Chapter 18

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Side story: At the End of the Road… (3)
“Fufufu, I never thought I’d be able to see you again.”

The people around the girl smiled cruelly after hearing her words. The knight thought that a cat, no, a tiger would have this kind of expression when teasing a mouse. His mind was completely paralyzed.


When a terrible impact occurred at the knight’s flank, he fell down on the spot. It was definite that the girl, who was now standing by the knight’s side, done something to him.
The knight didn’t know what was done to him, but the people around saw what the girl had done. She sped towards the knight at extreme speed and drove her fist into the knight’s flank.
The knight could not see the girl’s movements and did not notice the fact that the other could see them clearly. It would be at this stage that he would understand the extent of his abilities.

“Please don’t die just from something like this.”

A black hammer was in the girl’s hands before he noticed. Seeing it being mercilessly raised up, the knight shouted in realization.


Hearing the knight’s shouting voice, the girl happily swung down her arms.


His screeching screams echoed in many people’s ears, but no one came to see what’s going on. The knight was terrified of that. It made him realize that the town was already under the undead’s control.

“You are crying in a pleasant voice. Right, right, your wife was also screaming nicely.”
“I crushed both of her hands and feet first, then I smashed her face against the ground.”

The knight began to tremble while hearing the girl’s words. The knight felt no anger when he heard of his wife’s murder. Instead, he felt even more fear than before.

“Her last words were: ‘Husband, save me’, you know?”
“I enjoyed watching her very much. We did the same thing to her that you did to us. Do you think it’s to your satisfaction?”

The knight could not respond to the girl’s cruel words.

“Well then, this is only the beginning of your hell experience.”
“S, spare me, please… forgive me…”

The knight pleaded to the girl. Seeing the knight begging, the girl laughed in joy.

“You won’t be spared, you won’t be forgiven. Please do your best to suffer.”

The girl said as she began tormenting the knight. After thirty minutes of torture, the knight wasn’t begging to be spared, but to let him die already instead.

“Well, things are going to get busy and I don’t have spare time to accompany a little person like you anymore.”

The girl beckoned the expressionless wife who was standing in front of the door. The girl responded to the beckoning and expressionlessly walked over.

“… She… rry…”

He gasped to call out his beloved wife’s name. The wife’s face was expressionless as always. She was expressionless because she was forced to, and she was screaming in her mind while seeing her husband tortured, but the knight wouldn’t get to know that. In the knight’s reality, his heart was broken because even his dear wife did not protect him.


“Lastly, I will have your wife eat you.”

Saying that, the girl patted the wife’s shoulder. The next moment, a black mist covered the knight’s wife’s body as she turned into a Death Knight more than twice her size.

“Ah, ahh….”

The transformed wife lifted her dying husband off of the ground casually. This brought dreadful pain to the knight whose both arms were broken, but his heart hurt more than that when he saw his beloved wife turned into this monstrosity.

“Oh, this wouldn’t feel much like getting killed by your own wife, right?”

The girl said as she patted the shoulder of the wife who had become a Death Knight once again. Then, the helmet of the Death Knight changed into the beautiful face of the knight’s wife.

“W, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!”

The moment the Death Knight’s helmet changed into his wife’s face, the knight screamed as if he had gone mad. The imbalance of his beloved wife’s face and otherwise ugly Death Knight, seemed like an insult to the knight’s wife’s existence. This was far more painful for the knight than any physical pain he experienced.

“Oh my, did he break?”

The girl turned happily towards the wife. She then ripped the wife’s mouth open. The small teeth that were growing in the mouth of his wife suddenly grow sharp and repulsive.

“Hiiiiiiii! Stooooooop iiiiit!! Stop it pleaseeeee!! Sherryyyyyyy!!”

The knight who mustered up his last voice begged his strangely shaped wife to stop, but as soon as he did, the countless disgusting teeth began crushing his skull little by little.


The screams the knight has leaked out were strangely muffled, but they disappeared under the echoes of bones being chewed.

“Ah~ how refreshing.”

The girl looked at her companions with a strangely refreshing voice. The companions also nodded at the girl in satisfaction.
The companions of hers who heard of her treatment when she was killed were genuinely pleased that she could take revenge against the one who killed her.

“I’m happy for you, Jularia.”
“Things are going to get busy from now on, no? He’s not the only one that managed to retreat to this town, after all.”
“Naturally. It would have been more enjoyable if my foe was from this town as well.”
“Luck was on your side today, Jularia.”

The girl, who was called Jularia by her companions, smiled happily. The citizens of the Salbuveir fief, who had been resurrected as undead, had begun invading the towns of the Empire out of hatred.
Because the majority of the towns’ forces left for the Capital, they were able to gain control of many towns smoothly. The soldiers who had fled the battlefield with their lives will be mercilessly hunted down by people from their own hometowns who had already turned undead.
Although many weren’t part of the atrocities directly as this knight was, they are still going to suffer tremendous pain as everyone related to the fief’s had already run out of luck.

“Let’s wait for the next prey then.”

The Salbuveir clansmen all smiled at the thought of the next pitiful prey.

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