Chapter 70

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The 11th Month has begun.
As always, it’s not possible to feel the season in the baby room.
But, it’s clear at first glance outside…… I can’t glance, though.
The cool wind gradually makes the body tremble.
My sibling’s practice also began to shift from outdoors to indoors, and now they have completely switched to indoor practice. Although I say that, this is the Christophe House.
I feel that the place Obaasama calls the training room is a little too vast to be called a room.
On top of the considerable size of the running passage, I can tell how spacious it is by the position of the knights.
Just how large is this mansion? A day when I will be able to explore will surely come, so I will be sure to explore. I’m sure that just exploring this mansion will be a great adventure.

After Ellie’s birthday, it’s naturally Ena’s turn next.
A story of Claire wanting to hold a grand party for Ena was brought up, but she declined that and decided to hold a little baby room party for family only.
Claire didn’t force her and respected her choice to the maximum. I can feel a trust similar to the one I have for Kuti.


Ah, but it doesn’t compare to my and Kuti’s relationship.


Just like during the birthday of my siblings, it seems I won’t be able to move because of monopolization.
In Ena’s case, I think that I’m always monopolized by Obaasama and my siblings, though.
Still, after being able to monopolize me after a while, Ena released a small amount of wonderful, magical power.


My family’s love for me is very strong.
Of course, the strong affection is that much stronger because of my handicap of not being able to see. But, even if I deduct that, their love is not half-baked.

Ena’s birthday party advances while surrounded by warmth.

Incidentally, Kuti’s jealousy meter didn’t explode just barely, and she didn’t stick to my cheek the next day.
Ena appears to be safe. It was adult’s moderate monopoly.


Ït doesn’t change the monopoly, though.
…… I’m slightly worried whether this monopoly turmoil will happen every birthday.


By the way, Mira who left with the expression of ecstasy after being mofued was absent the next day.
On the second day, Obaasama imposed the get well soon practice, and she has undergone rigorous training until she couldn’t move anymore and then rested.
As a result, she has finally returned after a week.
Nija served as a substitute while Mira was resting. It must be just my imagination that her movements were rougher than before. Obaasama didn’t mind it, after all.

I wasn’t able to get the training contents from Obaasama, but I can imagine a bit of Expert-san magical power mixed with her usual nonchalant smile.


Mira…… Amitabha.


Mira has returned, but when Obaasama is in the baby room, she would start shivering with a weird flow of magical power.
When Obaasama looks at her, biku she makes a reaction and freezes in the spot, she looks really pitiful.
Because she was helpless, I guided Obaasama’s eyes away from Mira as much as possible while continuing Sensei’s lesson.

Mira’s state somehow recovered after Ena’s birthday, she was quite terribly tensed until then.
Her beautiful fur has declined, it still was a bit higher than the fur of the other personal maids, but as a person who knows its superb mofu level, I was really disappointed and didn’t feel like doing another mofu challenge.

It appears that it will still take some time until that fur will return to the finest quality, but I think I will make the mission plan more discreet once they are back to their original form.


I want to aim when they are in their best state, after all.
Therefore, quickly restore! I want to touch that greatest treasure with this hand at once!


The 12th Month has begun, and Mira’s fur is smoothly recovering.
The day of the mission resumption might be close. I’m truly excited.

The practice of my siblings has moved indoors, but they still go outside when the weather is good.
That’s where I noticed, there’s apparently snow piled up outside.
Kuti was in high spirits, and Obaasama let me touch the snow as well.
As expected, there’s snow in this world too.

The four seasons flow similar to the seasons of my motherland from my previous life.
Even though I’m mysteriously experiencing my second life, the climate is similar to the country that I spend most of my first life in.
I thought that the civilization of this world might be walking on its own path because of the existence of sorcery, but there are a lot of similar things.
Even though the world is different, does it walk on a similar path? How mysterious.




The time passes.
I take the lessons, my knowledge deepened and I aim towards the far-off summit.
I feel something like dizziness looking at the blurry top, but I advance step by step while convinced that I’m advancing.
The practice is still far off, but we have reached the point where we perform simulations to a certain extent.
Work with reliable knowledge leads to further conviction.
My motivation still doesn’t grow weak.




