Chapter 49 (end)

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The reigning clan.
The Imperial Capital of the Salbuveir Empire, Gyugils is a bustling city. Twenty percent of the inhabitants of Gyugils were living people, that had been protected by the Salbuveir clan when they escaped the massacre instigated by the Fildmerk Empire.
The Salbuveir officials are naturally the ones to govern the Salbuveir Empire. The officials and of course, the rulers of the former Fildmerk Empire, are forced to work day and night on the farms to continue providing food and clothing for the remaining living Salbuveirs.
However, the Salbuveirs are basically non-interfering with those of Fidlmerk who pay taxes, except for the ruling class, so not all of them were suffering from hell.

With the undead of the former Fildmerk Empire providing for their daily needs, the surviving citizens of Salbuveir became more involved in their favorite activities. Whether it was cultural activities or the development of science, each of them contributed greatly to the development of the new Salbuveir.

The attitude of the living towards the Undead of Salbuveir was not one of aversion to them, as they were their original companions. Rather, they respected the Undead for saving and protecting them.
In particular, it has gone so far as to revere Ortho’s family, the family of the current emperor, as if they were gods.

“Hey, Eric. Your complexion looks good today.”
“As if it does. I’m dead, ya know?”

It was not unusual to see the living teasing their Undead comrades all over the capital, and conversely, the Undead teasing the living.
Of course, as long as they have their own will, there will be times where people clash with each other, but in that case, the Salbuveir’s judiciary system will give them a fair trial.
The living and the dead were to be judged equally as long as they were Salbuveirs, making the support Ortho received from his people overwhelming.

Ortho was protecting the idea of fair tax and trial to win the public’s support.
Well, as far as the fair tax system is concerned, it may be unfair to the society because the people of Salbuveirs don’t have to work for their daily bread, but that’s a trivial matter to the people of Salbuveir.




“They have done a good job rebuilding this place.”

Emilia was walking through the Imperial Capital with Helen and Amis in tow. Emilia was in disguise, but everyone was aware of her presence. It was an unspoken agreement among the people of the capital to pretend not to notice her when she was in disguise.


There, a boy approached Emilia. In the boy’s hand was a beef skewer covered in sauce.

“Shukul, I warned you not to use the word ‘Miss’ here.”

When Amis chided Shukul, he made an embarrassed expression. Seeing his expression, Emilia’s stoic face crumbled.
The former Third Prince who was turned into Undead has become Emilia’s servant. Shukul’s last moments were greatly propagated among the Salbuveirs, and him becoming Emilia’s servant was viewed favorably. Also, Etra became the servant of Emilia’s elder brother Kulm, which was also looked on in favorable light.

“It’s fine. Rather than that, is that for me?”

As Emilia asked Shukul with smile, his face lighted up.

“Yes, I bought it for you, Miss.”

Shukul presented the meat skewer to Emilia with a whole-faced smile. Seeing that, Emilia smiled back at him and received the skewer from him.
Emilia ate the meat skewer she received with a smiling expression on her face. Even though it was a commonplace dish, Emilia’s refined manners made it not seem vulgar at all.

“It’s delicious♪”

Shukul smiled happily at Emilia’s impressions. This made them seem as intimate sister and brother, and it really made others smile.

“Lady Emilia is too sweet on Shukul.”
“Now, now, Amis. Don’t be jealous now.”

Helen instantly teased Amis about it. Emilia and Shukul smiled as they heard their exchange.
This sequence of events is the usual development of these four people.

“Shukul, you won’t be able to protect Lady Emilia like that.”
“That’s not true at all!”

Shukul responded firmly to Amis with a serious face.

Emilia’s face brightened up after hearing Shukul’s words.

“I will show you I can protect Lady Emilia this time!”

A slight blush appeared on Emilia’s cheeks as Shukul declared so loudly. Seeing this, Amis and Helen’s faces beamed.
Ten years ago, things changed. The relationship between Emilia and Shukul also began to show signs of change during that time.

(I wonder how things are going to change in another ten years.)

