Chapter 69

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Fairies and Gems
Beyond the bars of the baby crib, there’s a gem created by the god.
I can reach it if I extend my arm, the thing which is enshrined in that distance is my primary objective.
Three out of the four personal maids chosen for me are all powerful people with no openings.
But, the one in front of me can be said to be full of openings compared to the other three.
Judging by the flow of magical power, she falls far behind the other three. But, if looking at her as an ordinary person, I can tell that she’s excellent.
But, she has been already one mofued by me. And among the four, she’s boasting with one…… no, three times as much fur as the others.
There’s no doubt. After having mofued her, there’s no doubt that I won’t feel happiness to that extent when mofuing the other three.


“Mia~ chikajuite~”
    (Mira~ chikazuite~/Mira~ come closer~)

“Y, yes. Is this all ri-!?”


You fell for it! With this, you are already within my reach!


My little hand stretched the moment Mira approached the position where I could reach her completely.
The wonderful equipment doesn’t move when helping Ena and Obaasama, but they are twitchingly moving when called to approach me closer as if silently running away.
But, my hand was enhanced with so much compressed magical power that even Sani sensei was astonished.
It took me about 5 Hals to make this compression.
It’s needless to say that I was a nervous wreck while maintaining it.
Mira’s body stiffened the moment I touched her with my record high compression of magical power and never finished her sentence.

It’s only natural. This compression is on a whole different level than the compression of last time.
Last time, she has almost lost consciousness.

Although based on my previous failure, I have no intention of going easy on her at all. If I have to do it, I will do it with all my might. I will caress her with everything I have.

The choice of the mofu act is dependant on the mofu level of the part I’m touching.
There are more than a thousand choices when the mofu level is high on the mofu list, but that area is still out of my reach.
Therefore, there are not many parts to choose from. Moreover, I’m just a little girl now. The lack of choices is already beyond sadness, more like a lamentation.
Thus, I should use parts I can use, this time’s mission is restricted to that.
In order to do everything under restrained circumstances to the utmost limit, I compressed as much power as possible.

What I realized from the moment I touched her――Mira’s good quality hair is not limited only to the tail.
The place I’m touching now is the top of her head. Right in the middle of kemonomimi that can be said to be her wonderful, strongest part number two.
If I have to put it in words, it would be like staring at the surface of a green sea, while holding a bashful beautiful girl whose hair is lightly hitting me in the face during a bright, warm spring.
A world like a painting in which the innocence and beauty, the warm breeze of the spring and the freshness of the meadows come all together.

A touch that makes me tremble, a time of bliss that makes me want to caress her forever.
I tried to do everything to focus, but the whole-hearted mofumofu has begun.

We have just started. Everything is about to come.


“…… Ah…… hiu…… ha……”


A delicate, trembling voice reaches me, but I put it in the corner of my mind.
The voice trembles in conjunction with my hand and the voice gradually becomes increasingly charming…… but, that’s natural-ish.
I was able to enjoy the tail with my face the last time thoroughly, but I can only reach with hands this time. Moreover, just with one side.
But, it’s still not inferior to that time…… no, she might be entranced with pleasant feelings even more than before.


As expected, this child is the best.
Although I have not tried the other three yet, I can declare it confidently. This child is the best mofumofu partner of my life!
I already have no intention of handing her to anyone. Even if it was Kuti, I wouldn’t mind fighting.


Her hair is that precious.
Treasure of the world.
Precisely, the only one.


I can’t express it in words anymore.
Each stroke increases the pleasure of the next one, the strokes at the beginning can’t be even compared to the current strokes.
Just stroking her hair is a pleasure. It’s impossible to stop.

But, the mission has just started. Don’t make a mistake.
Even if the situation is wrapped in a twist of comfortable pleasure, I must not forget. I must not forget.
It’s crucial, so I said it twice.

That’s right…… there’s still the end goal.

Yes…… and the end goal is.



Just stroking her head turned out like this.
The irreplaceable glittering objects still remain.
Now then, let’s go.

The ultimate treasure. And miraculous experience!


I slowly move from the stroking area.
The voice of Mira who’s getting caressed is no longer a voice. It’s delicately trembling, and her whole body occasionally twitches.

