Chapter 26.1

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Battle for the Imperial Palace (8)
“It’s about time.”

Kulm replied to Ortho. In response, Ortho addressed the entire Salbuveir clan.

“I’ve made everyone wait. Starting now, we will annihilate the Burling troops. Let no one escape!! We shall take revenge for the people of our fief too!!”
“Burling will surely try to save the royalty whilst breaking down the gate. Are you going to permit that!?”
“That’s right!! Burling’s honor has already fallen to the ground. All that’s left is to slaughter Burling and those who trampled on our pride!!”

Hearing Ortho’s words, the retainers roared. It was a violent roar that released all their pent up fury.

“Don’t forgive anyone!! Remember what those guys did to us!! You must realize that they aren’t worthy of our forgiveness!!”

The retainers raised another roar under Ortho’s encouragement. Their morale already hit its peak. In the first place, they were itching for revenge.
Seeing that, Ortho grinned and then laughed out loud. It was like pulling an arrow to its limit. The accumulated power was released with Ortho’s words.

“Kill them!!”

Along with Ortho’s orders, the retainers all rushed out. Men and women regardless of age all charged together. The attack only began after the Death Knights were placed around, blocking the escape route.

The Burling troops at the gate who were suddenly attacked by the Salbuveir clan showed dumbfounded expressions. Their minds couldn’t catch up with the events that happened. When their minds finally started function normally, it was already too late.
Before one of the soldiers could even scream “Enemy attack!” his throat was pierced by a sword, making his blood splatter while his body fell to the ground. The soldier with pierced throat was then trampled under the feet of the Salbuveir clan and lost his life without knowing what hit him.


The battle, no the one-sides slaughter didn’t last long as the Burling troops collapsed in just several minutes.

“Hiiiiiii!! Save meeee!!”
“Stop it, pleaseee!!”

It was no longer an army. They were just like fleeing sheep, trying to escape from the evil blades of the Salbuveirs. The soldiers who managed to escape the blades of the Salbuveirs were caught by the wall formed of the Death Knights only to be caught up by the Salbuveirs and their blades.

“Save me!! I surrender!!”

The soldier who kneeled while saying such had his face mercilessly kicked by a Salbuveir and a sword stabbed into his abdomen. That’s exactly what the Burling troops once did to the people of Salbuveir, so they had no intention of forgiving anyone.
There were people who wanted to take revenge and make others suffer the same way they did, but the Salbuveirs had no such feelings.
For the Salbuveirs, doing what has been done to them is the only choice. If they don’t want such atrocities to happen to them, they shouldn’t do them in the first place. The anger the Salbuviers felt was too heavy to be moved by the act of begging for mercy.

A soldier whose legs were cut off tried to escape by crawling away, but his head was crushed by a war hammer.
A soldier whose arms were crushed begged for mercy, but ended up fixed in the palace’s wall by a spear.
A soldier who had his hands and feet crushed with a hammer died with his head crushed after suffering in agony.

The Salbuveir clan slaughtered the soldiers of the Burling troops in every merciless way possible. The defenders in the castle could only watch, stunned.
Although the Burling troops were their hated enemy just a little while ago, they couldn’t keep up with what was currently happening to them.

The screams emitted were all coming from the Burling troops. Burling was watching the spectacle dumbfoundedly. In his mind, he was convinced that his plan failed.

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