Idle Talk 8

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Family Get-together
On a certain day.


“Fumu, haa, ahbut…… no…… that’s true, but……”


Sani sensei suddenly started talking to a magic tool she took out from her pocket.
It’s greatly similar to the communication device I have seen before in the theater. But, I can clearly tell that this magic tool has far more refined flow of magical power than the one from before.
As the conversation went on, Sani sensei’s expression steadily warped.
Something must have happened. We were in the middle of a lesson so I’d like to resume quickly, but Sani sensei usually doesn’t make an expression like that, so I’m extremely curious.


(Say, Kuti…… did something happen?)

“N~ don’t know. But, Sani makes such expression only when talking with that ridiculous in head fellow who pushes unreasonable demands on her~”

(Ridiculous in head fellow……?)

“I know, I understand! I just have to go right, just have to go!”


Just as I started feeling something uneasy from Kuti’s words, Sani sensei finished the conversation with grand wrath.


“How was it~?”

“Ah…… no good. That fellow is dangerous when talking. It seems like we have to do it. You and me.”

“…… Do your best~”

“No, you are going too.”

“…… Do your best~”

“I’m saying you are going as well.”

“Do your.”

“You too-!”


Sani sensei snapped on Kuti who was pretending not to hear by covering her ears.




Next day.
We are observing Theo’s and Ellie’s training in the sunshine, which is hotter than warm.
Thanks to the shade of the parasol, I’m not directly exposed to the sunlight, but it’s still hot.
In the position that is much higher than usual, I’m riding on Alek’s shoulders.
Alek’s hair is considerably bristly and pointed, but I can’t complain about the gripping part. Alek himself told me ‘hold on firmly~’, so I’m holding on without reserve.

I’m observing the practice of siblings from a height I can’t normally look from, but the high point of view has no meaning to me who can only see magical power.
Well, Alek looks like he’s having fun giving me a shoulder ride, so I will consider it a good thing.

Currently, the fairies are not in this mansion.
Because of their conversation yesterday, they had to, unfortunately, leave for one day. It seems that it was an urgent matter as Kuti had been saying that it’s impossible, and Sani sensei went out with a heavy face.
Kuti didn’t want to separate from me and was resisting until the end, but Sani sensei took her down with three-step feint and dropkick from her heel.
This is the general outline of the two’s skinship, so I wasn’t worried that much, but wouldn’t Kuti who didn’t want to go wake up in an awful mood.


“Oopsy, Lilianne. Are you holding on properly~?”



Alek shakes with my body and adjusts me again to ensure my safety, so I reply.
An uproar doesn’t happen anymore when I reply.
My parents somehow got used to it as well.


“Alright, your Oniichan and Oneechan are going for a run, let’s follow after them!”

“Yes, yes, Alek. You have to put a hat on Lily-chan.”

“Oh, right. Today’s sunlight is strong, after all~ If she doesn’t wear a hat properly, she will get a heatstroke!”

“Besides, Lily-chan’s pretty skin will turn pitch black.”

“I think that a little bit of color is healthy, though~”

“That’s no good. Even though Lily-chan’s growth is fast, she’s still a baby!”

“Eh~ I think that tanned Lilianne would also be nice.”

“You can’t. Here, let’s put on this Lily-chan, okay?”


Claire gave me a broad hat with a big ribbon under my chin and let me wear a thin coat.
A coat during a summertime might be a ridiculous story, but this coat is actually furnished with a cooling magic tool from the inside, therefore, far from being hot, it’s truly refreshing.
It also blocks the direct sunlight, so I don’t have to worry about sunburn.

In the meanwhile, Theo and Ellie started running.
Alek began to move too and warm; dry wind brushed against my cheeks.
Because the hat is tied under my chin, there’s no need to worry about it flying away.

Because I can’t usually move this fast, I could feel such refreshing wind after a long time.

Just the right speed and oscillation. The feeling of the wind hitting my body is also pleasant.
An uplifting feeling which I couldn’t sense for a long time.

I spontaneously separate my hands from Alek’s hair and spread them as if catching the incoming wind.



“Oh! Lilianne, are you having fun!”

“Ai! To~shama motto haaku~!”
   (Hai! Tousama motto hayaku~!/Yes! Father, faster~!)

“Alright! Let’s go~!”


