Chapter 28

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The Fallen Palace (1)
“Well then, shall we finish this?”

The Salbuveirs nodded quietly to Ortho’s question. The expressions of the Salbuveirs had the feeling of “The time has finally come.”

“Everyone, let’s do it. Capturing the Emperor Altonius, Empress Iline, Side Consort Aluris, Second Prince Etra, Third Prince Shukul takes maximum priority. We can clean up the rest of the imperial family slowly later.”

The Salbuveirs nodded to Ortho and looked towards the Imperial Palace. The corpses of the Burling troops were hung up behind the Salbuveirs, so there now wasn’t anything between them and the Imperial Palace.


Ortho shifted his attention towards the palace and quietly closed his eyes. This was a gesture of amassing power, and the rest of the Salbuveirs waited for his orders.
When Ortho’s eyes opened, he gave out a brief order. His order consisted only of two words.

“Kill them!!”

With Ortho’s words as a signal, the Salbuveirs rushed towards the palace. Kulm and Emilia headed straight towards the main gate, while the retainers split into three groups.
One group followed Kulm and Emilia, and the other two groups climbed up the palace’s wall to deal with the soldiers on them.

“Hiii, they are here!!”
“Release the arrows!!”

The soldiers on the wall screamed. They felt like their time had finally come.

The soldiers shot their arrows at once. The soldiers who took a rest while the Burling troops were being massacred were able to regain their strength. However, the screams of the Burling troops heard from outside the palace’s gates were hurting the soldiers’ spirits.

The retainers who chose to climb the wall threw spears into the wall simultaneously. When the spears stabbed into the wall, the retainers used them to climb up one after another.

“Don’t let them uuuuuup!!”

The voices of the commanders were almost indistinguishable from screams. The siege was so out of common sense that the soldiers were no longer able to cope with it.

And at last…

One of the Salbuveir retainers climbed up on top of the wall.

“There’s only one enemy!! And a little brat just at that!! Kill hiiim!!”

When the commander gave out an order to the soldiers, they threw their bows away and brandished the swords that hung at their waists. The boy received the soldiers’ bloodthirsty glares with a grin.

“Don’t judge me by appearances, you scum!”

The boy uttered while forming a halberd from the miasma and then jumped straight at the soldiers. The soldiers raised groans as the boy swung the halberd.

“That can’t be…”

Immediately, screams escaped from the soldier’s mouths. The boy mowed down the soldiers with just one swing each, bisecting their bodies in half.

“Hahahahaha!! Dieee!”


The boy laughed as his halberd killed. While the boy was swinging his vicious weapon, the Salbuveirs climbed up one after another.

“What the hell, Rick? You’ve already started.”
“I started only because you guys are too late, Brother-in-law.”
“Sorry, sorry.”

The first boy to climb, Rick, cracked jokes with the second young man to climb. The conversation was calm, but their actions were brutal. After all, Rick relentlessly cut off the head of a soldier whose legs he cut off earlier.

“Dear, Rick, it’s not the time to play around. Don’t forget Lord Marquis’s instructions.”
“Hiiiiiiii, save meeeeee!!”

At that moment, a girl about seventeen to eighteen years old rebuked Rick and the young man. The girl’s words made Rick and the young man look a little awkward. They felt like children getting scolded by their mother.

“What, so Ellie is the man of the house in your home, Felix?”
“I beg you!! Please don’t kill meee!!”
“Well, Ellie is a serious person. It’s just right for Felix to be submissive at home.”
“Geez!! I don’t care about you anymore, uncle and you guys!!”
“Hahaha, sorry, sorry.”

The Salbuveir retainers made fun of the boys and girl. It was an extremely refreshing conversation as if there were no enemies whatsoever. However, the screams of the dying soldiers resounded from around while the Salbuveir retainers continued the slaughter while calmly conversing.
The girl called Ellie also turned around to swing her hammer down at a fleeing soldier and crushed his head.

The Salbuveirs one-sidedly overrun the soldiers. The retainers who climbed the opposite side were doing the same. On the walls of the palace, the lump of hatred that were the Salbuveirs were spreading death.

On the other hand, Emilia who arrived at the main gate grabbed the heads of Leon and Linea who were left in front of the gate in agony.

“Save me, pleaseee!”
“Please forgive meee alreaddyyyy!!”

Leon and Linea begged for mercy, but Emilia mercilessly slammed the two against the gate.

Baaaang! Baaaaaaam!

A horrifying sound resounded and the bodies of Leon and Linea exploded. However, their shattered body parts immediately started regenerating as the miasma glued the pieces together.

“A, ahh…”
“N, no way…”

The two who regained their consciousness were stunned when they grasped the situation they found themselves in. They realized that they weren’t humans in any way.

“Geez, I wasn’t able to break the gate because their heads are so empty.”
“Yes, however, you don’t have to bother with these people and leave it to us.”
“True. I should have relied on you guys instead of trying to use this crap from the start.”

Emilia sighed at Amis’s words.

“Amis, can you do it?”

Amis smiled happily at Emilia and formed a hammer from miasma which she struck at the gate.


A hole got opened in the front gate with Amis’s blow. There were soldiers watching from the other side when Amis pulled the hammer out.
Their expressions sorrowful, showing preparedness to be killed.

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