Chapter 23.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Battle for the Imperial Palace (5)
After two hours of attacking, the lords were forced to retreat, and new troops took their place.
This reduced the clear number advantage, so the allied forces couldn’t display their advantage whatsoever.

In addition, the troops of the lords who took part in the attack got reduced and then reorganized. There were so far no signs that the army was organized as a whole. It seemed that not re-sortying troops that didn’t cause a fuss was the Salbuveir’s policy.

At least, that’s what Burling thought. The Death Knights that the Salbuveirs transformed from the capital’s citizens stood like a thick wall between the Salbuveirs and the troops under Burling and the lords.

“General, we have received orders to attack!!”

Burling slowly closed his eyes as a messenger delivered orders. The time had finally come.
In the end, Burling couldn’t come up with a plan to defeat the Death Knights. It was only after the Margorg troops were called over to the Salbuveirs that he got to know that the capital’s citizens are transformed into the Death Knights at random.
The wall of Death Knights that blocked off all information not only obstructed Burling’s judgment but also showed the overwhelming strength of the Salbuveirs.
Burling had no idea what to do if all 400,000 citizens of the capital got transformed into the Death Knights.

(I have no choice but to do it… at the very least, we have to save His Majesty no matter what.)

Burling thought to himself. He is already considered a traitor by the people in the Imperial Palace, but his loyalty to Altonius had not wavered a little.

“We are sortying out.”

Burling’s voice couldn’t be less lackluster.


“Burling began to move.”

The Salbuveir family nodded with satisfaction after receiving the report. In fact, they already had a rough idea of Burling’s goal.

“He will try to save the Emperor, won’t he?”

Ortho nodded to Elsapia.


“Fufu, how foolish. Well, it means he’s still taking us lightly.”
“It was inevitable. Burling’s military service has been of no use to him up until now, after all.”
“He definitely didn’t face this many undead before.”
“Additionally, this must be his first time opposing undead with ego.”

Ortho and Elsapia smiled.

“What do you plan on doing with the lords that survived?”

When Kulm asked, Ortho replied to him while laughing.

“Of course, I’m going to let them leave the capital. The citizens of their fiefs have entered our trap we set up with difficulty, so I would like to respond to their wishes.”
“They no longer have anyone to serve them, so it will be difficult for them to take control of the military.”

Kulm said in a completely heartless tone.

“Oh, Father, miss Linea and lord Leon had already died, would it be fine to turn them into undead?”

When Emilia asked Ortho, he nodded at her lightly. Since the destruction of the Empire has been decided, fooling around a little like that was of no concern.

“Of course. You can let that idiot Altos go get the bodies.”
“Fufu, that would be amusing. Call Altos here.”

When Emilia spoke up, one of the retainers rushed out. About ten minutes later, the Crown Prince Altos appeared before the Salbuveir family. His expression was that of extreme fear.
His expression was as miserable as the situation he found himself in.

“Altos, your beloved, precious Linea and your best friend Leon have died.”

Altos was silent. Seeing him like that, Emilia looked at him with a cruel gaze as a black mist shot towards Altos from her finger. The moment the mist touched him, Altos shouted out in agony.

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