Two years have passed since I have reincarnated.
Today is my second birthday of my second life.
I’m dressed up just like when I turned one, but the clothes of one year old naturally don’t fit me anymore. I have grown quite a lot compared to that time.
There’s nothing on my head this time, but the skirt is a three-layer organza in full volume.
The volume of the bottom of the skirt seems to be further increased by a hard tulle.
The big corsage around the waist and the volume of the skirt made a very eye-catching dress.
I have already gotten used to big skirts. This must be a kind of growth. I don’t want to think about it deeply.

It seems to be about knowledge, but my body has also grown.
The biggest growth must be indeed the completion of the potty training.
It’s now no different from the time I was able to hold it in unconsciously.
It was only a little, but being able to realize own growth was a wonderful experience.
Although I’m able to control the physiological phenomena indispensable for people to live, it was actually very difficult to change.


I can throw out my chest!
I have graduated from diapers, JoJo!


My first birthday party was held in the party hall, but it seems that it will be held in the baby room this year.
The room is decorated with paper flowers and ribbons the entire family made.
Because I have the leading role, I didn’t help with making it, but I was taking a lesson while watching over the situation. Because the birthday party hasn’t started yet, I have requested Sani sensei for a lesson.
Sensei told me it’s okay to take a break today, but I had time. I’d like to learn as much as possible.

But, the decorating soon finished and the birthday party started.
The lesson which just started has immediately ended. It’s unfortunate, but this party is for me. I would be sorry if I didn’t enjoy it.


“””Happy birthday.”””

“””Happy birthday, Ojousama.”””


The happy birthday call from my family, four personal maids and Scarlet-san resounded around the room.
There’s nothing like crackers, but I can understand the warm atmosphere from the magical powers leaking from everyone.


“Lily, this is the present from us!”

“We chose books we thought Lily would enjoy. We will read you lots from now on too, okay!”


It appears that my Elder brother’s and Elder sister’s presents are books.
Ta-dah they open their arms exaggeratedly as if doing pantomime a little in front of the bookshelf.
I couldn’t understand because I can’t see, but Kuti immediately supplemented.


“Ah~ That huge mountain of books was a present~ Lily, Theo’s and Ellie’s present is a lot of books, you know~ I’m looking forward to the reading time~!”

(Mountain…… is there really so many?)

“Un, un, an amazing number is piled up! It also has a ribbon, there’s no doubt!”

(I see~ that’s something to look forward to.)

“Fumu…… judging by the titles, there seem to be many adventure novels. So you like adventure, huh? I was certain that you like to research.”

(Ahh~…… I wonder? I like adventure, but I would rather not risk my life. I like it if it’s in the story.)

“I see, well, I prefer research documents rather than books about adventure or romance. Books like that are…… not in there, how unfortunate.”

“There’s no way there would be, right~! Because it’s Theo and Ellie reading, they wouldn’t be able to read something so difficult!”

(Ahaha. That might be it.)

“Fumu…… that certainly might be so. Truly unfortunate. But, to collect so many books…… there are lots of books in this mansion, but I wonder why it seems not to be enough?”

(As expected, there really are lots of books in this house, aren’t there? I have understood that there are many from the number of books that were read to me, though.)

“Umu, you don’t often see such amount. The collection of books in Ovent’s library is quite good too, but there are as many as one hundred times more books in the Forest next to the world’s library.”

(If the library in the Forest next to the world is that wonderful, I’m going to judge that our book collection is lacking……)

“Umu, the number of books in the library――”

While being hugged by the two in turns, the fairies were interested in the books.
Well, their interest immediately shifted, and they started thinking about the types and quantity of books in the library.

After that, I have received presents from parents, Ena, and Obaasama in turns.

The present I have received from my parents for my second birthday is a custom tiara made in Ovent.
The presents there are not limited to tiaras, everything seems okay as long as it’s head apparel.
The young men of Christophe house are apparently given diadem and young girls tiara.
Both Theo and Ellie naturally have them, and they seem to carefully keep them in a treasury somewhere in the house.


“Fufu…… Happy birthday, Lily-chan. It suits you very well.”

“Yeah…… Lily looks like a princess just like Ellie did. It suits you very well.”

“As expected, Lily is a princess, isn’t she! I will become a splendid knight to serve the princess!”

“Lily, you look very beautiful. Like a real princess! …… But! I will be serving as Lily’s knight! I won’t lose, alright!”

