Chapter 3

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The Clan of Retribution
“Ahahahahahahaha!! Amazing!! This is incredible!!”

Everyone froze at Emilia, who stood up from the dead and laughed hysterically.

“O, oi, look at that!”

The spectator pointed at the severed heads of the Salbuveir family. Their necks were emitting black mist just like Emilia’s neck did.

The black mist moved and connected with every headless body.

“Father, Mother, Brother, everyone!”

All the people at the place were looking at Emilia leak out a voice of joy in blank shock.

“Ohh, Emilia.”
“To think we would be able to meet again.”
“Yeah, I really didn’t think we would be able to reunite.”

Emilia’s family climbed up the flatform and embraced each other. It was a reunion of a family, which was usually a good thing, but that wasn’t the case for the people around. The Salbuveir clan had undoubtedly perished a little while ago.

“You can believe me now, no?”

Emilia’s family smiled wryly and stroked her head when she puffed out her cheeks. Emilia smiled happily when she got patted.

“Everyone… we have kept you waiting.”

Emilia’s father, Ortho Luke Salbuveir directed his gaze towards the resurrected retainers of his Salbuveir clan.


The Salbuveir unit roared in response to Ortho. They were already holding black weapons in their hands. From swords, spears, broadaxes, halberds, to hammers.

“Remember what these guys did to you! Are you able to forgive them!?”

The Salbuveir unit responded simply.

“What are you going to do then? How are you going to reward those guys who tortured us to death!?”
“””With death!!”””
“Indeed! Don’t show any mercy!! Trample them under your feet, trample them until they have no dignity left!!”

The voltage of the anger among the Salbuveir unit gradually raised with Ortho’s provocation. The complexion of the spectators in the audience was turning from blue to pale, and there were sounds of teeth clattering here and there.

“Kill them all!!”

With Ortho’s words, the Salbuveir unit poured into the audience.

At this time, the side of the spectators was changed from the trampling side to the trampled side. With screams and yells erupting from around, the weapons of the Salbuveir’s unit were swung down at the audience mercilessly.


A different kind of roar from the Salbuveir unit resounded from the execution platform. The executioner that was devoured by the black mist transformed into a more than a two-meter tall knight. The face of this knight in black armor wasn’t that of a living being anymore, as his face was a thin layer of skin clinging to the bare skull.


“Go on.”

Emilia smirked and patted the shoulder of the knight, who then jumped straight into the crowd. As the death knight jumped into the audience, he swung his greatsword, causing the spectators who tried to escape from him roll on the ground with their bodies split in two.

“We meet again.”

Emilia’s mother, Elsapia, grabbed the priest by his face and raised him off the ground. She evidently possessed inhuman strength.

“Well, it has been only a day, but your meaningless prayers still remain unpleasant in my heart.”
“Hiiiiii! Save me, save mee!!”
“Don’t be afraid. I will send you to your God, so please send him my message for me. Please tell that lazy God of yours, that someone like him who abandons the innocent is in no place to act so self-important.”
“I beg you!! Sav…”

The priest who had his face crushed by Elsapia fell to the ground, the black mist rose and enveloped his body, transforming him into a death knight and just like the executioner earlier, he rushed to swing his sword mercilessly at the spectators.

“My, oh my… if you commit a sin like this, your God won’t even let you seek forgiveness. Well, let’s consider it a good thing since there will be others to transform.”

Elsapia’s words were self-deprecating.

“Elsa, you no longer believe in God, do you?”
“Fufufu, of course.”

Elsapia replied to Ortho with a smile. While alive, Elsapia was a deeply religious lady who worshipped the Holy Mother, but she abandoned her faith after coming back from the dead.

“Geez, Father, Mother, stop playing around and help out with the enslaving of these fools. After all, the population of the scum in the Capital is as much as 400,000.”

Emilia’s older brother, Kulm Leagus Salbuveir criticized his parents.

“Sorry about that.”
“I’m sorry, Kulm.”
“As long as you understand. Now then, let’s clean up.”

Saying that, Kulm descended down the execution platform and directed the black mist towards the scattered corpses. Then, those who once died stood up again.

“H, how? Aren’t I supposed to be dead?”
“D, dude, you are missing half of your body!!”
“What the hell is going on!”

There is no doubt that the confusion those who were resurrected must have felt was considerable. Moreover, half of their bodies were formed by the black mist.

“Get to work at once, you bastards.”

The spectators turned their gazes towards Kulm in confusion but they screamed in pain the next moment.

“It huuuuurts!”
“W, what is happening to me!!”

Kulm turned his gaze towards the men in response to their distress.

“The suffering will only continue if you don’t follow my will. You must act according to my will if you want to escape the pain. Make the corpses around like you.”
“B, but, how?”
“Touching them is enough. You can also stay here if you want to suffer for eternity.”

The zombies went around, touching the corpses one after another according to Kulm’s will to escape the pain. The corpses that were touched were covered by the black mist and turned into zombies. Their numbers increased at an accelerating rate.

Death was about to cover the Imperial Capital.

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