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Personal Maids – 1st Secret Talk
The place is a plain room with only minimum furniture.
The land of the Christophe House boasts of a vast area next only to the Ovent’s royal castle.
A portion of such vast land is filled a large number of buildings.
The room is in a building for high-rank servants in which only women allowed.

Currently, there are two people eagerly waiting in the room for another person.


“Still not yet, still not here~ she should be here soon, right~?”

“Yeah~ she should be here soon~”


One is sitting on a bed while restlessly watching the clock on the wall, while the other one is sitting in a chair in front of a dressing table――there are nearly no cosmetics there, though.
Another simple round stool is prepared for the person they are waiting for.
Originally, this room is used as a waiting room for visitors, but there two are using this room as their own.


“Nevertheless, no matter when we come here, this room is always cold.”

“Your room~ I think it has too many stuffed toys~”

“Y, you think so…… I think that much is normal for a girl!”

“Even I~ don’t have so many~ Besides~ I don’t name them~ one by one~”

“I, I mean! All of them are my family, you know…… it would be strange if my family didn’t have names, right?”

“If they are family~ it can’t be helped then~”

“That’s right, it can’t be helped. Yep, yep.”




Kufufu, the one laughing at her coworker hanging her head down is one of the personal maids of Lilianne, the second daughter of the Christophe House――Jenny.
The other one who hung her head down with a loud sound effect after being made a toy of time killing is also similarly a personal maid――Lacria.


“…… It’s finemon, it’s finemon…… It’s fine because Alessio and Lakis will comfort memon……”

“The two you brought~ the other day~ when you had a day off~”

“That’s right! Alessio’s tail angle is very cool, you know! The density of cotton inside Lakis is incredible, you know! The two are treasures, you know!”

“Yes, ye~s. I know~ I understand~ it’s fine for~ the cute~ adorable~ Lacria-chan~ to get healed~ by the stuffed toys~ I will~ have a fun talk with Nija~ about Ojousama~ alright~”

“That is that! This is this! I won’t forgive you if you leave me out of the Ojousama talk, alright!”

“Really~ Lacria too~ has become~ Ojousama’s~ captive~”

“That’s only natural, right? I’m that person’s personal maid, you know! What~? Is Jenny saying that you are not a captive?”

“Fufuu~…… isn’t that~ obviou~s?”



The two think about their master while broadly grinning.
The two, to that person――several months have passed since the two became Lilianne’s personal maids.
In the meantime, from the information and experiences the two…… no, all four have already become her captives.
A delicate beauty as if molded by elaborate craft and clear white skin. The absence of fluctuations in the facial expressions, fine, silk-like hair that has the gloss, volume, and beauty that can’t be imitated.
The two think that it’s not an exaggeration to say that her hair is the supreme masterpiece.

She’s the granddaughter of Annela, the Great Madame of the house they respect and daughter of Claireteal, the champion of this year’s team and individual Magic Battle.
The descendant of the two strongest people on the Lizwald continent, an existence that did greetings on her first birthday in front of many people all by herself.
Not only the four personal maids, everyone from the Knights of the White Crystals who witnessed that greetings with their own eyes recognized her as their master.
It’s not like other noble houses can’t match the Christophe House and the four personal maids and twenty knights for their two years old. However, it’s rare for all to accept the child as their master.
Those who witnessed her greeting understand how special she really is.
The blood flowing through her veins is that of the Christophe House.
And above all, the belief that the existence which is Lilianne will grow into a great master is enough of a reason to recognize her as their master.

Especially the four exclusive maids who are in a special position that allows them to enter her room.
When excluding Lilianne’s appearances, she’s no different from a normal, obedient child.
But, the girls know. No, they know it exactly because three of the girls acquired their positions as personal maids with their own abilities.

Lilianne occasionally shows ‘that’ something.
The sharpness to perceive all of Jenny’s prided covert actions all the time.
The fact that Nija, the top among the Christophe House, personally recognized her as her master.

The three personal maids understand that their master holds power they can’t possibly reach at that age.

About the last one…… she was only chosen because she’s Lilianne’s favorite.
Her ability is perfectly fine since the Christophe House employed her, but she’s kind of a fledgling when compared to the other three.

But, that is that. It’s not possible for bullying or excluding to happen among the personal maids. Rather, the girls are very affectionate towards the last maid, Mira.
But, the last Mira is currently down because of rigorous training.


