Chapter 26.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Battle for the Imperial Palace (8)
“So you were here.”
“Lord Salbuveir…”

The head of the Salbuveirs and his family appeared before Burling. The four were stained with blood and it was easy to see how many soldiers were killed by the four on their way here.

“Why are you doing this?”

Burling’s question was rewarded with a scornful laugh.

“It’s simple. We got tired of playing with you guys.”

Burling was at a loss for words after hearing Ortho’s response. It seemed that Burling wasn’t expecting such unreasonable answer.

“That’s right Burling, we used you. We wanted to make sure that your name doesn’t go down in history as a loyal subject even by a chance.”
“Crushing you is easier than killing a mosquito. But if we did that, there was a possibility of you being glorified by the people in the palace.”
“What are you saying?”
“We hated the thought of you becoming the reputation of a loyal subject that died for his country. That’s why… we had you raid the palace while still a living being.”

Burling’s face turned pale. He finally understood Ortho’s meaning.

“You have… sacrificed us?”

Ortho grinned. That smile confirmed for Burling that his thoughts were correct.

“You are correct, Burling boy. After this, we plan on killing everyone in the palace and turning them undead. The royalty you tried so hard to save will all become undead. You made them feel despair, then induced their anger, and now you will be a sacrifice to fuel their existence with hatred.”

Burling listened to Ortho in silence. While Ortho and Burling were conversing, the Salbuveirs hunted down the Burling troops, and the soldiers were experiencing hell when caught.

“If it’s just inflicting pain then there’s a possibility that their feelings of hatred would eventually fade. Hatred towards traitors like you is the best kind of spice to cook with. Negative emotions are raw materials for the miasma. Please do your best to provide us with the best quality miasma possible.”


Listening to Ortho speak, Burling who was shivering all of finally opened his mouth.

“Then, why are you crushing us now? Wasn’t your goal to use us to overtake the palace and then slaughter the rest of the people?”

Ortho responded to Burling with a laugh.

“Oi, oi, we were itching all this time to massacre the bunch in the palace. Wouldn’t it be best to end when the sacrifice is the tastiest? Besides, I said it before. We are already tired of playing with you. It was just a game for us, so whether it was a failure or success, we will end it laughing in the end.”

At this moment, Burling finally moved and pulled out his sword. However, what escaped Burling’s mouth wasn’t a vigorous shout, but a shriek of agony.


Kulm moved behind Burling severed the tendon in Burling’s ankle.

“What an ill-mannered man you are.”

Saying that, Kulm pierced his sword through the back of Burling’s knee. A pained scream escaped from Burling’s mouth again.

“Burling, we will first murder your man, so you obediently watch.”

While declaring such, Ortho casually grabbed an arm of Burling’s officer and tore it off.

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