Chapter 25

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Battle for the Imperial Palace (7)
“Father, I have broken the spirit of the overenthusiastic defenders.”

Emilia smiled apologetically at Ortho and others.

“Well, what is done is done.”

“It certainly feels more like they have broken their own spirit rather than it being your fault, Emilia.”

“That’s right. You can’t say that it was your fault, Emilia.”

The family members responded gently to the apologetic Emilia.

“Still, the time is a bit off.”

Emilia nodded slightly to Ortho.

“Yes, even though we planned on playing with them until the resurrected citizens of their fiefs arrived… how unfortunate.”

A regrettable look floated on Emilia’s face. As the Salbuveir clan came to life, the citizens of their fief also got resurrected and set off to conquer other territories. They were instructed to head to the Capital after gaining total control, but it apparently took time to get rid of the soldiers that fled back to their homes, and so they will be unlikely in time for the final stage.

“I wanted everyone to see Burling suffer, but it can’t be helped now that this happened.”

“Yes, we can only hope they will be satisfied with kicking about after his death.”

Everyone nodded to Kulm and Ortho.

“Gather all the retainers. We are ending this.”

The retainers who received Ortho’s instructions all scattered. Approximately one hour later, the entire Salbuveir clan was gathered.


“… The palace will definitely fall with the next attack.”

Burling said quietly to his officers. The officers listened with tension.

“It’s only given, but the goal of the Salbuveirs is to kill everyone in the Imperial Palace.”

Everyone nodded to Burling. No one believed that the Salbuveirs would show mercy at this stage.

“We will certainly overtake the palace. However, we must take advantage of the confusion and save as many members of the imperial family as possible.”

The officials nodded quietly with surprised expressions after hearing Burling’s intentions.

“H, however, won’t we be killed as well after we overtake the palace? We wouldn’t be able to defend the royal family members then.”

Burling quietly shook his head at the words of his officer.

“No, the Salbuveirs will keep their promise. They shouldn’t deal with us outright if we accomplish overtaking the palace successfully.”

“That’s quite a disadvantageous bet…”

“But, we only have this option. Our military power stands no chance in front of that enormous power.”

Burling’s officers nodded gravely to his words. They had no doubt that only the two maids accompanying Emilia a little while ago were able to kill everyone here.

Ants and giants…

That is exactly what the power between the Salbuveirs and Burling’s troops was like. The only way for ants to challenge giants is to move secretly.

“Let’s go.”


Burling stood up and looked at his officers with determination.


Burling’s troops decided to wait for the order to attack after setting up their formation. They couldn’t launch the attack without the orders from the Salbuveirs.

(Still not yet…?)

Burling was concentrating on ending the battle in the shortest time and saving at least one of the imperial family members. Burling was now acting solely for the purpose of saving the crown.

“General!! The order to attack has been given!!”

When the messenger shouted that the order has been given, everyone nodded resolutely.

“Sortie out!! Let’s overtake the palace this time!!”


The soldiers responded to Burling’s roar. At the same time, he turned his eyes to the dozen officers, some of which didn’t raise their voices. They were the members of the imperial family rescue team.

As they storm the palace, they would divide into several teams, each in search of the imperial family. They would have a higher chance of survival by scattering.

Even if they manage to run away in one group, they would all get annihilated at once if caught. By scattering in several groups, all would be well if at least once group survives. It is cruel, but that’s the best they can manage in this situation.

The Burling troops began to move forward with shields in their hands. The moral of the defenders were clearly lower than when they fought before. This just showed how much despair Emilia’s actions caused them to feel.

At the main gate, Linea and Leon could be still seen screaming. This miserable spectacle was only something trivial now to Burling and others.

“Break the gate!!”

Responding to Burling’s orders, the soldiers run at full speed towards the gate. The defenders who saw that fired their arrows down, but they couldn’t feel any sense of supremacy anymore.

“It’s over!!”

“Don’t give up now!!”


“Why are you doing this!!”

The voices of despair leaked from the palace walls. It should be admired that there still was someone emotionally strong to scold others in this situation, but people who could respond to their words were decreasing fast.

The soldiers who arrived at the gate began to destroy it at once. When Linea and Leon got trampled under the feet of the soldiers, no one was concerned about them anymore.


At last, the soldiers managed to break part of the gate. What awaited them beyond the gate were soldiers with spears waiting to attack. Many of them would sink into the pool of blood when the gate is broken, but the soldiers kept on hitting the gate.

“Just a little more… I’m begging you guys.”

Convinced that the gate would break anytime soon, Burling turned towards the rescue team who nodded back at him with tension.

However… this is how far Burling’s plan went.

“General!! The Salbuveirs started attacking us!!”

A screaming messenger brought a report to Burling.

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