Chapter 9

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Tormenting Clan
“Pleaseee, let me in!!”
“Save me!”
“They are coming!!”

The area around the Imperial Palace was in chaos. The citizens of the capital were flooding to the Imperial Palace in search of salvation. However, the gates of the Imperial Palace were tightly shut and they couldn’t get inside.

The Salbuveir clan were indiscriminately turning the citizens of the capital into the undead. They blockaded all of the entrances to the capital and turned every citizen one by one while driving the rest towards the Imperial Palace. Midway, the chasers changed from the Salbuveir clan to the undead citizens, but the situation remained the same for the rest of the people.

“Open it!!”
“Don’t push!! Don’t push!!”

The number of people rushing to the Imperial Palace increased at an accelerating rate, and some of the people that were swallowed up by the crowd got trampled under the feet of other citizens in front of the tightly closed gate.

The citizens of the capital before the Imperial Palace were surrounded by the undead, while the Salbuveirs were watching from afar.

“Stop them by whatever means necessary! It takes just one for everything to end!”

Marquis Grad, the head of the Imperial Palace’s security, reprimanded his subordinates in a loud voice. Of course, his subordinates understood that there was nothing they could do in this situation to save the citizens. It was certain that opening the gate would cause the citizens to storm the Imperial Palace like an avalanche and allow the undead to enter easily.

The people of the capital were no longer subjects to protection, but enemies who threatened their own safety.

“Lord Ortho, let’s crush them all at once.”
“That’s right. Please let me do it!”

The retainers of the Salbuveir family proposed. Ortho raised one of his hands to stop the retainers.

“With this many people here, we as the spectators should enjoy the rare show.”

Ortho muttered to himself and shifted his gaze to his retainers, giving a death order in a ruthless voice.

“Kill the people of the capital. Let them taste the despair of being hunted.”

Ortho’s order was immediately transmitted and the undead began to advance. Behind them, the Salbuveirs leisurely followed.

“They are heeere!!”
“Quickly, open up!!”

The undead began to advance and relentlessly attacked people who were trying to escape to the Imperial Palace. The undead were conscious, but their bodies weren’t free. The undead, who were assaulting the citizens with undefendable power were screaming inside.

(Run, please ruuuun!!)
(Stop it!! Stop it!!)
(I don’t want to kill!!)
(Jonathan. Run away!)

Those who have turned undead earlier felt their hearts filling with despair when they saw someone they knew being attacked. They felt their conscience tearing apart as they tore the bodies of their acquaintances.

The feast of blood went on as the undead mercilessly extinguished one life after another. Blood and screams were filling the Imperial Palace as death reigned over.
Five hours… the slaughter unfolded for a very long time, but there came no help from the people inside the Imperial Palace.

(Well, it was the right choice. But, an evil one.)

Ortho snickered in his heart. Thinking normally, abandoning the citizens is a ruthless choice, but in a way, the correct one. But, it was obviously a bad move in this case.

(I wonder who the dead citizens would direct their hatred towards… fufufu, this will become our nourishment.)

A cold smile floated on Ortho’s face. The lives of the people of the capital ended in despair as they were abandoned by their rulers. It’s not so difficult to turn despair into hatred.

“My people, let us increase the number of our servants!”

When the Salbuveirs responded briefly to Ortho’s words, he simply touched a corpse of a citizen, enveloping them in the black mist.
The black mist multiplied and spread from corpse to corpse. A short while later, dead bodies began to move.


The signs of fear were emitted from those within the Imperial Palace when they saw the situation. They have heard about it from others, but this was their first time seeing undead. Seeing was much more horrifying than just hearing about them.

“Alright then, let’s begin.”

Ortho said and looked over the Salbuveirs. The people inside the Imperial Palace were preparing themselves for the undead to attack, but what they saw was different from what they have expected.

“Go, move quicker.”

Emilia, Elsapia, and Kulm with others behind them appeared.

It was the Crown Prince Altos and several hundreds of men and women. People of all ages, from the elderly to teens, and even generations suitable to being referred to as babies. Since their faces were stiff and their complexions deathly pale, it was hard to distinguish them from the undead.

“Step forward. You have to let the people inside the Imperial Palace know who you are.”

The several hundreds of men and women were urged by Emilia to go straight to the gate. Some of the men and women were recognized by the people inside the palace, causing an upheaval.

“Isn’t that Countess Elmur? I have seen her when I was on duty at an evening party.”
“That’s Miss Frangelica, the daughter of Marquis Krunos.”
“There’s also Emilio, the heir to Count Kutuhl.”

The turmoil in the palace was getting bigger and bigger. The men and women who were brought over were the families of the nobles of the Empire.

“Listen up, people in the Imperial Palace.”

Emilia proclaimed in a loud voice to the people in the palace. All who stood guard could hear her words clearly. The nobles also heard the commotion and gathered at the gate one after another.

“You have falsely accused our Salbuveir family and wrongfully executed us. The only thing that can appease our hatred that was caused by you trampling upon our dignity, is to use the blade of revenge!”

Those who were expecting compassion from Emilia were delusional.

“First, we will take revenge on your blood relatives. Then, you should witness the last moments of your beloved ones!!”

Emilia’s voice caused calls for mercy from the palace. The voices were, of course, from the relatives of those who were lined up outside.

“Please stop it!”
“Spare my wife, please!!”
“Please, don’t kill my only daughter!”

Shouting voices raised from inside the palace one after another, but there was a thin grin on Emilia’s face. The Salbuveir clan also appealed for mercy like this before.

“Do you finally understand the situation you have brought upon yourselves with the sins you have committed
!? We will never forgive you!”

Emilia grabbed one of the ladies by her neck, lifted her off of the ground, and stabbed a sword into her abdomen.


An ear-deafening-like shriek echoed around.


At the same time, a scream was heard from inside the palace. That would be from the family of the girl Emilia just killed. As the struggling of the girl from the agony she felt grew weaker, the screams released from inside the palace grew more desperate.

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