Chapter 27

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Battle for the Imperial Palace (9)
“So noisy…”

When the armless officer screamed in agony, he got his head bashed and pieces of his brain matter splattered around.

“My, oh my… Dear, it’s wasteful to break them so quickly.”

Elsapia also caught one of the officers that tried to flee and removed his limbs one by one.

“Gyaaaaah!! Stop it, I beg youuuu!!”

The officer whose limbs were being plucked off little by little screamed. Holding one of the limbs in her hand and looking at the officer, Elsapia grinned, grabbed the man by his face and threw him against the palace’s walls.


The officer who crashed against the wall at tremendous speed painted a red splatter on it.

“Watch it closely, Burling. It’s your favorite massacre.”

Kulm kicked Burling’s face while paying great attention to not kill him. It’s just that even though he was paying attention so that he wouldn’t kill him, it doesn’t mean that he kicked him gently. In fact, blood and several teeth flew out of his mouth.

“Your family is already dead, so you need not worry about what happens after this.”

Burling stared at Kulm absentmindedly. In response to his gaze, Kulm continued speaking expressionlessly.

“What? Were you perhaps really thinking that your family was still alive?”
“I thought that if I would be of use… you wouldn’t overrun the fief…”
“Oh, about that.”
“What do you mean.”
“The other fiefs are now under the control of the citizens of Salbuveir who got resurrected. They are the victims of the atrocities you guys committed. I believe they will show no mercy to the people of this country.”
“You bastaaaaards!!”

Kulm looked at the raging Burling with a very level-headed expression.

“Nono, our instructions wouldn’t reach all of the citizens yet. We are able to control those in the capital, but what an unfortunate accident.”

Kulm’s words showed no concern for Burling. Rather, he seemed happy to be able to tease Burling’s mentality.

“Your daughter just gave birth to a baby if I’m not mistaken. Your first grandchild must have been adorable.”
“… No way.”

Kulm’s words made Burling’s face turn blue.

“I said it earlier, didn’t I? Burling, even babies weren’t safe from the act of barbarism you have displayed in our fief, you know? Moreover, you did it in front of their mothers.”

Kulm’s words were filled with hatred. His body was releasing hatred stronger than ever before.

“You see Burling, you have been the one to create hell in our fief. Naturally, we have to let you taste such hell too, no?”
“You are naturally not the only one who will be rewarded for your barbarism. Actually, since we don’t know the names and families of the people responsible, we can only treat everyone equally. Of course, since we know the name and family of one of the targets, that is you, there’s no way we would let you off, right? Even without our orders, our people acted on their own and killed your family after playing with them.”


Upon receiving Kulm’s explanation, curses gushed out of Burling’s mouth repeatedly.

“Stop shitting me!! You fiends!! You are monsters!! I won’t ever forget this resentment!! I won’t let you oooooff!!”

Kulm didn’t care about Burling’s outburst whatsoever.

“That rage and hatred you now feel towards us… I can tell how much agony you are currently feeling. I’m glad it was effective.”

Kulm laughed cruelly. There, Emilia spoke to her brother.

“It’s as you say, Elder brother, but he’s a bit too loud, so let’s shut him up.”

Emilia grabbed Burling’s right ear and tore it off just like that. Because of the new kind of pain, Burling began cursing once again.

“The other one too…”

Emilia said so and grabbed his other ear. That moment, she felt Burling preparing himself. Even such an experienced warrior as Burling needed a decent resolution to deal with the pain. Seeing that, Emilia didn’t tear his ear off and instead crushed his left arm with a hammer.


A cry of agony left Burling’s mouth. Burling screamed in pain and surprise as the pain that he should feel came from another place. Emilia turned a corpse into an undead and had Burling stand up.
He naturally wasn’t able to stand up on his own, so the undead hoisted him up, but the torture didn’t stop there.

“Ah… ugh…”

Tears flowed from Burling’s eyes. That’s because he witnessed his men being killed by the Salbuveirs one by one.
The sight of the Salbuveirs killing his soldiers with joy is what they once did themselves in the Salbuveir fief.

“Do you understand the meaning of my tears at that time?”

Kulm asked Burling coldly. Kulm was also in tears when he was shown the slaughtering of the citizens after they surrendered.

“Saying that they were the Emperor’s orders… doesn’t excuse anything. We need no justice to clear our wrath. All we need is ‘Hatred’.”
Burling couldn’t say anything back to Kulm. He realized that begging for mercy and speaking of justice had no meaning before the overwhelming hatred.

The trampling of the Burling army by the Salbuveirs continued for about three hours. Burling’s men were all caught, they were then shown hell and killed. Burling stared at the scene with no light in his eyes.

And then, when the soldiers were all killed, the Salbuveirs swooped down on the last remaining member of the Burling troops, General Burling himself.

The torture given to Burling by the Salbuveirs extended for as much as two hours and Burling kept repeating “Please kill me” until his last breath.

Burling’s life ended with him feeling gratitude towards God when his time arrived, but Kulm immediately revived him as an undead, making Burling who realized that his hell just begun shriek.

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