Chapter 20

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Battle for the Imperial Palace (2)

Seeing the soldiers storming in, Linea screamed. It was clear what has happened between Linea and Leon who were lying naked on the bed.

“You insolent people! Get out!”

Leon shouted at the rude intruders in rage. Normally, the soldiers would cower in fear when shouted at by the Crown Prince’s close aide that is Leon, but not this time.

“Shut up!! What the hell are you two doing at a time like this!?”

When one of the soldiers yelled back at him, Leon was at a loss for words. It was a disgrace to have a love affair in these dangerous times.

“What a joke!! The entire Margorg family are all scum!!”
“Fuck!! Are we going to die because of these people!?”

Linea shrieked in fear when she witnessed the soldiers’ uncommon behavior. There was only hatred in their eyes when they looked at her.

“Let’s drag her out at once!”
“Yeah, don’t think things would end like this. You whore!”

The soldiers shouted and jumped at the two.

“What are you doing, stop it!”

The soldiers promptly seized Linea and Leon and dragged them away. Linea was held by her hair and dragged out forcibly.

“You fucker!”

A soldier kicked Linea mercilessly. Linea who had never experienced such pain before gasped for breath in agony.

“Shame on you for using violence against a weak woman!”

Leon scolded the soldier recklessly. Leon, who apparently didn’t understand the situation he was in got on the nerves of the soldiers causing them to direct their anger at him.

“A bastard obsessed with sex who can have an affair even at serious times like this has no place to talk!”

A soldier said so and kicked Leon’s face. This kick also knew no mercy, causing Leon’s teeth and blood spurt out of his mouth.

“I can’t take it anymore, let’s kill them!!”
“Yeah. Let’s do it!”

The soldier took out his sword and swung it at Leon. Leon tried to open his mouth to beg for his life with his face pale.


At that moment, a voice stopped the soldiers. A man in his thirties approached them.

“Your orders were to bring Viscount Margorg’s daughter over. It wasn’t to kill her, no?”
“Don’t forget your duty! Bring them over!”

The soldiers reluctantly suppressed their fury and tried to continue dragging Linea and Leon along, when the two hastily spoke out.

“Wait, let me wear something at the very least, please.”
“It should be fine to let us put some clothes on first, no?”


The captain’s reply to the two was extreme. He drove his fist into their faces. The captain’s eyes were filled with fury. Linea and Leon were stunned by his actions. They couldn’t talk in the face of the captain’s anger.

“Take them!”

The soldiers acknowledged their captain’s orders and dragged Linea and Leon along.

(What is this? What is going on?)

Linea’s bewilderement only deepened. The eyes of those who saw her being dragged along by the soldiers were too strange. Linea and Leon have experienced frowns of people who had taken them for culprits behind this situation, but Linea has never felt glares of this level.

(They look at me the same way they looked at Emilia at the execution grounds… no, it’s nothing vague like that.)

Linea’s uneasiness grew at an accelerated rate. There were people mocking Emilia at the execution grounds, but the eyes on them this time were filled with hatred and anger.
The anger of the soldiers also seemed to be somewhat different, but she thought it was because they lost control over their lust.

(Given the situation, I understand that this was no time to sleep with Leon. But, that should yield me only some cold gazes.)

Linea understood that her actions with Leon would be condemned, but she doesn’t recall doing something that would cause her to experience so much anger.

(Just where… are they taking us?)

Linea’s increasing unease was getting only bigger because she didn’t know where she was being taken.

(… Are we going towards the main gate?)

Linea had a rough idea of where they were going. She guessed that they were being taken to the main gate where a fierce battle was taking place.

(Why the main gate?)

When Linea’s doubts reached the peak, she arrived at the main gate where the nobles, including Emperor Altonius, were waiting. It can’t be said that the way they looked at her was positive.

“You are here.”

Altonius hostile voice shook up Linea and Leon. Linea could guess that something terrible is going to happen to her.

“Linea Margorg… your Margorg clan are despicable people who betrayed the mankind and joined with the dirty undead of Salbuveir. We intend to take a firm stance against this cowardly betrayal.”
“W, wait a moment please!! There’s no way my Margorg family would join the Salbuveirs!!”
“Shut up!”

Hearing Altonius’ words, Linea’s expression turned into one of fear. The fear in her welled up as her mind got shook and her teeth started clattering.

“Execute this lascivious couple! Hang her up on this gate so that the traitor Margorg can have a good look!!”

Receiving a death sentence from Altonius, Linea’s mind stopped working. Leon, who received a death sentence with Linea, spoke up.

“Wait a moment, please!! Your Imperial Majesty!! I have no relationship with this woman! I only used her to take care of my sexual urges!”
“… Le… on?”

For Linea, Leon’s words were unbelievable.

This was the beginning of hell for Linea.

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