“…… Thanks for waiting.”

“Welcome back~!”

“Welcome back~ so~ how was it~?”

“How was it!? How was it!?”

“…… Calm down. First, this.”


“T, this is~”

“…… From a friend who works with remodeled magic tools.”


The thing that Nija took out of her pocket was a black and white picture.
But, a figure of their little master wearing cartoon-character-like clothes was drawn on it.


“H, how did you get this!?”


“…… It was terribly difficult.”

“How did you get it~ do you have more~?”

“Right! Do you have more!?”

“…… Only one was successful. …… Remodeled magic tools are like that.”

“T, that can’t be~”

“But~ even this much is incredible~”


The main body of the magic tool Nija showed was carried on her back and connected to her arm, but it already broke.
Nija’s friend is someone who’s magic tool remodeling master, but remodeling common magic tools is strictly forbidden. This magic tool is a remodeled short distance magnifying magic tool, a magic tool that transcripts on paper as a medium.
The remodeling of the magic tool basically tends to be unstable because it forcibly overwrites its original use. Remodeling magic tools take considerable skill, but because of its instability, it has a tendency to run out of control easily. Therefore it’s prohibited.
But, Nija has used a remodeled magic tool for her master. She naturally trusts the skills of her remodeling friend, but she has been quite smitten with her master in a short period of time of being a personal maid.
To the extent, she couldn’t help it but want her portrait. But, if this gets exposed, she will have no choice but to compensate with death.
Even if it possesses so much danger, Nija carried this out because she wanted to feel closer to her master.


“C, can I have this!?”

“Hey~ you can’t have it~ I will take it~”

“…… Not allowed.”



“…… Troubling. Possible only because Ojousama doesn’t move much. …… Wasn’t found out by Great Madame as well. If found…… don’t want to think about it…… …… Impossible for you.”

“U…… th, that right, but.”

“So nice~ so nice~ this~ probably~ if auctioned~ to the Knights Order~ there will be~ fellows~ who would go bankrupt~ for this~”

“…… Affirmation.”

“That’s right. Great Madame won’t let a painter near Ojousama, after all.”

“You are right~ when taking that~ into consideration~ this is……”


Jenny’s appearances suddenly changed with sharpness and instantly became blurry, but Nija bound her arms behind her back in the next moment and dropped her on the floor.
Nija’s restrictions technique which allowed to bind Jenny with one hand and one leg is prone to admiration.


“…… Amitabha.”

“Jenny did something stupid…… there’s no way you could win against Nija.”

“…… Incidentally, copying is prohibited.”

“Gu…… no good, huh~”


Lacria who surprisingly has artistic inclinations hangs her head down in disappointment.
The portraits in the Lizwald continent are usually painted over a few days by a talented painter with sponsors or patrons with considerable financial strength.
Even if there’s talent, it would be difficult to draw for work without funds.
The magic tool Nija used is what makes it possible to do in tens of minutes. However, the premise is that the target hardly moves.
Therefore, under normal circumstances, it would be close to impossible to use on a child. But, the target was Lilianne. On top of having almost no expression, she hardly moves.
But, there’s still the problem of time, even if Lilianne stands still, there are existences that will interfere.
Nija was able to complete only one in a period of several days. No, just one is a good bargain.
And then, the overworked magic tool broke just after several days. Just the paper used for the remodeled magic tool was considerably expensive.
But it still was something that can never be replaced by money or anything else for Nija.
The one picture she has is a cherished gem that can’t be handed over to anyone else.


“…… Fufu…… Ojousama is dreamy」

“Right~ especially this pajama she’s wearing, it’s amazing how angelic she looks, right?」

“…… Super affirmation.”

“…… M, me too~ I, I want to look~……”

“Indeed, I think that bunny pajamas are the best.”

“F, fox are better~”

“…… I agree with Jenny.”

“But, Jenny’s ‘this’ is not like that, right~”

“H, how rude~…… Gaku.”

“…… It’s the best because it’s on Ojousama.”

“Ah~ I understand that~ it’s scary how much I understand~ Ojousama would be cute in anything…… how mysterious.”

“…… Devilish woman.”

“Bufu! D, devilish…… s, she may be……”

“…… Nod.”


A certain false conviction appeared in the half-closed eyes of the girl thumbing up Lacria who burst into laughter.


“P, please move away soon~ Nijaa~…… I, I will breaaak~”

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