Chapter 217.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Hand over and returning.
After various experiments, we chose to restrain the evil race with physical means, devoid of sorcery.
We found that incapacitation was the most efficient way to inflict physical damage.

In Auriol, where science is almost completely undeveloped, we even tend to rely on sorcery instead of drugs.
As far as medicine is concerned, except for folk medicine, it is completely dependent on sorcery and magic tools, so there is no hope of using chemicals.
And since I’m more of a sorceress than a scientist, I don’t have any such drugs, and it would be difficult for me to produce them.

In other words, since we rely on sorcery for our experiments, we are limited in our methods of experimenting with beings that have sorcery nullification.
Well, it’s a good thing that we found an easy solution to this problem.

… It’s a shame, though, that it ended up being exactly the same as the “just hit them with a fist” solution I got from Mireilleoryl.


“It would be difficult to test whether they are a race that doesn’t need oxygen just like fairies, so I made a vent just in case, but…”
“It can’t be helped. This is the best we can do.”
“Ojousama, you cannot sympathize with your enemies.”
“Right… yeah.”


All four members of the evil race that we had discovered are now trapped in a box with air holes in it.
They can hear the sounds outside because of the holes, but they seem to be physically shaken and debilitated, so they seemingly don’t even have the energy to listen in.

The earth dome had already been dismantled.
It took a bit of work to destroy it, but I guess I had it coming, since I made it so strong.

There doesn’t seem to be anyone else in the range I can investigate with the ability to nullify sorcery like the evil race, but we haven’t let our guard down yet.
However, it is Mira, Scarlet, and Kuti who are on the alert, though.

Mira and Scarlet were each carrying their own magic tools.
The powerful equipment found in dungeons and other places are magic tools too, but they are types of magic tools that have high physical strength and performance.
However, since they are difficult to recreate artificially, they are quite rare.

Kuti is here, but they also have a role as my escorts, so it seems that the Christophe family had prepared something for them.
Even if it’s a weapon they are not accustomed to, they have a strong enough combat ability to demonstrate suitable performance of the magic tools.
But well, I don’t think they can even reach Kuti’s feet when they join powers.

All we have to do now is to wait for Natasha and her combat unit to come and take back the evil race and then go home.
We need to provide Natasha with all the results of the experiment and inform her what kind of information she can get out of the evil race.
It’s also about the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery, so she will be eager to do it too.
What happens to the evil race as a result is none of my business.
As Scarlet says, we shouldn’t show mercy to those who are hostile to us.


This is no longer the peaceful homeland of my past life.




“Well then, I will bear the responsibility of dealing with these people myself.”
“I will leave them in your care.”
“It’s fine, Lilianne-sama. This is also for the future of our fairy race.”


Natasha came shortly after we contacted her. With a battalion of fairies.
This is probably because they took an evil race with sorcery nullification ability appearing in the Forest next to the world seriously.

The numerous objects in the Forest next to the world that look like fruits of science are actually replicas of the flotsam, which are actually magical tools.
The evil race is a big problem for the fairies as well, as we still don’t know the details of what kind of negative effects sorcery nullification has on magical tools.

We are all also curious about their relationship with the darkness, so I’m sure they will want to pull out any trivial information out of them they can.
The white mist that is attacking the planet of the Dragon tribe and the darkness that is eating the Forest next to the world have many similarities.
Especially the planet-eating point, to be exact.

Mireilleoryl is also hostile to the evil race, and any information from her would help.
Since they are a lying, evil race, the authenticity of the information obtained from them will undoubtedly be questioned.
But the fairies have an ally who knows the evil race very well, Mireilleoryl.
She will be able to determine the authenticity of some, if not all, information so she will definitely be of help.

Even though she is protected by the fairies, she is also honestly a target to be watched.
Her level of surveillance is much lower than it was at the beginning, as she got attached to me and has also provided me with a number of emergency restraint sorceries.
But even so, she is still an unknown entity, a person from the Dragon tribe with great power.
There’s no way she can have unconditional freedom.
However, it would be good for her if she could cooperate with the fairies and form an even stronger friendship with them.

Besides, I’d like to help the other Dragon people if I can.
Of course, there’s also the appeal of those glossy, slick horns and scales. There’s more to it, but that’s the main point.

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