“Just what I want! I have no intention of yielding!”


While the parents keep on giving words of praises, Elder brother and Elder sister started fighting for some reason.
Theo who always yields to Ellie doesn’t want to yield and faces her with a serious expression.
But, I would like them not to fight since it’s my birthday.

“Nii~ni. Nee~ne. Me!”
   (Nii~ni. Nee~ne. Dame!/Bro. Sis. No!)

“”!! Yes! I’m sorry!””


The two siblings opened their round and lovely eyes wide the moment I scolded them, but they immediately apologized.
I heard the family who’s pleasantly watching over let out even bigger laughter.
I understand from the flow of magical power that the two feel embarrassed. But, they soon match the family who’s watching over while releasing warm, magical power with smiles.


“It’s my turn next, isn’t it? …… Here, this is it. I have chosen a lot of nice-looking clothes for Lily. Let’s dress up in various clothes, okay?”


Ena’s present were clothes.
I naturally couldn’t see, but Kuti who saw the clothes made an extremely good face.


“Wow~ as expected of Ena…… ah, isn’t this Linear’s newest product! But, these are children’s clothes……”

“Fufu…… it’s no trouble when I set my mind on it, right Ellie?”

“A, amazing! Next time, I would also like them!”

“Is that so~ but, speaking truthfully, it was really difficult. Therefore, only if the opportunity arises, okay?”

“As expected~ un, I will look forward to it.”


Hearing the brilliant conversation of the two women and Kuti’s expression which is gradually getting more wonderful, I start feeling worried.
Just what kind of clothes are they…… though I will surely find out soon…… I’m worried.


“It’s my turn next then. He should be coming soon, but……”


The moment Obaasama said that.
I can tell that frightful footsteps are getting closer to the corridor.
The moment I understood, the door was thrown open, and a familiar person appeared.


“Happy birthday, Liliaaaaanne! Ojiichan made it in timeeee!”


A giant that does not fit in the elongated rectangle door.
A flow of magical power that far surpasses the superior maids of Christophe house.
Naturally, it was Ojiisama who has returned from the fief.


“Dear. You are late, you know?”

“O, ou…… sorry about that. There were some survivors on the way, so I took a minute to erase them.”

“Today is Lily-chan’s birthday, you know? Please stay away from such boorish talk.”

“Uh…… my bad. Forgive me, Lilianne.”

“Jii~ji. Oaerinachai.”
   (Jii~ji. Okaerinasai/Grandpa. Welcome back)

“Uooooooooh. You will forgive this old geezer Lilianneeeeee…… gofu.”


Ojiisama who spat out something dangerous immediately instantly quieted after being rebuked, but his face bloomed in happiness when I welcomed him back, and Obaasama had to stop his assault.


It’s the usual, fun and happy scene.
Ojiisama who opened the door was shut out again by Obaasama’s technique, manga scenes like that are everyday life for those two.
Of course, banging noises and apologetic voice resounded from behind the door afterward.




“A lot has happened, but I made it in time. The present from Ann and me is prepared below! Now then, let’s go!”

“Though I would be happy if Lily-chan likes it.”

“What are you saying? I have educated it up myself, there’s no problem.”

“Haa…… dear, you really are…… education is just a premise. The problem is whether Lily-chan will like that child, you know?”

“U, muu…… but, it will be fine! Didn’t you say that Lilianne likes wolf races!”

“Well, that’s true, but…… let’s go then.”


From the two’s conversation, it’s something that needed education and moreover appears to be related to the wolf race――They were apparently choosing on my preference of Mira.
I wonder what it is? I’m looking forward to it.


I move down while jolted in Ojiisama’s hard arms.
As expected, it’s not like Obaasama’s movements where I can ignore the vibration. Both his arms and chest are hard.


I have to tell Ojiisama of my uncomfortable ride.
I demand a transfer to Obaasama!


I tried clapping on Ojiisama’s cheeks while after thinking such, but it had no effect besides making him laugh out gahaha.
In the end, I fought through the uncomfortable ride, and we arrived at the targeted room.

Ojiisama stops in front of the room and shows a daring smile. I can tell that he’s quite confident in the present.


“Now then, Lilianne! This is the birthday present from us!”


On the opposite side of the opened door, there was something with latticed magical power and something with a charming flow of magical power behind it.

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