Emilia looked at the city and asked the question in her mind. It was a question that also made Emilia feel strange emotions as she kept thinking about the future even though she was already dead.

(Well, I’m sure things will go well.)

Emilia’s face broke into a smile as she looked at the bustling city.


*  *  *

“Is Emilia in the city again?”
“Yes, she brought the three with her as usual.”
“What a hopeless fellow.”
“Isn’t that just fine?”

On the balcony of the Imperial Castle were Ortho, his wife Elsapia who became the Empress, and their eldest son, Kulm.

“Geez… you are both too sweet on Emilia as always.”

Kulm gave his parents a somewhat disappointed look as he complained. Seeing this, Ortho and his wife gave a wry smile. As an older brother, Kulm was also too sweet to Emilia.

“Don’t you think Emilia and Shukul are a good match for each other?”

Elsapia waved the subject away from Kulm’s bitterness.

“I suppose so. Maybe it’s about time we had Shukul stand next to Emilia.”
“Well, there’s no denying that the heat is a bit excessive in the way Shukul looks at Emilia these days.”

Ortho and Kulm also accept Elsapia’s opinion as a matter of course, without denying it. Even if two Undead people marry, it’s impossible for them to procreate. As long as they are Undead, which means they have departed from the logic of the living, it’s impossible for them to produce offspring.
However, that does not mean that feelings of love don’t exist anymore, so long as they have the will to do so. The existences that deviate from the truth of the living, but also deviate from the truth of the dead, those are the Salbuveirs.

“Our Empire will eventually come to an end, too.”

Elsapia and Kulm nodded quietly at Ortho’s words.

“I can feel the decade-old hatred in me starting to quiet down a bit.”
“Yes, it’s the same for me, too.”
“Indeed. We became Undead because of our cursed mark, but at the heart of it all, is hatred. When it is gone…”

They nodded in understanding to Ortho and Kulm spoke up.

“We will cease to exist, won’t we?”

Ortho nodded.

“Yeah, I suppose it’s the right thing to do.”

Ortho’s words were entirely taking a philosophic view. It may be said that this was the insight that came from having overcome the most horrible thing in life, death.

“But we don’t plan to disappear just yet.”

Kulm and Elsapia immediately nodded at Ortho’s words. The Salbuveir family’s faces were filled with an overflowing sense of ambition.

“If ‘Death is the end’ is the law the God has established, we must resist it.”
“Yes, because we have proven that God’s reasons for doing things are not absolute.”
“Indeed, we have proven that God is of no use to us in this world. Even if God exists, they should obediently keep their head low and don’t get involved.”

This was the rebellion of those who had been betrayed by the “Justice of the World”. If there was a God and they really enforced justice, they would eventually destroy the Salbuveirs, who openly defied their own principles.
However, divine punishment has not come upon the Salbuveirs even after a decade. Whether this was because God was powerless or lazy, non-existent, or indifferent, that was unknown. But there was only one fact that came out of this. God does not interfere with the world.

“If God does not interfere with this world, so be it. What is in this world must act of its own accord.”

Ortho said quietly and the two nodded in agreement.

“We will act of our own free will until the day we cease to exist. We will not let God interfere with our actions.”

Orto said and shifted his gaze from the balcony to the bustling land near the castle. Something far more important to them than the will of God was stretching below them.




It is said that the Salbuveir Empire continued to exist for four hundred years. It enjoyed a long and prosperous existence, but when Kulm, the Second Emperor, handed over his sovereignty to the living Salbuveir, the Undead Salbuveirs disappeared.
Accordingly, the Salbuveir Empire changed its name to the Salbuveir Republic.

There is no mention in any of the historical books of what happened to the Salbuveir Undead party. There are some theories that everyone was satisfied with their lives, or that they lived among ordinary people, but all of these were speculations.

It is true, however, that the legend of the founding of the Salbuveir Empire was a great warning to the rulers over the world.
Salbuveirs have long been used as a synonym for revenge against the tyranny and laziness of the rulers.

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