Chapter 19.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Battle for the Imperial Palace (1)
“Those guys sold their souls to the undead just to save their lives!”
“Kill them!”
“Death to the traitors!”

The morale on the Imperial Palace’s side was higher than ever as the Margorg forces launched a fierce assault. They were met with an exhausting hail of arrows. The Margorg forces made great sacrifices as the arrows poured onto them, but they were not able to even reach the gates under these conditions.

“That reminds me, wasn’t that bastard Margorg’s daughter in the palace?”
“Yeah, things have turned out this way because of that girl!”
“It all started with that shitty woman setting her eyes on the Crown Prince!”

At that moment, one of the soldiers shouted. Several soldiers then responded to him with hatred. The soldiers who were intoxicated with the excitement of battle did not notice this somewhat unnatural agitation.

“Let’s have that shit of a woman recompensate us!”
“That’s right!! Anything and everything is that shitty woman’s fault!!”

The voices of the soldiers became louder and louder.

“You fools, now is not the time for that! We have to defend ourselves now!”

When the commanders gave their subordinates orders to keep defending, they obediently obliged. Everyone was telling themselves to leave it for after the battle is over.


“It has finally started, hasn’t it?”


Linea was in one of the rooms in the Imperial Palace. As the battle at the main gate began, the entire palace became busy.

“Leon… I’m scared…”

Linea clung to Leon, one of her lover aides. Over the past few days, Linea’s fate was hanging on a thread.
Although she snatched Emilia’s future path as Altos’ empress from her intentionally, Emilia’s execution was completely out of her hands.
In the first place, Linea has never intended to have the entire Salbuveir clan exterminated. She only thought that Emilia would be sent to some faraway monastery or become a second wife of some noble.

Even though she only had “The Crown Prince’s fiancée will change and I will become the Empress.” in mind, she did not intend for the innocent citizens of the Salbuveir fief to be massacred, and the entire Salbuveir family put to death.
She wouldn’t know that the Salbuveir clan would suddenly revive as undead and mercilessly take revenge.

“Everything will be fine. I will definitely protect you, Linea.”

Linea buried her face into Leon’s chest with an entranced expression. One day clinging to Altos and the next day being in Leon’s arms is Linea’s habitual practice. She clings to those who can protect her because she herself has nothing to boast of.

Linea and Leon fell into the bed and soon were devoured in each other’s pleasure. These two had no thoughts of participating in the palace’s defense that did not discriminate between men and women, young and old.
No, they might have been desperately averting their gazes from the mess they have created. That was a naive way of thinking, but this naiveness was backed up by guilt somewhere deeper in their minds.

When the two were cuddling each other in bed after intercourse, several soldiers kicked the door open and rushed inside.

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