Chapter 68

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Fairies and Rematch
The 10th Month has begun.
Naturally, after Claire’s and Theo’s birthday, it’s Ellie’s turn next.
Just like during Theo’s birthday, Ellie acquired the right to monopolize me.
Thus, Kuti’s mood will surely become negative again just like during Theo’s time. It was quite rough having her stuck on my face for the entire day.
I thought I have to avoid it somehow, but…… she doesn’t seem to have any problem with Ellie.


(Say, Kuti-san. Why is Ellie okay with you, but Theo is not?)

“Ehh~ I mean~…… Theo is somehow…… unpleasant. Ellie is not like that at all, you know~? Ah, Alek was all right too.”

(Eh…… so it’s not particularly because he’s a man. I wonder why then……)

“I wonder why~”


The jealousy of the jealous Fairy-san doing acrobatics in the air was nonexistent today.


“Fumu. It’s simply a difference in favor.”

(Difference in favor…… is it?)

“Fumu. The difference in favor. There are various colors to love. I presume that your elder brother’s like is beyond family love? Besides, Kuti was jealous, right? I think it’s quite easy to understand.”

(Favor, is it…… no, no, no, there’s no way that’s the case! We are siblings, you know? That can’t be.)

“Eh~ you think so~? Hmm~ oh well, I can crush insects that come to my Lily! I won’t forgive even Theo next time!”

(No, no, no, forgive him! For mercy’s sake! Theo will die!)

“Muu…… if Lily says so……”

“Umu. If you don’t hold back, he will disappear without leaving a trace behind. Be careful.”

(That’s scary Sensei~…… Kuti, you really can’t do that, okay?)

“I know~ leave it to me~!”


I prayed for Theo’s safety while watching O’Fairy-sama puffing out her chest with her usual smug face.


“However, even when panicking your expression doesn’t move. That now should have been your heartfelt emotions, though. Even this is no good, huh. Besides joy, just what expressions show on your face?”

(Sensei…… did you plot this?)

“Hahaha, I don’t know what you are talking about! Now then, let’s continue with the lesson. Where should we start today?”

“Puu~kusukusu. Sani is escaping~ Puu~kusukusu.”

“Be quiet, you worthless fairy!”



The worthless Fairy-sama’s making a duck face with filthy magical power leaking from her eyes receives an extra-large chop from Sani sensei.
The chop was naturally concealed in the mosaic sorcery. Recently, I have considerably grasped Sani sensei’s character, so I understand that she’s using it unconsciously. It’s amazing that she uses the concealment sorcery naturally as tsukkomi.
It’s surely performed in her unconscious area. Sensei is seriously incredible.

While making flowers from paper, Sensei’s difficult lessons progress today as well.


Ellie’s birthday party resulted in Kuti’s jealousy being invoked.
Ellie’s affection today wasn’t half-hearted as she hugged me all the time, not separating from me even on the toilet and during the bath. We even slept together.
She was not going to get defeated by Theo at all, anyhow, she tremendously affectionate to me.

As a result, Fairy-san’s jealous meter exploded, and I had an adorable ornament on my cheek opposite from the previous time.




The 11th Month begun, and Mira, one of my personal maids, entered the room at last.
She finally appeared after Nija, Lacria, and Jenny.

Incidentally, Jenny is a fox-eared person, she has a gentle and slow way of talking, but this person also wasn’t ordinary as she had no gaps.
She has helped Ena with basics just like Nija and Lacria, but Jenny was different from other members when she had a chance to come closer to me. Moreover, it seems she’s able to delicately use sorcery. A part of Jenny while approaching was slightly blurry or mosaiced.
It was far lower in rank compared to Sani sensei, but it was obviously sorcery to conceal herself.
Obviously, it doesn’t have much meaning as I can see even if she used sorcery. Besides, Kuti informed me when she approached, so I could discover her before she got close. She would then distance herself on her own.
I didn’t understand what she wanted to do, but the reason wasn’t harmful. Obaasama and Ena also didn’t say anything, so I was convinced that she’s such type of a person.

In the end, she wasn’t able to reach me to point-blank range, but I was really interested what she wanted to do once she reached me.
I thought whether I should act not to notice and let her approach, but I didn’t do it for some reason. Something was warning me. Only that is not good.
The adorable smug-faced Fairy-sama was making an extremely scary face, though.


