Chapter 8

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Plotting Clan
The expression of Altonius, who returned to the Imperial Palace was extremely dark.

The transformed Death Knight Armes, who appeared at the seats of honor, crushed a considerable number of nobles during the struggle.
The ankle of one of the screaming nobles was crushed under a powerful grip as his body was struck into the ground several times over. When the meat paste of a corpse got covered in a black mist, he turned into another violent Death Knight.

Altonius somehow managed to get to the Imperial Palace under the escort of his knights, but he saw the hell unfolding in the city along the road.
The Salbuveir were ruthlessly swinging their weapons down at the crying citizens of the capital. Fathers, mothers, children, friends and lovers, all were cruelly killed by their loved ones.

The Salbuveir lacked any kind of mercy in the retaliation against the Emperor. Men and women of all ages were subject to their retaliation.
The road to the Imperial Palace turned into hell, but strangely, Altonius’ group was able to smoothly arrive at their destination.

“Your Majesty…”

After returning to the Imperial Palace, Altonius was met by the blue-faced Marquis Devan Melt Karsgol.
His expression was full of fear from events beyond his own processing ability. Although he’s known as the prime minister who is always calm and collected, he couldn’t cope with the situation where undead roamed the streets in the burning capital.

“It’s the Salbuveirs!!”
“Salbuveirs? However, the entire clan has been…”
“Yes, but it’s the truth! Everything was supposed to end today with Emilia’s execution, but those people revived and caused this situation!”

The face of the prime minister froze under the shouting of Altonius.

“They will be soon attacking the Imperial Palace. Immediately request help from each fief!”

The prime minister responded briefly to Altonius’ orders. It’s much easier to receive orders than to issue them.
The prime minister promptly sent a message to each official’s place. The Fildmerk Empire has a magical communication network so that if something goes wrong in the Imperial Capital, they can immediately seek help from nobles around the country.

“Everyone take up arms! We have to hold until the reinforcements come!”

Hope was born with Altonius’ words. There’s no doubt that the existence of a leader was greatly welcomed in this situation.

“Your Majesty, the citizens…”

A bitter expression appeared on Altonius’ face. The people of the capital can no longer be saved in this situation. If the citizens were brought in, the undead might take the opportunity to slip inside and that would spell the end of the road.

“Abandon them!”

The prime minister expressed distress after hearing Altonius’ decision, but he did not refute it. There is certainly not a good way to do it in the current state.
However, it was definitely a viewpoint of the abandoning side that would absolutely unacceptable for the abandoned side.



“Father, Altonius has apparently entered the Imperial Palace.”
“I see. Fuhahahahahaha. How foolish.”
“Yeah, the Emperor’s behavior is exactly as we predicted. He’s so easy to deal with.”

The retainers laughed at the conversation between Ortho and Kulm.

The massacre of the Imperial Capital had been left to the undead while the Salbuveir clan was gathered around the head of the clan, Ortho.

“In a few days, the offerings… no, the rescue parties of every fief are going to come.”

Everyone laughed at Ortho’s words. Ortho declared that the armies of the Lords from all over the country were just offerings to them.

“It saves us time from having to go there.”

When one of the retainers said so, Ortho responded briefly with a grin on his face.

“Emilia, how are they?”

When Kulm asked Emilia, she laughed.

“Yes, all is going according to plan. I hope they can come soon… I want to show the rescue parties of every fief what despair truly is.”
“My, oh my, Emilia. You want to crush them from the bottom of your heart, don’t you?”
“Fufufu, you are also very eager, aren’t you, Mother?”
“Of course I am.”

The expressions of reliance floated on the faces of the retainers who were listening in to Emilia and Elsapia’s conversation. For them, the retaliation is only halfway done, so they were feeling relieved that their lords, the Salbuveir family, is not wavering.

“All right then, let’s play with the fellows in the capital until the preparations are ready.”

The Salbuveir clan was greatly excited by Ortho’s proposal.

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