Chapter 23.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Battle for the Imperial Palace (5)
“Gyaaaaaaarghh!! Lady Emiliaaaaaah, show mercyyyyy!!”

Altos begged Emilia for mercy as he writhed in pain. In the present situation, Alots’ soul is being restrained by a miasma. Emilia tried to inflict pain on Altos by changing the nature of the miasma.
For the past few days, Altos has been receiving Emilia’s punishments and completely surrendered to her.

“As expected, it would be impossible for this scum to do. I will go myself.”

Emilia grinned.


“Burling!! You shameless traitor!!”
“Death to Burling!”
“Kill him!”

Burling’s troops and the men stationed at the Imperial Palace were engaged in a fierce battle in front of the main gate. They have been fighting for a full day already, but the morale in the palace was still high and not something even the Burling troops could easily reduce.
Moreover, although they were stunned when they saw General Burling, who they believed would come to save them attacking, but they immediately exploded in anger and showed intense resistance.

“Kuh… to think their morale would be this high…”

Burling groaned. The troops stationed at the palace have been fighting for an entire day already, so it’s certain that they were reaching the limits of their endurance. Their current resistance was only possible thanks to their spirits lifting up the fatigue of their bodies because of the anger they held against the Burling troops.
Burling thought it would be only temporary, but it has been already an hour since they started and yet their morale didn’t drop a single bit.

(Their anger directed at me… huh.)

Burling felt bitter. He knew that at the root of their high morale was anger directed at him. The current situation was especially weary for Burling, who has always fought for the Emperor.

“But, I have to do it. No matter how vilified I get.”

Burling bit his cheeks and gave precise instructions. Burling’s strategies aren’t flashy, but rather simple. The other soldiers were to destroy the gate as the heavily-armored troops protected them from the incessant rain of arrows.

“Drop deaaaad!”

The defenders shoot their arrows with abusive words. The Burling troops advanced little by little under the tremendous number of arrows. They were advancing a little by little through the corpses left behind by the troops of the other lords.

“Just a little more!!”
“Yeah, it’s just a little further, hold on!!”

Burling’s soldiers finally reached the gate, while shouting such.

“Alright. Let’s do it!!”


A soldier raised his broadaxe overhead and slammed it into the gate.


An arrow pierced the soldier’s head as he was preparing to swing at the gate again. But, the other soldiers continued his job. They swung their axes one after another, gradually exhausting the bulky gate.

“This is bad!! Kill those guys!!”

A screaming-like voice resounded from within the palace and the attack concentrated on the soldiers at the gate.


The soldiers were exposed to attack more violent than before and Burling’s men fell one after another. The palace’s side than started their next defense. They started throwing boulders down on people’s heads. Even though the heavy-armored soldiers were able to withstand the assault of arrows, there was nothing they could do against human-head sized stones falling down at them.
The moment a heavy-armored soldier received a direct hit on his head and collapsed, the archers at the gate shot their arrows through the gap and killed the soldiers trying to destroy the gate.

But, the Burling troops were slowly but surely chipping away at the gate. It was certain that the gate would be broken within tens of minutes.

“Stand back!!”

There, an unbelievable order was issued to the Burling troops. Since they needed only a breath to destroy the gate, they couldn’t belive the order they received.
But, an order was an order, so Burling’s men started retreating, leaving behind the corpses of their comrades.

“We did it!!”

Cheers raised from the palace. The Burling troops retreated under these cheers.

As the officers returned with dissatisfied expressions, a single girl stood before them.

Of course, that girl was Emilia.

“Sorry, my business takes priority.”

Emilia’s words caused Burling’s officers to be stunned.

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