Chapter 24.1

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Battle for the Imperial Palace (6)
“You have done well, take a step back now.”

When Emilia declared so haughtily, Burling’s soldiers opened up a path. For Burling’s men, defying Salbuveir’s intentions is already synonymous with death.

The hundred people killed earlier were truly chosen at random. While they were lined up in rows, hundred of random people were killed.
“Try running away if you have the confidence” Those were the words of their executioners and the soldiers could only shut their mouths and standstill. Moreover, the way the soldiers were killed was extremely cruel as their limbs were cut one by one and their torsos were separated from their lower halves very painfully.
Naturally, those chosen screamed and those who weren’t got their fear of the Salbuveirs etched in their hearts and minds.

“Shall we go then? Helen, Amis.”

When Emilia asked, two girls of the same age behind her replied. These two girls dressed in maid outfits were Emilia’s personal maids. They served Emilia from an early age and their loyalty is top class among the Salbuveir clan.
They had been executed before Emilia, but they beautifully revived and decided to continue serving Emilia again.

Emilia, along with the two maids, walked through the field of corpses as if they walked through a park.
When the black mist overflowing from Emilia’s body came into contact with a dead body, it engulfed the entire corpse into darkness.

“It’s the damned Salbuveir girl!!”
“Kill her!!”

The men stationed at the palace naturally shouted at Emilia, but the nature behind it was clearly different from what they felt towards Burling’s troops. While what they felt towards Burling and his troops was pure anger, but what they felt towards Emilia was mixed with a lot of fear.

(To be shouting to kill me even though I am already dead.)

Emilia felt cynical about the abusive words coming out of the palace. While thinking about that, a rain of arrows was fired towards her.
However, the arrows were knocked down by Helen and Amis. The two maids picked up spears from the ground and mowed down the arrows while standing in front of Emilia. What’s more, they ignored arrows that didn’t target Emilia directly.

“Something like arrows can’t destroy me, so you don’t need to worry about it.”

When Emilia smiled softly at them, Helen responded with a strong, willful gaze.

“If I may, Lady Emilia. We would be disgraced if we let something filthy such as arrows fired by these low-lives pollute your body.”


Amis nodded to Helen’s words.

“It’s as Helen says. Please don’t let us feel ashamed for not being able to protect you from something of this extent.”

Hearing Amis’ words, affection overflowed from Emilia’s face.

“Thank you. However, we weren’t able to protect you, the retainers. If you guys had to get hit by arrows again, I won’t be able to handle it.”
“Lady Emilia.”
“Lady Emilia…”

Helen and Amis were moved to tears. Emilia has never broken the distinction between master and servant. But, the affection and kindness she held towards the retainers were never inconsistent.
Emilia, no, the entire Salbuveir family, had always tried their best to fulfill their responsibilities and cherish their retainers and citizens. Therefore, when the retainers and citizens got revived thanks to the cursed marks, the kindness of their masters would be etched in their bodies without exception.

While an aura of beautiful master-servant affection was spreading around Emilia, an arrow shot from the palace flew past her.

“So noisy…”

Helen declared unpleasantly and threw the spear in her hand towards the soldier who fired the arrow. The spear thrown at outrageous speed hit the soldier directly in his face. The head of the soldier who received a direct hit shattered to fragments as pieces of meat scattered around.


Cries of fear rose from the soldiers who were showered in the pieces of meat. Panic spread through the soldiers as they witnessed the power that was way out of common sense.


The corpse that was engulfed by the black mist emanating from Emilia’s body stood up as it raised as a Death Knight.

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