Alek accelerates to meet my demand.
The wind hitting my face increased in strength as if it was a roller coaster. Roller coasters were my favorite in my previous life, so I’m enjoying this very much.



“Hey, hey, hey~!”

“Otousama wait~!”

“Wait for us please, Otousama~!”


When I take a glance back, my siblings were considerably far behind, trying their best to keep up.




After fully satisfied with Alek coaster, it was Claire’s turn next.
Alek who plentily answered my expectations sat down on the chair dead tired and panting.
He has continued running at considerable speed for quite a long time, after all. It was fun, but I might have overdone it.
That’s because he increased the speed every time I said faster, faster.
At the end, it was such speed that I had to firmly hold on Alek’s hair so I wouldn’t get flung away, but it was ultra-fun.
Although the tremendous momentum has removed my hat, it was fun on its own.
Indeed, experiencing something which is not usually possible skyrockets the tension.


“Fufu…… you have worked hard, Dear. Lily-chan looks extremely satisfied, you know?”

“To~shama, ariato~”
   (Tousama, arigato~/Tousama, thank you~)

“O, ou…… leave it to Otousamaa~”


I thank the worn-out Alek who’s unsteadily raising his hand to give a thumbs up with a bright smile.
It appears that Alek had no room to look my way, but Claire, Obaasama, and Ena noticed my smile and their eyes started sparkling.


“Seriously~ Lily-chan is so adorable……”

“Yes…… it makes you feel like you could do anything just for that smile, right~”

“Lily, shall I give you a shoulder ride next?”


Ena asked with a serious expression, but I was sufficiently satisfied with Alek, so I declined.
Besides, it looks like it’s Claire’s turn next. I wonder what she wants to do?


“Now then, Lily-chan, let’s go~”


Saying such, Claire holds me up in one hand and activates a magic tool in her other hand.
After she inserted the magic tool in the pocket on the inside of my skirt with ribbon, she tightly closed it with a button, and my body began floating.
Claire grasped both of my hands at the same time I started floating, so I didn’t fly off, but my skirt and coat are fluttering, I have never been there, but it feels like I’m in space.


“Fufu…… how is it? It’s a floating magic tool I have specially ordered just for this day.”



When I flapped with my unsteady legs, they started immediately floating as well.
I tried to correct the direction in a panic, but it didn’t go smoothly, and I ended up floating upside down.
Claire magnificently matched with my thoughts, and I was guided into an entire turn.
After completing the turn and returning to the original position, I was guided into a horizontal rotation next.

I was turned and spun around by Claire in the buoyant, light zero gravity.
I can tell my tension tremendously increasing because of the mysterious experience I can’t usually do. Rather, I have been unconsciously making merry in a loud voice.


“Wa~u! Kiyawa~!”

“Yes, vertical rotation is coming next~”



Claire spins me around happily.
She turns me around, moves me across the air as if I was gliding, I was able to enjoy the zero-gravity space to the fullest.

After a short while, Theo’s and Ellie’s practice ended, and they came to guide me together with Claire.
With the guidance of the three, it was as if they were freely playing catch ball with me in the buoyant, light space.

After enjoying the swimming in the air for a while, the magic tool inside my pocket made a sound. It was a sound as if it was cracking.
Together with the sound, my family members suddenly became more distant.
I understand that I suddenly soared into the sky, but there’s nothing I can do.




“Not good!”


The whole family went into a panic, but I was suddenly wrapped in something soft the next moment.
And then, the sense of floating disappears, and the feeling of a rapid drop appears. I understood that we safely returned to the ground.


“That was dangerous. Lily-chan, did you do something?”


I knew that the usual soft feeling was Obaasama.
I think I was quite high from the size of my family from up there, but as expected of Obaasama.
Because I don’t remember doing anything, I shake my head left and right in reply to Obaasama’s question.




The family gathered around me simultaneously with Claire’s anxious voice, but I don’t have any injuries, so there’s no problem.
Obaasama carefully handed me over to Claire who hugged me close, but if I have to say myself, the free fall with Obaasama was also quite enjoyable.

I thought that I would like to do it again if not for worrying my family.


When I spoke about it to Kuti and Sani sensei, I found out that the magic tool cracked and ran rampage because it couldn’t withstand my magical power.
It also apparently happens to others with a nonstandard amount of magical power like me.
I was reminded that my magical power is amazing once again because of this event.

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