind getting broken now that you are Undead.”
“Ah, ah, please spare me…”

Ignoring Altonius’s pleas for mercy, Ortho turned away from him with a cruel smile. The family members turned on their heels in accordance.

“He’s all yours now.”

The ground shook with the roars of the retainers and citizens who heard the words of the Salbuveir patriarch. If he had been alive, the enormity of this hatred would have caused him to have a mental breakdown, but now that he was Undead, his mental breakdown couldn’t let him escape the reality.

“S, save mee!! Forgive meeee!!”

Altonius screamed as loud as he could, but his voice was swallowed by the roars of hate around him, so his voice couldn’t reach anyone’s ears. The Salbuveirs rushed at Altonius with weapons made of miasma.


Altonius’s new life as a venting off tool of the Salbuveirs that riddled with eternal disgrace and pain, began.

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