Chapter 218.2 (End/Author Hiatus)

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I made an app on Kutipad for developing laboratory equipment on which she got hooked on.
It’s a simulator-like application where you can create and register basic parts and movement patterns, and combine them in various situations to make them move. She liked the way the parts were made and the movements they made during and after the production.
This shouldn’t be surprising since she liked the same thing about the game making app.

Instead, it was amusing to see Reki-kun, who seemed saddened, partly because she didn’t do much game developing anymore.

Ah yes, in the past six months, Mira got promoted big time.
Originally, she was my exclusive maid on a turn basis, but now she’s completely exclusive, and rather than a maid, she’s more like a secretary or an assistant, she’s closer to Scarlet’s position now.
Although Scarlet is also an exclusive maid to Ena, she is treated as a guest of the Christophe family.
She is in a position where she is allowed to do many things quite freely.

However, Mira was completely bewildered by this big promotion.
The maids of the Christophe family are among the best in the world of servants.
Among them, the exclusive maids of the family are the elite of the elite, and the secretarial position is even higher than that.

However, I think it’s appropriate.
Because it’s a waste of Mira’s talent otherwise.
Scarlet’s work has become much easier thanks to Mira, so she is now considered indispensable.

Well, she’s more like Scarlet’s assistant rather than my secretary.




“By the way, Lily. What’s going on with the long-distance exploration sorcery?”
“At the moment, I’m still struggling to deal with the information loss that comes with expanding the effective range. It seems to be more reliable to set up physical relay points.”
“Fumu. So, do we make use of the Knights of the White Crystals?”
“They are one of my chess pieces, after all. It would be best to send them as long as I can’t go out myself. They can do many things for us.”
“Right. And about HUL-3A’s objective——”


In the past six months, the Knights of the White Crystals have been experimenting with a variety of magical tools through Scarlet and Mira.
Making my family worry because of me any further would make me feel very guilty.
However, as long as I can’t move, I have no choice but to ask someone else to move.

The next question is how to strengthen the Knights of the White Crystals.
At the very least, they should be able to survive a confrontation with the Dragon tribe and the evil race.

At any rate, they are heading to the place where the Dragon tribe refugees will most likely settle after they set foot on Auriol.
According to Mireilleoryl’s information, their race has a few more decades to go, but that doesn’t mean everything will go according to the predictions.

Even a child like Mireilleoryl can display tremendous power thanks to the crystallization of magical power.
It would be hard to describe how tremendous the fighting ability of a grown Dragonman could be.
Kuti showed me a picture of magical power blowing away a mountain. That could happen in reality.
To be able to face such formidable opponents and survive, various preparations will be necessary.

As for the evil race, we can never say that they won’t appear in Auriol after they appeared in the Forest next to the world.
We haven’t been able to counteract their sorcery nullification yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it.
We will continue to investigate, and eventually, we will have complete countermeasures.

I’m undergoing several preparations and investigations, creating sorceries in parallel, and of course, I’ve started to improve the inter-dimensional movement sorcery that Natasha asked me to do.
Or rather, it has been confirmed that by incorporating the spacesuit sorcery into the inter-dimensional movement sorcery, it’s possible to pass through safely.

There are still various problems, such as the fact that the spacesuit sorcery can only be used by me, and that it consumes huge amounts of magical power even if I use the compression formula, but this side is faring much better than the countermeasures against the Dragon tribe and the evil race.


It’s been half a year since I returned from the Forest next to the world, and I have been busy every day.
I feel like I’m working too much for a six-year-old, but thanks to my brother and sister’s hobbies, I have been able to enjoy the change of pace.

However, there’s something that’s been bothering me lately.
There’s something a bit strange about my eyes.
Yes, these eyes of mine are suffering from Cloudy Eyes.

Cloudy Eyes cause the affected person to lose their eyesight completely forever.
It is an incurable disease characterized by the change of the person’s eyes to a cloudy white.

… Or so should be the case, but——


“Hey, Lily… hasn’t the color of your eyes changed somehow in the last six months?”


End of book part 2.



It took a few years to get here, but we finally made it. The second part of the last chapter of the main story.

As a fan of Tenkai’s (author) works, it was very heartbreaking for me when they announced they won’t be writing these amazing stories anymore due to the lack of motivation. However, that announcement, unfortunately, happened already two years ago and I found myself reducing the number of chapters released per week from four to three, from three to two, from two to one, and eventually even splitting the chapters themselves into parts in hopes that Tenkai would find their motivation again by the time we reach this point.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go the way we want and Tenkai has not updated a single work of theirs in the last two years, which most likely means the end for Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne.

Although there are still six more idle talk chapters, I won’t be translating those as they don’t have much, if anything, to do with the main story, and it would leave us without a “proper” ending of the novel.

Big thank you to everyone who has been reading with me since the beginning and everyone who picked up the novel along the way. I had lots of fun translating the novel and interacting with you over the years. I hope we meet again in the comment section of another novel, whether translated by me or not.


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