The voice of my heart didn’t say anything in particular.


The last of my――Lilianne La Christophe’s personal maid-sans, Mira who doesn’t have dog ears but wolf ears and tail finally entered the room.
If I have to call that mofumofu in three words, it would be the ‘most valuable asset.’ A world treasure.
She who entered the room wasn’t in a state of tension I expected.
Quite a lot of time has passed since the introduction. She should have plenty of time to prepare herself while waiting outside.


“Now then, Lily-chan. It’s your favorite child. She’s the last one because of the turns she takes with others, but do you still remember her?”

“Ai, yooshiku ne~ Mia~”
   (Hai, yoroshiku ne~ Mira~/ Yes, take care of me, okay?~ Mira~)

“Y, yes! Please treat me well, Ojousama.”


Unfortunately, Mira who I thought wasn’t nervous anymore became all tensed up again. Her voice was extremely stiff. I wonder if I should consider it progress as she didn’t bit her tongue like before……
I can’t properly measure the tension in her flow of magical power yet. It seems I’m going to get a lot of information from Mira.

The work of personal maids is basically helping out.
Mira is doing the same thing as the three others. She helps me change, she does the cleaning, tidies up the filth, prepares the bath, etc.

What’s different from the other three is that she’s relatively full of openings. Well, compared to those three.
Compared with Theo and Ellie, the difference in ability is obvious, but a faint light of expectations was born.

I observe Mira’s movements while listening to Sani sensei’s lesson.
I observe every small movement she makes while thinking of her swaying, most valuable asset.
It didn’t go on very well as it was in parallel with Sensei’s lesson, but I still continued creating and discarding plans for my regular mission.




On the day before, I canceled the lesson and make the final checks for the mission with Sensei and Kuti.


“No, in this case, wouldn’t imbalance work better?”

“Ehh, but she will come this way~”

(Not like that, she will come this way like that.)


The three-man strategy was rethought to perfection.
Even if Sani sensei did it completely just for fun, even if Kuti wanted to point me off the mark!

The strategy was carried out the next day.

The strategy is very simple.
Simple people are more likely to respond to accidents. An unpredictable situation is difficult to anticipate.
I didn’t even think that I could make her cry the last time. But, I won’t make that blunder this time.

Because this plan is on the basis of the last failure!


Current position: in the baby crib.
I’m wearing the usual ear pajamas while in the usual posture.
Mira is on the standby be the wall. It’s her usual place. All four of the personal maids always stand by that place.
The training is already finished.
If I call for her, she will immediately approach. At first, she couldn’t quite approach as she needed Ena’s or Obaasama’s permission.
Thanks to repeating it over and over again, she can now approach relatively easily.
Neither Ena nor Obaasama is going to object. I’m calling for my own personal maid, after all.


“Mia~ Mia~”

“Yes, Ojousama. What is it?”


Because the training was thorough, Mira promptly approaches the baby crib.
Although she approached, it’s unfortunately not within my reach. She wasn’t trained that much.
Therefore, ad-lib is necessary from here. However, it will be alright since I prepared several patterns.


“Mia~ here~”

“Eh, ah, yes. Is this fine?”


“U, umm……”

“Shaamu no.”
   (Shagamu no/Crouch)

“Ah, you mean crouch, right? Yes. Is this fine?”


Yes, pattern A is so far so good. You are too easy, Mira!


I take the guts pose in my heart seeing that Mira came just beside the baby crib and crouched, and I moved on to the next operation.


The codename is to remind me to be careful of the last failure ~Failure is the mother of success~!


Right, I have to wipe my last time’s failure with all my might.
Therefore, it’s regrettable, but mofuing the tail is dismissed this time.
But, it’s not like only the first-class tail can be mofued.
There are no items that can’t be touched on the mofu list, as long as there are names on the mofu list, the possibilities are infinite.

I can’t deny that I haven’t practiced enough for the item at the top of the list. However, no one in this world wouldn’t use the mofumofu that falls into his/her hands.
Thus, hesitation doesn’t exist.
Even if she’s a truly innocent girl with no suspicion in her eyes.
I will perform a staining act towards that innocent girl.


Nobody can stop me!

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