Due to the difference in the flow of magical power, I know that the hair is different from other parts.
It’s not unreasonable to say that it rivals the beautiful flow of magical power Obaasama showed in her marvelous display of power.
Not only the beauty, because I can feel the sensation of her hair, the expectations, hope, desire, and everything else mix into complicated emotions…… it produces a centripetal force that doesn’t allow me to stop.

Slowly approaching, it was as if the scenery around me changed the moment I touched it.

I have no words anymore.

Was it just a moment, was it a long time, I have completely lost the sense of time and space.
When my consciousness returned, the sensation of my hand disappeared.


That’s because the greatest treasure――Mira has completely crumbled down.

She has collapsed while twitching on the ground.
I needed a while to understand what happened completely.

I can feel my face instantly going pale.




“Ha! Scarlet! Jenny! Come in immediately!”


Obaasama who seldom talks loudly around me rebooted from being completely frozen and called the two outside the door.
The two immediately understood the situation the moment they walked in and covered Mira’s mouth with something and calmed her respiration. As expected of Christophe House’s maids. They knew how to deal with the situation at first glance.
I can see magical power flowing inside the thing they covered Mira’s mouth with. Is that something like an oxygen inhalator, I wonder?
There really exist various kinds of magic tools. But, this is not the time to be admiring the number of magic tools. Mira has become like that because of me.

Immediately after Mira’s breathing stabilized, they remove the magic tool from her mouth and bring something close.
This also had an active flow of magical power.
I can immediately tell magic tool when seeing one. That’s a different one.
Something with magical power has been poured inside Mira’s mouth.
Although there might be magic tools that are used internally, I understand that this one is not among them.
That is most likely the famous product of different worlds, the potion.

Mira’s breathing immediately changed after swallowing the potion.
Feeling the stone in my heart drop, my legs grow weak, and I fall on my backside in the baby crib.
I definitely didn’t think I would work her up to the lack of oxygen.
Because she endured while suppressing her voice the last time, I didn’t think it would turn out like this.
I will have to seriously reflect this time.
When I hang my head in shame, Obaasama lifts me up in her arms and gently embraces me.


“Lily-chan…… overdoing it is no good. Let’s reflect and do it well next time, okay?”

“…… Ai. Goennyasai.”
   (…… Hai. Gomenasai/…… Yes. I’m sorry)


Obaasama admonishes me after seeing Scarlet and Jenny carry Mira away and then rocks me with a gentle voice.
It was based on a previous failure, but as expected, my expectations were too high, so I ended up overdoing it.


But, I have seen it.

The face of Mira who was carried out by Scarlet and Jenny.
The expression when her condition stabilized.

That…… face of ecstasy!


Therefore, it served as a good lesson. Because I was able to ascertain her limit.
I feel bad for Mira, but let’s continue doing our best in the future by all means.

She enjoyed it to the extent she couldn’t breathe anymore.
Therefore, there’s no problem.

I won’t make such blunder next time.
I shall do it carefully next time and try not to kill her.
I will definitely not cause her anoxia. Let’s show her what lies beyond heaven next time.


Swayed and rocked in Obaasama’s comfortable embrace, I can clearly feel my magical power oozing out because of the next mofumofu challenge.
This might be possibly the first time I saw the emotions of my magical power. Because it’s on the unconscious level, I haven’t noticed before.
But, I’m now calm and brimming over with motivation.

While thinking of such thing, something has assaulted my cheek.
Of course, there’s only one person who would do something like that. It’s our idol, Smugface-sama.


“Unfair~! Do that thing to me as well~! Unfair~!”

(Eeeeh…… Kuti wants to be mofumofued too?)

“Of course, I want! I will receive anything Lily wants to do with pleasure! Now then! Do it! Now then!”

(Eeeehh~ Then, here it goes?)

“Waku waku! Teka teka!”
   (Excitement! Gleaming!)


I compress magical power on my hand and gently pat Kuti who’s rolling her face on my cheek.


(How is it?)

“…… N~ it’s Lily’s normal patty pat. It feels nice, but it’s not such a melting-like feeling like that child just now displayed~!”

(Eeh~…… th, then, how about this?)


I compressed a larger amount of magical power into my hand and caressed Kuti again, but there was no change.




No matter how much I strengthened the compression on my hand, there was no change at all.
Does it mean that it doesn’t have the same effect for everyone? Or is it because the compression is low?
It would be too difficult to reproduce the compression from before, but I decided to challenge myself again when the opportunity arises and continued patting Kuti.

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