Chapter 4

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Trampling Lady
“Looks like it’s finished here.”

There was no inflection in Ortho’s words. He just pointed out the cold truth. During his lifetime, he was a politician that worked for the good of people, but his idea of compassion has completely left after his execution.

The clansmen attacked each and every living spectator within the execution grounds that was already full of death.
Those who couldn’t move begged for mercy in desperation, but the Salbuveir clansmen coldly finished them off without any hesitation.
They showed no mercy because they were doing what has been done to them.

The Salbuveir clansmen have already left the execution grounds and moved on indiscriminately killing the citizens of the Imperial Capital.

“Father, the dunce knights have arrived.”

Emilia informed Ortho with a contempt that came from the bottom of her heart. The Knights came to the execution grounds in a formation. There was no reason to show goodwill to the Knights who once breached the territory of the Salbuveirs.

“Father, I will take care of it. I will repay those people for trampling down on our citizens.”

The family members smiled and nodded at Emilia’s relentless words.

“All right. Emilia, run over those scum and show those observing, optimistic fools what really is happening.”

Emilia responded simply to Ortho’s words and gently jumped down the execution platform. There was a platoon of strong Knights at the end of Emilia’s destination, but she proceeded as if they didn’t exist.

“You and you, come with me.”

Emilia randomly pointed at two zombies, and the two moving corpses seemingly nervously approached her. They didn’t know what is going to happen to them, but they understood that it’s going to be painful.

Emilia patted the two zombies on their shoulders with her hand and walked towards the Knights.


The two zombies whose shoulders were touched by Emilia, suddenly started shouting in pain as the black mist covered them and transformed them into Death Knights.

“Now go. Don’t you kill the Knight Commander Todd Lens, however. I will tear him apart with my own hands.”

Upon hearing Emilia’s words, the Death Knights raised a roar rushed towards the Knights. The Knights showed some kind of tension when two ominous-looking huge bodies rushed at them, but they were worthy of being called Knights indeed.

However, the destructive power of the two Death Knights were far beyond what the Knights assumed.

Even the heavily equipped Knights were blown away when the Death Knights swung their weapons at them. The Death Knights entered in the middle of the platoon and began brutally swinging their blades.



Screams of despair echoed from within the Knights. The Knights turned into zombies one after another in the face of the destructive power of the Death Knights.

(Hmph… what a miserable bunch.)

Emilia leisurely walked among the corpses of the dead Knights. The Knights couldn’t be distracted from the Death Knights, so they paid no attention to Emilia.

“Good day to you… Todd Lens.”
“Emilia… Salbuveir… you bastard.”
“It’s not like we can forgive the scum who carried out the slaughter in our territory, so… I will have you die miserably.”
“Stop babbling!!”

Todd unsheathed his sword and swung it at Emilia in rage.



However, a terrible scene was created at that moment. Todd’s sword was casually grasped by Emilia’s hand.

“Please don’t make such marveling expression.”
“H, how is a lass like you able to stop my sword… this is ridiculous.”
“It’s simple. It’s because I am not human anymore.”

The moment Emilia spoke up, she sent a punch into Todd’s abdomen. Her punch was sloppy at best in the eyes of a combat pro like Todd.

But, Emilia’s physical abilities far surpassed her skills. Her fist was way faster than Todd’s reflexes.



Todd flew over ten-dozen meters and rolled on the ground. There was no upheaval among the Knights even though the strong Knight Commander was sent flying.
There was only one reason for that, they couldn’t afford it. Their leader getting beaten down by a little girl was a trivial matter when there were the great swords of the Death Knights coming down their way.

“Well then, Commander Lens. Farewell.”

Emilia declared as she raised Todd in the air with one hand.

“Please don’t worry. Your family will soon follow after you. Of course, your subordinates and their families too.”

Todd’s face paled frozen after hearing Emilia’s words.


Emilia’s right hand pierced through the abdomen and grabbed his spine. Todd, who felt his own spine being grabbed felt as if he was possessed.

“Me… mercy…”
“No way.”


Todd certainly heard the sound of his spine being crushed from inside his body and immediately felt excruciating pain, but he no longer had the power to scream.
His vision rapidly darkened, he momentarily felt as if he was floating, then he felt as if he was falling, and finally, he felt his body hitting the ground.

“Now then, the Knights Order seems to be almost finished too.”

Emilia’s words reached Todd’s ears.

(Oh, m-my subordinates… the Empire’s strongest…)

Todd lost consciousness while feeling despair. No, it wasn’t just consciousness he lost, he lost his life.

“Father, let’s ruin the Imperial Palace.”
“Indeed. Let’s slaughter all the people in this city and take over the Imperial Palace.”

Ortho immediately accepted Emilia’s proposal.

“Would you like to take refuge in the Imperial Palace? Or will you flee? Please make the choice on your own. You cannot escape death either way.”

Ortho looked at the people in the nobility seats and laughed.

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