Chapter 2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Executed Lady
“Get out!!”

Emilia’s arm was seized rudely by a rough man the moment he spoke.


Emilia’s expression distorted in pain, but the man ignored her and took her out of the cell.

(A little longer. I’m really looking forward to it.)

Emilia chuckled in her mind. Her family, relatives, and retainers were all taken away from her, so she was no longer hesitant to abandon her own life.
Emilia was brought to another room, her head got pressed down and her long hair was cut with scissors. Of course, they were not polite and the length of her remaining hair varied.
She was treated in a way that would make every other noble lady cry, but she showed no sadness whatsoever.
After her hair was cut disorderly, her hands were put in handcuffs. These handcuffs were sealed with magic and breaking the formula was also close to impossible.
Emilia was forcefully pulled out of the prison where a wagon was waiting for her.

(I see, they are making a show out of it… oh well.)

Emilia smiled cynically. She was still feeling angry at the country’s way of trampling on her dignity, but Emilia could endure as there was a way to remedy this suffering.

“Get on!!”

Emilia obeyed the man’s words quite willingly. The ruffian who acted like a knight in shining armor was stunned by Emilia’s lack of emotion, but he was convinced that her heart was already broken when she lost all of her family.

After that, she has been taken all around the Imperial Capital and received unbelievable amounts of insults. Even from the people she once helped.

(Well, whatever. On the other hands, it’s for the best. I will make me be able to be ruthless to whoever…)

Emilia desperately restrained the laughter that was bursting from inside of her. If there was someone who would have stood up for Emilia, her heart might have started to hesitate, but this made her lock up her heart without hesitation.


An unexpected spectacle jumped into Emilia’s sight when she drew closer to the place of execution.

“Father… Mother… Brother… everyone…”

The heads of Emilia’s family and relatives were exposed in plain sight. Given that the execution happened yesterday, the corpses have been simply thrown aside. Emilia’s heart was filled with anger from seeing the inhuman scene, but she did her best to endure.

“Get down.”

The man said, but Emilia couldn’t move promptly. When the man saw Emilia shaking, his sadistic heart was finally satisfied.

“Get down right now!!”

He grabbed Emilia by the neck and dragged her down, making the people of the nation laugh at her misfortune.

(A little longer… a little longer and we can take revenge on these bastards.)

Looking at the faces of the people who were laughing at her, the flames of anger in her heart were reignited once more.
Emilia walked steadily to the execution platform on her own feet. She despised the ugly grins of the nobles above her.
As she ascended on the platform, a priest and a burly man with a concealed face took her. That was the man who would drop the ax on her neck.

“Emilia Fil Salbuveir!! You are a part of the family who sold our Fildmerk Empire to others. The time to receive your punishment arrived.”

When Emperor Altonius II spoke out loud, the excitement of the spectators rose at once. Seeing that, the Emperor nodded in satisfaction and restrained their voices with his hand.

“Your sins must be repaid!! The Salbuveir’s have already received punishment for their foolishness. Emilia, if you have any objections, speak up!!”

Emilia grinned at the Emperor’s words.

“Stop this useless farce and get it over with.”

Emilia said as she willingly walked to the block and put her head inside. Everyone was baffled by her actions. Everyone at the place thought that she would be screaming and crying for forgiveness, but they were completely disappointed.

“Get it over with. I curse everyone in this country. I have no need to pray to God either.”

Emilia closed her eyes quietly after she spoke. The priest opened his mouth to talk, but Emilia promptly denied God.

“She has no remorse!”


The spectators immediately raised their voices. The spectators’ gazes immediately gathered on the Emperor. They were urging him to give the order for the execution.

“Your Imperial Majesty.”

The Crown Prince Altos informed the Emperor. Yesterday, Altos went to prison to break Emilia’s heart, but he has gotten frightened instead.

(She’s scheming something.)

That was Altos’ conclusion, but he had no idea what it was. There was no way to reverse the situation anymore. There was a chance she could escape with teleportation magic, but the execution platform was sealed with multiple barriers that prevented teleportation, and her own magic was sealed with the handcuffs in the first place.

“Do it!”

When the Emperor heartlessly swung down his hand, one of the men held down Emilia’s shoulders and the executioner lifted his axe at once.



When the axe was swung downwards, it slammed into the execution block, emitting a blunt sound. Fresh blood then started gushing out in the next very moment.

“Long live His Imperial Majesty!”

The voices of the spectators in the audience raised at once. The nobles in the inspection seats also raised and started clapping their hands. Everyone was pleased with Emilia’s death.

The executor lifted Emilia’s head high and displayed it to the audience. Emilia’s cruel death was shown to please the spectators.

“Hahaha, you got what you deserved, traitor!”
“That’s what you get for looking so proud!”

Soon after, the excitement in the audience changed.

“O, oi… that woman’s eyes, didn’t they move just now?”

The excitement in the audience cooled down with the words of one man.

“Y, yeah… I saw it too.”
“Don’t be stupid. There’s no way a dead person’s eyes can move.”


“They moved!”
“W, what. T, this woman!?”

The nobles in the inspection seats were skeptical of the horror happening in the audience.

“What is it?”
“What happened?”
“Something seems to be wrong down there.”

Such voices were heard one after another.

And then, the next moment, something abnormal occurred. A black mist emanating from Emilia’s head connected to her body.


Right after, the executioner holding Emilia’s head screamed. The black mist emanating from Emilia’s head began covering the executioner.

“Hiiiiii! Stop it!! Please stooooop!!!”

The executioner tried to remove the black mist from his body, but his actions were completely meaningless. Everyone watched blankly as the black mist covered the executioner’s entire body.

“Fufufu, hahahahahahahahaha!!”

At that very moment, a girl’s laughing voice entered everyone’s ears. Emilia who was killed just a moment ago, stood up.

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