Chapter 24.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Battle for the Imperial Palace (6)
“What the hell is thaaat!!”

The soldiers let out voices filled with fear once again. The men in the palace saw the citizens of the capital that were massacred and resurrected as undead, but this Death Knight was clearly far more ominous.
All the defenders who saw the Death Knight had only one thought on their mind, “We can’t win against that.” One after another dropped their weapons. Some kneeled down, sobbing.
The commanders who would normally rebuke their subordinates were stunned by the terrible sight.

(Oh my… I wasn’t intending for this, but it looks like we broke their spirits… in that case.)

Emilia looked coldly at Burling’s troops after unintentionally breaking the spirit of the defender side.

(… They have served their purpose, huh.)

Emilia muttered to herself. For now, she decided to accomplish her original purpose of turning Leon and Linea undead.
The black mist emitting from Emilia’s body touched the corpses in her vicinity, turning them into Death Knights.

“How unsightly.”

Emilia said, looking at the Linea and Leon’s corpses without hiding her contempt. Looking at the corpses of the naked man and woman stuck with dozens of arrows, she could see how miserable their deaths were and understood how much they suffered until the moment of death.

When she covered the two bodies with the black mist, life returned to Leon and Linea’s eyes.

“Good morning to you, Lady Linea, Lord Leon.”

Linea and Leon were stunned by Emilia’s greeting, but their expressions immediately turned to shock when they grasped the situation they found themselves in.

“Emilia, you… gah!!”
“Emilia… ahh!”

The moment they called Emilia’s name, their faces were hit by Helen and Amis with a spear.

“Don’t think that the scum like you can address Lady Emilia so rudely!”
“Livestock like you shall address Lady Emilia with honorifics!”

Helen and Amis said as they relentlessly hit the two’s faces with the butt end of their spears.


The sound of hitting resounded. Although undead, Linea and Leon groaned in pain. Although Helen and Amis were undead just like Linea and Leon who were just turned, their scolding was effective against them.
This was because the miasma of Helen and Amis interfered with the miasma of Linea and Leon.

“Wait, you two. These people are foolish so they don’t know what they are doing.”

Emilia smiled gently at Helen and Amis with a thankful expression. No matter how rude Linea and Leon were, the two girls wouldn’t act without Emilia’s permission.

“Fufufu, it’s fine. I’m not angry. I understand that you act like this for my sake.”
“Lady Emilia.”
“Thank you very much.”

Overcome with emotions, Helen and Amis got tears in their eyes. Linea and Leon were witnessing this beautiful spectacle of master-servant love with bloodstained faces.

“Emilia… why did you bring us back to life?”

When Leon inquired from Emilia, she turned at him with a cold glare.


Linea and Leon suddenly started screaming as they writhed in pain.

“It’s incredible how stupid you act even after Helen and Amis warned you. Just stay like that until you get a little bit smarter.”

Emilia said to Linea and Leon.

“Anyhow, our objective is complete, so let us go back. We shall play with these guys later.”

Emilia smiled at the two’s response and turned on her heel, followed by the two and the Death Knights.

The screams of Linea and Leon who were left behind continued resounding in front of the main gate.

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