Chapter 21

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Battle for the Imperial Palace (3)
“Your Imperial Majesty!! I am unrelated to this woman!!”
“Leon… didn’t you say you loved me?”

Linea uttered words in disbelief. The face Leon who heard that warped in an ugly smile as he replied to Linea.

“There’s no way I would love you!! Did you think I would be in love with a whore like you!?”

Linea felt like her heart was being gouged out. With Altos’ death and those who clung to her disappearing, Leon was supposed to be an existence that protected her. However, the bewilderement Linea felt was stronger than the anger she currently felt towards Leon who changed his attitude in her last moments.
Linea was a girl who couldn’t live without a person to rely on. The girl that is Linea couldn’t do anything by herself after being abandoned by such people. The lack of people to rely on was the most terrifying thing for Linea.

“That’s… cruel…”

Linea’s eyes were overflown with tears. However, the people in the surroundings were not impressed by her tears. Linea fueled the desire to protect in men in order to increase her favorable impression. To her, tears were no more than a weapon.

“Hmph, as if I would be fooled by your crocodile tears in this situation!”

Leon spoke with a cold glare. Leon’s words were unsightly, making his reputation even lower.

“You can continue your pointless lovers’ quarrel in the netherworld.”

Altonius’ resounding cold words made Leon and Linea shut up. His words gave them the impression that their fate has already been decided and there was no chance of changing it.

“Do it.”

When Altonius gave orders, the soldiers held the two down.

“Noooooooooo!! Save meeeeee!!”
“Your Imperial Majestyyyyyy!! I am unrelateeeeed!!”

On top of the Emperor’s orders, which condemned Linea and Leon, there was no reason to forgive the daughter of the hateful traitor and her lover.

The two shouted right after they were pinned down. The reason for that was the war hammer swung by robust soldiers that mercilessly crushed the two’s right legs.

“It hurts!! It hurts!! Stop it pleaseee!!”
“Please stoooop!!”

The soldiers ignored the begging two and mercilessly swung their war hammers at the other legs.


The two screamed in agony. Then, they had their both arms crushed, they were exposed to cruel torture.
The two were in so much pain that they were unable to faint and could only be conscious as they experienced the hell.
Once they were completely unable to move, they were tied up by the soldiers. The broken parts of their hands and ankles were tightly tied, bringing more of the intense pain.
Each of their feet was then tightly tied to a flagpole.

“Stand up!!”

A soldier instructed without any mercy. Even if ordered to, it was impossible for them to stand up because of their broken feet. Still, the reason why the soldier gave them such orders was naturally to give them mental pain.

“Ouch!! It hurts!! Save me!! I was wrong!! I made Emilia fall into a trap!! I will apologize, so save meee!!”

The soldiers weren’t moved by Linea’s words whatsoever as they put them to the railing of the main gate. Of course, sitting down as they were unable to stand properly.
Now that everything was ready, Altonius shouted at the Margorg troops in a very loud voice.

“Margorg!! You cowardly traitors!! We have decided that your daughter shall take responsibility for your betrayal!!”

Altonius’ words made quite a commotion within the Margorg troops. They have realized that it was the daughter of their Lord that was on the main gate.

Seeing the turmoil in the Margorg troops, Altonius grinned and laughed as he looked at one of the soldiers. The soldier who received his glance stood behind Linea and Leon and pushed the two people down.


The two fell down, but soon became suspended upside down in the air because of the rope tied to their feet.



The pain the two felt was terrible because of their broken limbs, but they were unable to speak well since they were hanging upside down.



Viscount Margorg’s despairing voice echoed around. He did not think Linea would be safe since she was inside the palace, but this was far from his imagination.
Margorg couldn’t think of a reason she had to suffer such humiliation and pain.
Viscount Margorg crouched and plucked his hair as he witnessed his beloved daughter’s state.

“Lord Viscount, we have to quickly save the young lady!”

A subordinate advised the Viscount. This subordinate has served the Viscount family for a long time and knew Linea personally.

“That’s right!! I’m coming for you, Linea!! All troops, attack!! Destroy the palace and save Linea!!”

The Margorg troops rushed forward in response to the Viscount’s orders. They felt inferior as traitors up until now, but witnessing the treatment Linea received, the Margorg troops were mad.

Their rushed at the palace’s gate with their shields up. They have received considerable damage already, but the exploding anger triggered by Linea’s state fueled their attack.

The imperial palace mercilessly poured a rain of arrows at the soldiers of the Margorg troops who had just assaulted the palace’s gate without any resemblance of a formation. Although the soldiers were protected by hard armor and tough shields, the extraordinary amount of arrows found their targets.

“All right, do it!!”

When the orders from top of the gate were given, dozens of archers began firing their arrows at the two suspended people.


The screams escaped from Leon and Linea’s mouths as they watched arrows being shot at themselves.

Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot!!


An arrow after an arrow pierced the bodies of Leon and Linea. The first arrow that landed on Linea’s body hit her abdomen. Followed by the left shoulder, right breast, right thigh, her body got pierced with one arrow after another, causing a continuous wave of pain throughout her body.

(I don’t want to die like thiiiiiiiis!!)

Linea screamed in her mind, but the arrows did not stop.


At last, an arrow pierced Linea’s throat, making it difficult for her to breathe.

(Shave… shave me… shomeone…)

When one of the arrows went straight through Linea’s nose, her body began to convulse.

“We did it!! Serves you right!! You stupid daughter of Margorg!!”

The voices of those who rejoiced in her death reached Linea’s ears. Linea couldn’t see anything anymore, but the voices ridiculing her death was more than enough to break her heart.
And then, the rope tying Linea and Leon’s ankles to the flagpole was cut and they fell to the ground. This all took only several seconds. Feeling their bodies drop, the two crashed into the stone pavement.

Their necks broke because of the head-on collision, bending at an impossible angle.

Linea and Leon’s consciousness ceased right at that instant.

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