Chapter 29.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Fallen Palace (2)
Amis raised her war hammer again and hit the gate.


The hole in the gate spread with every blow of Amis’s war hammer. She continued hitting the gate over and over again.

Bang!! Bang!! Bang!!

The hole got bigger and bigger. When the hole was big enough for a person to pass through, Amis charged into the palace.


The soldiers were prepared to intercept, but Amis’s fighting power was well above what they could deal with. Amis casually grabbed a spear coming her way and struck her hammer against the soldier’s face.
The head of the soldier exploded. Seeing Amis’s unnatural strength, the faces of the soldiers warped in fear. They knew of the Salbuveir’s abnormal combat prowess, but witnessing it from so up close made them tremble in fear.

Amis turned her cold gaze towards the trembling soldiers and began slaughtering them with her war hammer. Her hammer turned the soldiers into pieces of meat, leaving the gate’s entrance covered in death.
Since Amis secured the entrance, the other Salbuveirs made their way to the palace one after another. The Salbuveirs who stepped inside saw soldiers getting attacked and consequently turning into pieces of meat.

“Alright! Let’s move!”

When Kulm entered the palace’s gate, he charged into the soldiers and retainers followed after him. The screams of the soldiers echoed around as Kulm and others began to mow down everyone in sight.

“Amis, Helen, we will be going too. Follow me!”

Emilia addressed her two personal maids and they followed.

“You are in the way!!”

Emilia grabbed a hold of soldier’s face that blocked her path and crushed his head with her astounding strength. The soldier definitely wasn’t trying to get into Emilia’s way. He was just on the path Emilia selected by a coincidence, but that didn’t matter to Emilia.

Emilia and her two maids easily toppled the palace’s defenses as they broke through the wall of soldiers and closed in on the palace.
Kulm kicked his way through the soldiers and also made his way to the palace.


“This is the end!!”
“Save meeeee!”

Those who saw Emilia and Kulm’s figures let out their voices in despair. There was no doubt that at least half of the people weren’t trained in combat as they seemed unfamiliar with their weapons.

Emilia and Kulm ignore those who tried to flee. Their purpose was to secure the imperial family members.

(I won’t let you commit suicide… the imperial family will take responsibility in the end.)

Emilia muttered so in her mind. The cause of the Salbuveir’s tragedy might be the love between the Crown Prince Altos and Linea. However, the nobles made use of that to suppress the Salbuveirs and as a result of the Emperor’s approval, the entire clan and the citizens of the fief were put to death.
Altonius must have been suspicious of the Salbuveir clan’s might, worried that they might eventually rob him of the Empire. Of course, this had never crossed the minds of the Salbuveirs, they were just governing the fief for the sake of the Empire.
After having their loyalty betrayed in the worst way possible, they intend on having Altonius pay the debt back properly.

“Find the Emperor’s family!!”

Kulm seemed to have the same thoughts as he ordered his followers.

“Kill theeeem!!”

When the retainers who climbed the palace’s walls dropped down the wall, they murdered and slaughtered those who tried to escape. The people at the Imperial Palace were now divided in two types, the undead of Salbuveirs who hunted and the people of the human Empire who were being hunted.

“Let’s go!”

Emilia ran through without seeing the actions of the Salbuveir retainers. The screams echoing from behind her were the evidence of the retainers’ deeds. Understanding that, she intended to reward their hard work later.

The place Emilia wanted to head to was the inner palace. That’s because there was a high possibility that the imperial family was hiding in their personal space.
On the other hand, Kulm seemed to be making his way towards the audience hall. There was a chance that the Emperor, Altonius, was parting with his throne.

The siblings nodded at each other and parted ways. They guessed each other’s intentions at a glance.

Emilia, therefore, moved towards the inner palace, while Kulm headed towards the audience hall.

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