Chapter 217.2

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Handing over and returning.
According to what I heard from Mireilleoryl, her race were not just fierce beings, and they were seemingly no different from us, with reason and kindness.
It’s just that there wasn’t a lot of information, so it was misleading.
It’s often the case that it’s actually no big deal when you talk about it.

Well, the assumption is different for those who are clearly out to attack us, such as the evil race, though.

Besides, both home worlds of the Dragon tribe and the Fairies are on the verge of collapse. They are both looking for a new world, and both are very powerful.
If they both come to Auriol, that strong power could cause friction.

We can’t keep it a secret forever, and someone will have to mediate in order to build a friendly relationship with them.
To put it bluntly, I think that the role of the intermediary should be ours.

But to be honest, that would be difficult for me to do alone.
It’s obvious that I’d have to involve our Christophe family.
In order to reduce the burden on the family, it would be a good move to do the Dragon tribe and the fairies a great favor.
In fact, if we can use their strong power for the benefit of the Christophe family, their appearance might be actually welcomed.




It’s a bit distressing to impose more difficulties on the fairies, but we are pressed for time at a large scale.
The later it gets, the more worried my family will be, and I really need to get home soon.

I didn’t tell them the exact time of my return, but I’m sure they’ll be waiting for me in the morning.
Next time I go to the Forest next to the world, I need to minimize the concern my family has for me.

There are all kinds of matters I’m leaving behind, such as Mireilleoryl and the evil race.
I can’t leave everything to the fairies, and I also have a promise to keep with Mireilleoryl.
So I’ve made a decision to come again.


… I’m not sure when that will be, though.


“Lily, it’s about time we go~”
“Yess~ Well then, we will excuse ourselves here.”
“All right, let us meet again then.”
“Yes. See you again.”


After saying my farewells with Natasha, I returned to Kuti and the others, and the Inter-dimensional movement sorcery was already in place.
The booting up of the sorcery was already complete, and the inter-dimensional doorway was ready to be opened at any time after the final touches were made. As expected of Kuti.
Of course, just to be sure, I’m going to cast a space-suit sorcery on all of us.
I will add a bit of measurement sorcery this time, but the results will probably be as expected.
I’m sure most of Natasha’s requests will be resolved depending on the results.

In retrospect, it was only five short days, but every second was quite intense when the lid finally opened.
There are still a lot of things I don’t understand and a lot of problems to take care of, but I’m glad I came to the Forest next to the world.

It was quite a hurdle to travel to another dimension for the first time after being reborn in another world, but that’s still okay.
But this time, I will explore Auriol… the Lizwald continent …… or the Ovent Kingdom… no, I will have to start by getting out of the mansion…
After all, I’ve never even been outside the mansion yet.

I’m sure this trip to the Forest next door to the world somewhat lowered my family’s immunity, so it should be all right… probably.
I hope it will work out…

But still, now that I have been here once, it should be much less of a hurdle for me to go to the Forest next to the world again.
That alone is good.
It’s quite painful considering that might not be true.

Now, let’s go home.
Let’s return home to our family, who are surely impatiently waiting for our return.

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