Chapter 19.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Battle for the Imperial Palace (1)
The survivors of the allied forces who surrendered to the Salbuveirs were marching towards the Imperial Palace.
At the core was the army under General Burling.
Behind them were the citizens of the Imperial Capital who had been already turned undead. The lords of the allied forces who were followed by the horde of undead were blue in the face. After all, their 200,000 strong army was literally kicked about by this group of undead.

Moreover, feeling the piercing gazes of the Salbuveir clansmen from behind, they had difficulty keeping calm as they didn’t know when they might get killed.

When they reached the Imperial Palace, the allied forces began immediately developing their formation. The fact that they will be attacking the Imperial Palace, the residence of the Emperor he swore allegiance to, was a great burden on General Burling’s heart.

(To think… things would turn out like this…)

Burling shut his eyes tightly as he ordered for the formation. The officers avoided talking in the situation. They felt the same way as Burling did.

“General… the battle formation is ready…”

An officer who received a report of the formation’s completion conveyed to Burling.

(At last… we got to this point.)

Burling exhaled heavily. He felt a great weight on his heart when he thought it was time to give the command to cross the line.

“… Commence the attack… send a message to the Margorg troops…”

Grave expressions floated on everyone when they heard Burling’s words. This time, the father of Miss Linea, Viscount Margorg, was ordered to be the vanguard of the Salbuveir clan.
It was frankly an order General Burling’s troops accepted thankfully, but the same couldn’t be said for Margorg.



The officer who received an order from General Burling rushed to Viscount Margorg’s side. Seeing the officer leave, a self-mocking expression formed on General Burling’s face.

“… Is this the so-called retribution…”

Burling’s words attracted sympathetic gazes from the officers. The meaning of “retribution” Burling meant felt much heavier given the situation they were placed in.

Shortly after General Burling’s muttering, shouting voices rose from the Imperial Palace.



When Viscount Margorg gave orders to attack, his army began charging at the Imperial Palace while roaring.
A few moments after the assault began, arrows started pouring down from the palace. The number of men stationed at the Imperial Palace was 2,000 at most. The rest were maids, officials and a few guards. However, it was only at a time like this that those in the Imperial Palace came together to resist the enemy.

Knowing that everyone would be killed if they lose, everyone did their best to resist.

“O, oi.”
“Are they not undead!?”
“Oy, what’s the meaning of this?”

However, the people at the palace’s walls were shaken a moment after opening fire. They thought that the lords who came to their rescue had been already killed and turned undead.
However, the enemies who were stuck by the arrows collapsed to the ground as they shrieked in agony. This indicated that the enemy were not an army of dead, but an army of living beings.
There certainly were undead who screamed in pain, but that was pain given to them by the Salbuveirs, not pain caused by the Imperial Palace’s side.

The palace’s side judged that the troops of the lords surrendered and their lives were spared for some reason. They couldn’t think of a different reason than making the Imperial Palace surrender.
This idea caused the people at the palace to explode in anger. From the perspective of the people in the Imperial Palace, being under the umbrella of the undead wasn’t as simple as a rebellion, but a betrayal of humankind, of all living beings.

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